Top Celebrities With Curly Hair Icons

Celebrities often opt for sleek hairstyles, but there are iconic stars who embrace their natural curls and inspire others. Curly hair has been a timeless style that continues to make waves on the red carpet and in fashion. From past decades to the present, celebrities with curly hair have left a lasting impression and continue to be trendsetters for curly-haired individuals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Curly hair idols provide inspiration for those with natural curls.
  • Curly hair trends have stood the test of time.
  • Embracing natural curls can lead to stunning and unique hairstyles.
  • Curly-haired celebrities continue to set trends and inspire others.
  • Curly hair can be versatile and showcase individuality.

Classic Curls Through the Decades

When it comes to iconic hairstyles, there are two names that immediately come to mind: Shirley Temple and Judy Garland. These Hollywood legends embraced classic ringlets that became their signature look.

Shirley Temple, the child star of the 1930s, captivated audiences with her adorable curls. Her bouncy and voluminous ringlets were the envy of many, and she became a style icon for young girls everywhere.

Judy Garland, another legendary actress, also sported her own version of vintage curls. With her soft and elegant curls, she exuded timeless charm and sophistication.

But it wasn’t just the silver screen that showcased these classic curls. They also made their way into popular culture, becoming synonymous with beloved characters and films.

“Grease,” the iconic musical film from the 1970s, brought vintage curls back into the spotlight. The leading ladies, Sandy (played by Olivia Newton-John) and Rizzo (played by Stockard Channing), showcased their own versions of curled hairstyles, adding a touch of nostalgia to the big screen.

Elizabeth Berkley, who gained fame through her role as Jessie Spano in the hit TV show “Saved by the Bell,” had her own natural curls that became an integral part of her character’s look. Her bouncy and spirited curls perfectly reflected the spirit of the 90s.

Classic Curly Hair Icons

Icons Signature Look Notable Works
Shirley Temple Bouncy and voluminous ringlets 1930s Hollywood films
Judy Garland Soft and elegant curls Classic films like “The Wizard of Oz”
Olivia Newton-John Curled hairstyles with a touch of nostalgia “Grease”
Elizabeth Berkley Natural and spirited curls “Saved by the Bell”

Timeless Curls of Meg Ryan and Nicole Kidman

Meg Ryan’s wild piles of curls in “When Harry Met Sally” and Sarah Jessica Parker’s curly hair in “Sex and the City” became memorable and iconic hairstyles. Nicole Kidman, known for her natural curls, embraces her curls by air-drying and using nourishing oils to keep them healthy.

When it comes to curly hair, Meg Ryan and Nicole Kidman have made a lasting impact with their signature styles. Meg Ryan’s character in the romantic comedy “When Harry Met Sally” sported wild and voluminous curls that perfectly reflected her quirky and lovable personality. Paired with her infectious smile, Meg Ryan’s curls became an integral part of her on-screen charm.

Sarah Jessica Parker, on the other hand, famously portrayed the fashion-forward Carrie Bradshaw in the hit series “Sex and the City.” Parker’s character often rocked curly hair, adding an element of romance and whimsy to her iconic looks. The versatility of Parker’s curly hair showcased various styles, from loose waves to tight curls, inspiring viewers worldwide to embrace their own natural texture.

Meanwhile, Nicole Kidman is known for her stunning natural curls. Whether she’s gracing the red carpet or starring in a movie, Kidman’s curls effortlessly command attention. To maintain the health and beauty of her curls, Kidman relies on air-drying and nourishing oils, allowing her natural texture to shine through.

Embracing Natural Curls

Meg Ryan, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Nicole Kidman serve as inspirations for those with curly hair, demonstrating that embracing natural curls can be both stylish and empowering. Their timeless curls have become symbols of self-expression and individuality in an industry often dominated by straight hair trends.

Curly hair is not only a beautiful and unique feature but also a representation of diverse beauty standards. Meg Ryan, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Nicole Kidman have shown us that loving and embracing our natural curls can be a powerful statement.

By showcasing their natural curls on-screen and in public appearances, these influential actresses have helped pave the way for others to embrace their own curly hair and confidently celebrate their individual beauty.

natural curls

Curly Hair Inspiration from Kate Winslet and Kate Hudson

Kate Winslet and Kate Hudson are two celebrities who have embraced their natural curls and served as inspiration for curly-haired individuals. Both actresses have showcased stunning hairstyles that highlight the beauty of curly hair.

Kate Winslet Titanic

One of Kate Winslet’s most iconic roles was in the film “Titanic,” where she sported luxurious ringlets that added a touch of glamour to her character’s style. Her natural curls perfectly complemented the period setting of the film, making her look timeless and elegant.

Kate Hudson’s golden ringlets

Kate Hudson is known for her effortless bohemian style, and her golden ringlets are no exception. Her low-maintenance curls add volume and beauty to her look, creating a carefree and youthful vibe. Kate’s natural curls provide inspiration for those seeking a hairstyle that exudes both confidence and femininity.

Whether it’s Kate Winslet’s glamorous ringlets in “Titanic” or Kate Hudson’s golden curls, these celebrities have shown that natural curls can be the epitome of beauty. Their hairstyles serve as a reminder to embrace and celebrate our own unique textures, inspiring curly-haired individuals everywhere.

Curly Hair Variety with Rita Wilson and Bette Midler

When it comes to showcasing the versatility of curly hair, two iconic figures come to mind – Rita Wilson and Bette Midler. These accomplished actresses have not only made their mark in Hollywood but have also embraced their natural curls in a variety of stunning styles.

Rita Wilson is known for her Hollywood-glam loose waves that exude elegance and sophistication. Whether she’s walking the red carpet or appearing on screen, Wilson’s flowing waves effortlessly elevate her look, adding a touch of timeless glamour. Her hairstyle choices serve as inspiration for those looking to achieve those coveted Hollywood waves.

On the other hand, Bette Midler has been a trailblazer in the curly hair world for decades. Throughout her career, Midler has sported a range of curly styles, from bobbed and cropped cuts to shaggy curls. Her ever-changing and daring hairstyles demonstrate the versatility and playfulness that come with curly hair. From the 1970s to the present day, Midler embodies curly hair variety.

To illustrate the different styles embraced by Rita Wilson and Bette Midler, here’s a visual representation:

Rita Wilson Bette Midler
Rita Wilson Hollywood waves Bette Midler curly hair variety

As seen in the table, Rita Wilson’s loose waves radiate elegance and glamour, while Bette Midler’s various styles showcase the versatility and creativity that can be achieved with curly hair.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a special occasion or seeking to embrace your own curly hair, Rita Wilson and Bette Midler serve as excellent examples of the beauty and diversity of curly hair.

Curly Hair Divas – Beyoncé and Solange Knowles

When it comes to embracing and celebrating natural curly hair, Beyoncé and Solange Knowles have become influential icons in the industry. Both sisters have used their platforms to promote the beauty and versatility of curly hair, inspiring countless individuals to embrace their own curls.

Beyoncé, known for her powerhouse vocals and stunning stage presence, has been a vocal advocate for the natural hair movement. She has proudly showcased her curly hair in various styles, from glamorous afros to intricate micro braids. Beyoncé’s unique and bold hairstyles have not only become iconic but have also played a significant role in breaking down beauty standards and encouraging people to embrace their natural hair texture.

As Beyoncé’s younger sister, Solange Knowles has also made a significant impact in the natural hair community. Solange’s afro has become her signature look, symbolizing confidence and self-expression. Through her music, fashion choices, and advocacy work, Solange has consistently celebrated the beauty of natural hair.

“I feel like my hair defies gravity. It represents the diversity, complexity, and beauty within black culture,” says Solange Knowles.

Both Beyoncé and Solange have demonstrated that curly hair is not just a hairstyle, but a powerful form of self-expression and empowerment. By embracing their natural curls, they have challenged societal norms and paved the way for a more inclusive and diverse beauty industry.

natural hair movement

The Impact of Beyoncé and Solange Knowles

The influence of Beyoncé and Solange Knowles in the natural hair movement extends beyond their own hairstyles. They have inspired millions of people to embrace their natural curls and have contributed to the growing acceptance and celebration of diverse hair textures. Through their music, performances, and public appearances, they have consistently showcased the beauty and versatility of curly hair.

  • Beyoncé’s iconic afro in the “Formation” music video sparked conversations about black identity and redefined beauty standards.
  • Solange’s ethereal and artistic album, “A Seat at the Table,” celebrated black beauty and encouraged self-acceptance.
  • Both sisters have used their platforms to advocate for equal representation and inclusivity in the beauty industry.

The impact of Beyoncé and Solange Knowles goes beyond the surface level. Their influence has played a significant role in shaping the cultural narrative surrounding curly hair and promoting self-love and acceptance for curly-haired individuals.

Modern Curly Hair Icons – Yara Shahidi and Kerry Washington

When it comes to stunning curly hairstyles, there are two modern curly hair icons who never fail to impress – Yara Shahidi and Kerry Washington. These talented actresses embrace their natural curls and serve as inspiring examples for those with type 4 curls.

Yara Shahidi is known for her defined curls that exude beauty and confidence. Her luscious locks are a testament to the versatility of curly hair. To achieve her stunning look, Yara relies on quality haircare products and styling techniques. One popular product that helps maintain her curls is the Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector, which repairs and strengthens the hair from within.

Another curly hair icon who continues to wow us with her tight ringlets is Kerry Washington. Her vibrant curls are a statement on their own, showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of type 4 curls. To enhance her curls and maintain their shape, Kerry uses curl-defining gels that provide lasting hold and frizz control.

Yara Shahidi’s defined curls and Kerry Washington’s tight ringlets are inspiring examples of how to maintain and style curly hair.

Whether you have type 4 curls like Yara and Kerry or are simply in search of curly hair inspiration, their hairstyles offer a wealth of ideas and tips for achieving a gorgeous curly look.

Products for Perfect Curls

While each individual’s hair is different, there are a few products that can help enhance and define curly hair, just like Yara Shahidi and Kerry Washington’s. Here are two popular products that can aid in achieving the perfect curly hairstyle:

  1. Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector: This innovative hair treatment repairs and strengthens damaged hair, leaving it healthier and more manageable. It’s a must-have for those looking to maintain their curls.
  2. Curl-Defining Gel: These styling gels are designed specifically for curly hair, providing hold, definition, and frizz control. They are perfect for achieving the stunning ringlets and curls seen on Yara Shahidi and Kerry Washington.

By using these products and experimenting with different styling techniques, anyone can achieve beautiful, defined curls that make a statement.

Yara Shahidi and Kerry Washington with stunning curly hairstyles

Yara Shahidi and Kerry Washington are not only talented actresses, but they are also influential figures in the world of beauty and fashion. Their type 4 curls serve as a reminder to celebrate and embrace our natural hair texture. Whether you have tight ringlets or looser curls, their iconic hairstyles are sure to inspire and empower.

Celebrating Curls with Tracee Ellis Ross and Gabrielle Union-Wade

When it comes to embracing and celebrating natural curls, two names instantly come to mind – Tracee Ellis Ross and Gabrielle Union-Wade. These influential women have not only become icons for their stunning type 4 curls but have also made significant contributions to the curly hair community.

type 4 curls

Tracee Ellis Ross, best known for her role as Dr. Rainbow Johnson on the hit series “Black-ish,” has been a curly hair inspiration for years. She has embraced her curls with confidence, showing the world that natural hair is beautiful and should be celebrated. In fact, her passion for curly hair led her to launch her own haircare brand, Pattern Beauty. Pattern Beauty offers a wide range of products specifically designed to meet the unique needs of curly and coily hair textures.

Gabrielle Union-Wade, known for her roles in films like “Bring It On” and “Think Like a Man,” has luscious and defined curls that have captivated audiences. Achieving her gorgeous curls is possible with the help of Aunt Jackie’s Curling Gel and Curlsmith’s Flexi Jelly. These products provide the perfect combination of hydration, definition, and hold, allowing individuals with type 4 curls to rock their natural hair with confidence.

“Embrace your natural curls. They are a beautiful part of who you are.” – Tracee Ellis Ross

Both Tracee Ellis Ross and Gabrielle Union-Wade have not only inspired countless individuals to embrace their natural curls but have also shattered beauty standards and redefined what it means to have curly hair in the entertainment industry. Through their on-screen presence and advocacy, they have encouraged inclusivity and representation, making a lasting impact on the curly hair community.

Inspiration from Tracee Ellis Ross:

  • Tracee Ellis Ross has been a vocal advocate for embracing natural hair and promotes self-love and acceptance.
  • Pattern Beauty offers a range of products tailored to different curl patterns and textures, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect match for their curls.
  • Tracee Ellis Ross often shares her curly hair journey and styling tips on social media, inspiring and empowering others to embrace their natural curls.

Inspiration from Gabrielle Union-Wade:

  • Gabrielle Union-Wade’s defined curls are a testament to the beauty and versatility of type 4 hair.
  • Aunt Jackie’s Curling Gel and Curlsmith’s Flexi Jelly are two products that can help achieve Gabrielle Union-Wade’s stunning curls.
  • Gabrielle Union-Wade uses her platform to highlight the importance of self-acceptance and self-care in the curly hair community.

Thanks to influencers like Tracee Ellis Ross and Gabrielle Union-Wade, individuals with type 4 curls are finding inspiration, community, and the confidence to embrace their natural hair. These curly hair icons continue to pave the way for inclusive beauty standards and redefine what it means to have beautiful, curly hair.

Tracee Ellis Ross Gabrielle Union-Wade
Signature Style Luscious Curls
Haircare Brand Patten Beauty
Product Recommendation Aunt Jackie’s Curling Gel, Curlsmith’s Flexi Jelly
Advocacy Promoting self-acceptance and inclusivity in the curly hair community

Embracing Own Texture – Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry-Housley

When it comes to embracing their own natural hair, Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry-Housley are shining examples of confidence and self-acceptance. Tia Mowry, widely known for her beautiful curly locks, has made her natural hair a part of her signature look. In fact, she has taken her passion for curls to another level by launching her own curl-focused haircare brand.

Meanwhile, Tamera Mowry-Housley has also embraced her natural curls and prioritizes their health and hydration. She understands the importance of using the right products, such as hydrating shampoos and conditioners, to keep her curls looking their best. One brand that Tamera trusts is Pureology, specifically their Hydrate Sheer line, which provides the necessary moisture without weighing down her hair.

By openly embracing their own textures, Tia and Tamera serve as role models for women with curly hair who may struggle with accepting and caring for their natural locks. Their dedication to promoting natural hair and using products designed specifically for curly hair highlights the importance of self-love and embracing one’s unique beauty.


Who are some celebrities with curly hair that can provide inspiration for curly hairstyles?

Some celebrities with curly hair who can provide inspiration for curly hairstyles include Beyoncé, Solange Knowles, Yara Shahidi, Kerry Washington, Tracee Ellis Ross, Gabrielle Union-Wade, Tia Mowry, and Tamera Mowry-Housley.

What are some classic curly hairstyles from past decades?

Classic curly hairstyles from past decades include Shirley Temple’s ringlets, Judy Garland’s soft curls, and the pin curls and soft curls seen in the iconic film “Grease” and Elizabeth Berkley’s natural curls in “Saved by the Bell.”

Which celebrities are known for their natural curls?

Some celebrities known for their natural curls are Meg Ryan, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Nicole Kidman.

Who are some celebrities known for their glamorous curly hairstyles?

Kate Winslet, with her ringlets in “Titanic,” and Kate Hudson, with her golden ringlets, are celebrities known for their glamorous curly hairstyles.

Which celebrities showcase the versatility of curly hair through different styles?

Rita Wilson showcases loose waves and Bette Midler showcases bobbed, cropped, and shaggy curls, showcasing the versatility of curly hair.

Who are some celebrities who have been at the forefront of celebrating the natural hair movement?

Beyoncé and Solange Knowles have been at the forefront of celebrating the natural hair movement, showcasing various styles like afros and micro braids.

Can you provide examples of modern curly hair icons?

Yara Shahidi and Kerry Washington are examples of modern curly hair icons who embrace their defined curls and tight ringlets.

Are there any celebrities who have their own haircare brands specifically for curly hair?

Yes, Tracee Ellis Ross has her own haircare brand called Pattern Beauty, and Gabrielle Union-Wade’s luscious and defined curls can be achieved using Aunt Jackie’s Curling Gel and Curlsmith’s Flexi Jelly.

Do Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry-Housley have any tips for maintaining curly hair?

Tia Mowry suggests embracing one’s own texture and launched her own curl-focused haircare brand, while Tamera Mowry-Housley recommends using hydrating shampoos and conditioners like Pureology’s Hydrate Sheer line.