11 Great NBA Players That Won’t Get a Ring

The NBA has Michael Jordan and Bill Russell with enough rings for both hands, but many players never win one ring. The league has LeBron James and Tim Duncan with their championships, but it’s also got plenty who will never be champs. Here’s 15 of today’s stars who may finish as some of the best players on the outside looking in.

Steve Nash

Approaching age 40 and with the Lakers in decline, Nash will likely be one of the best point guards to never win a championship.

Carmelo Anthony

While the Knicks are improved, ‘Melo still has the reputation of being selfish. Until the Knicks quit living and dying by the 3-pointer, ‘Melo will be a great scorer but not a champion.

Dwight Howard

This past season with the Lakers was a debacle, and now we get to wonder “will he or won’t he” re-sign with the Lakers? No matter, because between his bad back and his bad attitude, Howard won’t be a champion anytime soon.

Chris Paul

The Clippers as NBA champions? Sure, and I have some oceanfront property in Arizona I’ll be happy to sell you.

Blake Griffin

Like I said, the Clippers as NBA champions? A great player, but injuries and the Clipper curse will keep Blake out of the winner’s circle.

Deron Williams

The “coach-killer” has the skills, but fans of Brooklyn shouldn’t be planning any victory celebrations for the next few years.

Derrick Rose

An MVP, but questions about his knee and confidence level may keep Rose from becoming another MJ.

Joe Johnson

Solid player, but lacks the killer-instinct to do the extra work to be a champion.



LaMarcus Aldridge

LA had hopes for a ring, but Greg Odom’s bad knees put an end to that dream.

John Wall

The Wizards won’t be champs unless Wes Unseld and Elvin Hayes come out of retirement.


Kemba Walker

Good thing he won a championship at UConn, because he’s not winning one in Charlotte.