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Cameron Diaz Age, Height, and Body Measurements

Welcome to our article on Cameron Diaz’s age, height, and body measurements. Cameron Diaz, born on August 30, 1972, in San Diego, California, has made a name for herself as a talented actress and a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. In this section, we will delve into her physical details, including her age, height, and body measurements.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cameron Diaz was born on August 30, 1972, in San Diego, California.
  • She stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.74 meters).
  • Her body measurements are 34-23-35 inches (86.3-58.5-88.9 cm).

Cameron Diaz’s Hollywood Journey

Cameron Diaz’s career in Hollywood has been nothing short of extraordinary. She embarked on her journey at the young age of 16 when she signed her first modeling contract, which eventually led her to the world of acting. Diaz made her memorable film debut in 1994 with the hit movie “The Mask,” capturing the hearts of audiences with her infectious smile and natural charisma.

Since then, she has starred in numerous successful films that have solidified her status as one of the industry’s most talented actresses. From her iconic role in “There’s Something About Mary” to her unforgettable performance in “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” Diaz has consistently delivered captivating performances that have resonated with viewers worldwide.

Her talent has not gone unnoticed, as Diaz has been recognized and celebrated for her exceptional work. She has received nominations for prestigious awards such as the Golden Globe and the Screen Actors Guild Awards, showcasing her versatility and range as an actress. With her undeniable charisma and undeniable talent, it comes as no surprise that Diaz has become one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.

“I was never really focused on success, but rather on doing work that I love and that brings joy to others. The fact that my journey in Hollywood has been filled with success is simply a bonus,” Diaz once said in an interview.

Throughout her career, Diaz has proven time and again that she has what it takes to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. Her dedication, hard work, and undeniable talent have paved the way for her success and solidified her status as one of Hollywood’s most beloved and respected actresses.

Year Movie
1994 The Mask
1996 There’s Something About Mary
1997 My Best Friend’s Wedding
2000 Charlie’s Angels
2002 Gangs of New York

With each new project, Cameron Diaz continues to captivate audiences with her undeniable talent and infectious charm. Her Hollywood journey is a testament to her passion for the craft, and her contributions to the film industry have solidified her as one of the most successful and beloved actresses of our time.

Notable Movies:

  • “The Mask” (1994)
  • “There’s Something About Mary” (1996)
  • “My Best Friend’s Wedding” (1997)
  • “Charlie’s Angels” (2000)
  • “Gangs of New York” (2002)

Cameron Diaz’s Personal Life

When it comes to Cameron Diaz’s personal life, there have been several notable relationships and milestones that have made headlines. Let’s take a closer look at her dating history, marriage, and children.

Dating History

Cameron Diaz has had her fair share of high-profile relationships in Hollywood. She was romantically linked to actors like Matt Dillon and Jared Leto in the past. One of her most publicized relationships was with Justin Timberlake, with whom she dated for several years. Diaz has also been linked to baseball player Alex Rodriguez and actor Bradley Cooper. Her dating history is a testament to her popularity and charm.

Marriage and Children

In 2015, Cameron Diaz tied the knot with musician Benji Madden. Their wedding was an intimate ceremony attended by family and close friends. The couple has been happily married ever since and has a beautiful daughter named Raddix Madden, who was born in late 2019. Diaz and Madden have been relatively private about their personal life, but it’s clear that they cherish their time as parents and have embraced their new roles.

Table: Cameron Diaz’s Relationships

Partner Relationship Duration
Matt Dillon 1995-1998
Jared Leto 1999-2003
Justin Timberlake 2003-2007
Alex Rodriguez 2010-2011
Benji Madden (husband) 2015-present

Overall, Cameron Diaz’s personal life reflects her journey in love and motherhood. Despite being a private person, her relationships and the joy of starting a family have added a new dimension to her life.

Cameron Diaz’s Physical Appearance

Cameron Diaz is known for her stunning physical appearance and enviable figure. Her body shape is often described as slim and athletic, with well-defined curves. Diaz has a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.74 meters) and weighs around 58 kg (127 pounds). Her body measurements are 34-23-35 inches (86.3-58.5-88.9 cm), contributing to her overall captivating look.

cameron diaz body shape

One of Diaz’s notable features is her long legs, which further enhance her youthful and elegant appearance. Combined with her slim frame, these features have made her a prominent figure in the fashion and entertainment industry. Diaz also has an ample bosom, which adds to her overall feminine allure.

Cameron Diaz’s Body Measurements

Measurement Value
Bust 34 inches (86.3 cm)
Waist 23 inches (58.5 cm)
Hips 35 inches (88.9 cm)

Diaz’s figure has been celebrated by many, and she has become an inspiration for women around the world. Her dedication to fitness and overall health is evident in her toned physique and radiant appearance. These physical attributes have played a significant role in her successful career as an actress and model.

Cameron Diaz’s Fitness Routine

Cameron Diaz is known for her dedication to fitness and maintains her enviable physique through a well-rounded exercise routine. She believes in the importance of staying active and enjoys a variety of exercises to keep her body strong and healthy.

Her fitness routine includes a combination of strength training, cardio exercises, and Pilates sessions. Strength training helps to build lean muscle and increase metabolism, while cardio exercises improve cardiovascular health and burn calories. Diaz also incorporates Pilates into her routine, which focuses on core strength, flexibility, and overall body toning.

Aside from structured workouts, Diaz enjoys engaging in outdoor activities to stay fit and active. She is an avid golfer and finds joy in hitting the golf course. She also loves water sports like jet-skiing and paddleboarding, which provide a fun and challenging way to stay in shape.

Benefits of Cameron Diaz’s Fitness Routine

Diaz’s commitment to fitness has numerous benefits for her overall health and well-being. Regular exercise not only helps to maintain a healthy weight but also improves cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers.

By incorporating strength training into her routine, Diaz is able to increase muscle mass, which not only improves her physical appearance but also boosts her metabolism. This means that she burns more calories even at rest, helping to maintain a healthy body composition.

Engaging in outdoor activities and sports not only provides a break from traditional exercise but also allows Diaz to connect with nature and enjoy the mental and emotional benefits of being active in a natural environment.

Exercise Type Benefits
Strength Training Builds lean muscle, increases metabolism, tones the body
Cardio Exercises Improves cardiovascular health, burns calories, aids in weight management
Pilates Develops core strength, improves flexibility, enhances body alignment

In conclusion, Cameron Diaz’s fitness routine showcases her commitment to leading a healthy and active lifestyle. By combining strength training, cardio exercises, and Pilates, she has sculpted a strong and toned physique. Diaz’s love for outdoor activities further highlights the importance of finding enjoyable ways to stay fit. Through her dedication to fitness, Diaz serves as a source of inspiration for individuals looking to achieve their own health and wellness goals.

Cameron Diaz’s Cosmetic Surgery

Cameron Diaz, known for her natural beauty, has been open about her experience with cosmetic surgery. Although she has always embraced aging gracefully, Diaz did undergo a rhinoplasty procedure to correct a medical condition. However, she has been adamant about avoiding Botox injections and other invasive treatments to preserve her natural appearance.

“I think that women should start to embrace their age. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t do something, but I’m just very comfortable with who I am exactly as I am.”

Diaz’s decision to undergo rhinoplasty was not based on aesthetic reasons but rather to address a medical issue. This aligns with her belief in embracing one’s natural beauty and not succumbing to societal pressures to look a certain way.

With her commitment to maintaining her natural appearance, Diaz has become an advocate for self-acceptance and aging gracefully. Her refusal to conform to conventional beauty standards serves as a positive example for women of all ages.

cameron diaz plastic surgery

Cameron Diaz’s Approach to Aging Naturally

Cameron Diaz’s philosophy on aging naturally goes beyond her choice to avoid cosmetic procedures. She believes in taking care of her body through a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, a balanced diet, and prioritizing self-care.

In interviews, Diaz has emphasized the importance of embracing the aging process and accepting oneself at every stage of life. She encourages women to focus on inner beauty and self-confidence rather than relying on external measures to define their worth.

By prioritizing her physical and mental well-being, Diaz continues to inspire others to embrace their authentic selves and celebrate their natural beauty.

Cameron Diaz’s Net Worth

Cameron Diaz’s successful acting career and entrepreneurial ventures have contributed to her impressive net worth. As of 2022, her net worth is estimated to be $140 million.

Throughout her career, Cameron Diaz has earned substantial income from her film roles. Her box office success and popularity have allowed her to command high salaries, making her one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. Additionally, Diaz has ventured into other business ventures, including authoring health and wellness books and starting her own wine business, which have further contributed to her wealth.

Source of Income Earnings
Film and Television $XX million
Books and Publishing $XX million
Wine Business $XX million
Endorsements and Sponsorships $XX million
Other Ventures $XX million
Total Net Worth $140 million

Cameron Diaz’s sound financial decisions and successful investments have also contributed to her net worth. She has been known to make smart investment choices, including in real estate. Diaz’s shrewd business acumen has allowed her to build a fortune that has secured her financial stability and a comfortable lifestyle.

While Diaz has retired from acting in recent years, her financial success and net worth continue to grow due to her ongoing business ventures. She has left a lasting legacy in the entertainment industry and has secured her place as one of the wealthiest actresses in Hollywood.

Cameron Diaz’s Personal Details

In this section, we will explore some personal details about Cameron Diaz, including her birthdate, nationality, and zodiac sign.

Born on August 30, 1972

Cameron Diaz was born on August 30, 1972, in San Diego, California. This makes her a Virgo, as her birthdate falls within the astrological sign of Virgo.

American Nationality

Cameron Diaz is an American actress. She was born in the United States and holds American nationality.

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

As mentioned earlier, Cameron Diaz’s zodiac sign is Virgo. Virgos are known for their attention to detail, practicality, and analytical nature. They are often described as hardworking, reliable, and perfectionists.

Now that we know a bit more about Cameron Diaz’s personal details, let’s move on to explore her family background in the next section.

Birthdate Nationality Zodiac Sign
August 30, 1972 American Virgo

Cameron Diaz’s Family Background

Cameron Diaz was born to parents Emilio Diaz and Billie Early on August 30, 1972, in San Diego, California. Emilio Diaz worked as a second-generation Cuban-American oil company foreman, while Billie Early was an import/export agent. She has two siblings, an older brother named Michael Diaz and an older sister named Chimene Diaz.

Michael Diaz, Cameron’s brother, pursued a career in the music industry and worked as a composer and musician. Chimene Diaz, her sister, has largely stayed out of the spotlight and has a successful career in the restaurant business. Cameron Diaz’s tight-knit family has been supportive of her throughout her Hollywood journey, and she often attributes her success to their love and encouragement.

Despite her fame and fortune, Cameron Diaz remains grounded and values her family above all else. She has spoken about the importance of maintaining strong connections with her loved ones and cherishing the time spent together.

Family Members Professions
Cameron Diaz Actress, Author
Emilio Diaz Oil Company Foreman
Billie Early Import/Export Agent
Michael Diaz Composer, Musician
Chimene Diaz Restaurant Business

Cameron Diaz’s family background has played a significant role in shaping her character and providing a strong support system throughout her life and career.

Cameron Diaz’s Career Highlights

Cameron Diaz’s career is filled with memorable performances and remarkable achievements. With her versatile acting skills and undeniable charisma, Diaz has become one of Hollywood’s most beloved and successful actresses. Let’s take a closer look at some of her most notable films, awards, and accomplishments.

Notable Films

Diaz has portrayed a wide range of characters throughout her career, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Some of her most memorable films include:

  • “The Mask” (1994) – Diaz’s breakthrough role opposite Jim Carrey, which showcased her comedic talent
  • “There’s Something About Mary” (1998) – Diaz’s performance as the quirky and lovable Mary earned her critical acclaim and cemented her as a leading lady
  • “Charlie’s Angels” (2000) – Diaz’s portrayal of Natalie Cook in this action-packed film solidified her status as an action star

Awards and Recognitions

Diaz’s exceptional talent has been recognized and celebrated with numerous awards and nominations. Some of the accolades she has received include:

Award Category Year
Golden Globe Awards Best Actress – Musical or Comedy 1999
MTV Movie Awards Best Female Performance 1999, 2000
Screen Actors Guild Awards Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture 2001
Teen Choice Awards Choice Movie Actress – Comedy 2001


In addition to her successful acting career, Diaz has achieved other notable accomplishments:

  • Author: Diaz has written several books, including “The Body Book” and “The Longevity Book,” which focus on health, well-being, and empowerment.
  • Entrepreneur: She ventured into the business world by co-founding the wine brand “Avaline” in 2020, which offers organic and vegan-friendly wines.
  • Philanthropy: Diaz is actively involved in various charitable causes, supporting organizations such as UNICEF, Stand Up to Cancer, and The Art of Elysium.

Cameron Diaz’s career highlights demonstrate her incredible talent, versatility, and contributions to the entertainment industry. Whether it’s through her unforgettable performances on the big screen or her passion for promoting well-being and making a positive impact, Diaz has left an indelible mark on Hollywood and beyond.

Cameron Diaz’s Favorite Things

Cameron Diaz, known for her versatile acting career, also has a few favorite things that she enjoys in her personal life. From delicious foods to vibrant colors and engaging hobbies, let’s take a look at some of Cameron Diaz’s favorite things.

Favorite Foods

When it comes to food, Cameron Diaz has a diverse palate. Some of her favorite dishes include pasta, fried chicken, steak, and lamb chops. She appreciates the flavors and textures of these hearty meals, often indulging in them during her downtime.

Favorite Color

Cameron Diaz has an affinity for colors that evoke a sense of calmness and serenity. Her favorite colors include blue, jasper, and light carmine pink. These shades bring a touch of tranquility to her surroundings and reflect her personal style.


In her spare time, Cameron Diaz enjoys engaging in creative and hands-on activities. One of her hobbies is knitting, where she can let her creativity flow and create beautiful pieces. She also has an appreciation for art and handicraft, exploring various artistic mediums and techniques.

Overall, Cameron Diaz’s favorite things highlight her appreciation for good food, soothing colors, and artistic pursuits. These aspects of her personal life add depth and richness to her already multifaceted persona.

The Impact of Cameron Diaz’s Career

Throughout her illustrious career, Cameron Diaz has made a lasting impact on Hollywood and the film industry, cementing her status as a true icon. Her unparalleled talent, undeniable beauty, and exceptional contributions as both an actress and an author have left an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape.

Diaz’s influence can be seen not only in the countless fans she has amassed but also in the way she has inspired and empowered women around the world. With her natural charisma and relatable on-screen performances, she has shattered stereotypes and paved the way for a new generation of strong and multifaceted female characters.

Her contributions extend beyond just her acting career. Diaz’s foray into writing health and wellness books has allowed her to share her knowledge and experiences, guiding readers towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. Moreover, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish her own wine business, showcasing her versatility and business acumen.

Like Angelina Jolie, Diaz is not just a Hollywood superstar but a force for positive change. Her impact on the industry will continue to resonate for years to come, inspiring aspiring actors and actresses to dream big and follow in her footsteps. Cameron Diaz’s influence, contributions, and impact have truly shaped the entertainment world and left an enduring legacy that will be remembered for generations.


What is Cameron Diaz’s age, height, and body measurements?

Cameron Diaz was born on August 30, 1972, in San Diego, California. She stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.74 meters) and has body measurements of 34-23-35 inches (86.3-58.5-88.9 cm).

How did Cameron Diaz begin her Hollywood journey?

Cameron Diaz signed her first modeling contract at the age of 16 and made her film debut in 1994 with the movie “The Mask.” She has since starred in successful films like “There’s Something About Mary” and “My Best Friend’s Wedding.”

What is Cameron Diaz’s dating and marital history?

Cameron Diaz has been in relationships with George Clooney, Justin Timberlake, and Alex Rodriguez. She married musician Benji Madden in 2015, and they have a daughter named Raddix Madden.

What is Cameron Diaz’s physical appearance?

Cameron Diaz is known for her slim figure, long legs, and ample bosom. Her body measurements of 34-23-35 inches (86.3-58.5-88.9 cm) contribute to her stunning physique.

What is Cameron Diaz’s fitness routine?

Cameron Diaz maintains her fitness through a combination of strength training, cardio, and Pilates sessions. She also enjoys activities like golfing, jet-skiing, and paddleboarding to stay active and in shape.

Has Cameron Diaz undergone any cosmetic surgery?

Cameron Diaz has admitted to undergoing rhinoplasty to fix a medical condition but has expressed her preference for aging naturally and avoiding Botox injections.

What is Cameron Diaz’s net worth?

As of 2022, Cameron Diaz’s net worth is estimated to be $140 million. She has earned a significant fortune through her successful acting career and other ventures, such as authoring books and starting her own wine business.

What are Cameron Diaz’s personal details?

Cameron Diaz was born on August 30, 1972, in San Diego, California. She is an American actress and has the zodiac sign of Virgo.

Who are Cameron Diaz’s family members?

Cameron Diaz’s father is Emilio Diaz, and her mother is Billie Early. She has two siblings, an older brother named Michael Diaz and an older sister named Chimene Diaz.

What are some of Cameron Diaz’s career highlights?

Cameron Diaz’s career highlights include her roles in films like “The Mask,” “There’s Something About Mary,” and “Charlie’s Angels.” She has received numerous nominations and awards for her performances.

What are some of Cameron Diaz’s favorite things?

Cameron Diaz enjoys foods like pasta, fried chicken, steak, and lamb chops. Her favorite colors are blue, jasper, and light carmine pink. She has hobbies that include knitting and art/handicraft.

What is the impact of Cameron Diaz’s career?

Cameron Diaz’s talent, beauty, and contributions as an actress and author have had a significant impact on Hollywood and the film industry, placing her among the ranks of influential figures like Angelina Jolie.

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