CoryxKenshin age height body measurements

CoryxKenshin Age, Height and Body Measurements

CoryxKenshin, born on November 9, 1992, is a popular YouTuber known for his comedy and gaming content. With over 6 million subscribers on YouTube and a significant presence on other social media platforms, CoryxKenshin has become a beloved figure in the online gaming community.

While specific details about his body measurements are not available, CoryxKenshin’s height is reported to be 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm) and he weighs approximately 70 kg (154 lbs).

Key Takeaways

  • CoryxKenshin is a popular YouTuber known for comedy and gaming content.
  • He has over 6 million subscribers on YouTube.
  • CoryxKenshin’s height is 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm).
  • His estimated weight is approximately 70 kg (154 lbs).
  • Specific details about his body measurements are not available.

Early Life and Education

CoryxKenshin, born on November 9, 1992, had a humble beginning in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Growing up in a supportive family, he developed a love for gaming and comedy from an early age. As a child, he would often entertain his friends and family with his witty jokes and impressions. This early passion for entertainment would eventually pave the way for his successful career as a YouTuber.

In terms of education, CoryxKenshin initially pursued a degree in media arts at Michigan State University. However, he later decided to transfer to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor to study game development. Despite his academic aspirations, the allure of creating content and connecting with an online audience proved too strong. CoryxKenshin made the bold decision to drop out of college and pursue his dreams of becoming a full-time content creator.

While some may view dropping out of college as a risky move, CoryxKenshin’s dedication and hard work paid off. He found immense success on YouTube, where he entertained millions of viewers with his unique brand of humor and engaging gaming content. Today, he stands as one of the most beloved and influential YouTubers in the gaming community.

Table: CoryxKenshin’s Education Journey

Stage Institution Area of Study
High School N/A N/A
Undergraduate Michigan State University Media Arts
Undergraduate University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Game Development

This table provides an overview of CoryxKenshin’s educational journey, from his high school years to his pursuit of a degree in media arts at Michigan State University and later game development at the University of Michigan. While he eventually decided to focus on his YouTube career and didn’t complete his formal education, his time in college undoubtedly shaped his creative mindset and provided him with valuable skills that he still utilizes today.

Career Information

CoryxKenshin began his YouTube journey in 2009, initially focusing on vlogs about his school and college life. However, it wasn’t until 2013 that he found his niche in the gaming community. That year, he played his first survival horror game, “The White Finger,” which marked the beginning of his successful career as a gaming content creator.

Since then, CoryxKenshin has become widely known for his captivating Let’s Play videos, where he plays a variety of horror and action games. His energetic and humorous commentary has drawn in a dedicated fan base, growing his YouTube channel to more than 6 million subscribers and counting.

Aside from his gaming content, CoryxKenshin also occasionally produces vlogs that provide insights into his personal life and updates for his fans. These vlogs give his audience a glimpse into his world beyond gaming and allow them to connect with him on a more personal level.

I always strive to entertain and engage my audience through my gaming videos and vlogs. It’s incredible to see the support and love I’ve received from my fans throughout my career. I’m grateful for the opportunity to do what I love and share my passion with others.

CoryxKenshin YouTube Channel

Table: Popular Series on CoryxKenshin’s YouTube Channel

Series Genre Views Release Year
“Resident Evil 7” Horror 25 million+ 2017
“Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” Action-Adventure 20 million+ 2019
“Detroit: Become Human” Interactive Drama 15 million+ 2018
“Mortal Kombat 11” Fighting 10 million+ 2019

These are just a few examples of the popular gaming series that have attracted millions of views on CoryxKenshin’s YouTube channel. His engaging and entertaining content has made him a beloved figure in the gaming community, and his videos continue to captivate audiences around the world.

CoryxKenshin Net Worth

CoryxKenshin, the popular YouTuber known for his comedy and gaming content, has amassed a significant net worth throughout his career. As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be $1 million. This impressive wealth is the result of his success on YouTube, as well as other sources of income.

One of the main contributors to CoryxKenshin’s net worth is his YouTube channel, which has garnered over 6 million subscribers. With such a large following, he is able to generate substantial ad revenue from his videos. Additionally, CoryxKenshin has monetized his channel through brand deals and sponsorships, further boosting his earnings.

Furthermore, CoryxKenshin has diversified his income through merchandise sales. He offers a range of products, including hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, and mobile covers, which are available for purchase on This entrepreneurial venture has proven to be lucrative, adding to his overall net worth.

In summary, CoryxKenshin has built a successful career as a YouTuber and has accumulated a net worth of $1 million. With his dedicated fan base, collaborations with other popular YouTubers, and business ventures, CoryxKenshin continues to thrive both creatively and financially.

CoryxKenshin Personal Life

When it comes to CoryxKenshin’s personal life, there is limited information available about his romantic relationships. As of 2023, he is single and does not have a girlfriend. There is no public knowledge about any past or current wife. Additionally, there is no information about whether he has any children.

CoryxKenshin has chosen to keep his personal life private, focusing primarily on creating entertaining content for his fans. He has not shared any details about his dating life or any potential relationships he may have had in the past. Fans have respected his decision to keep these aspects of his life separate from his online presence.

Instead, CoryxKenshin has built a strong following on platforms like YouTube, where he creates gaming and comedy content. His charismatic personality and unique style of content have endeared him to millions of viewers around the world. While his personal life remains a mystery, his fans continue to support him in his creative endeavors.

CoryxKenshin Personal Life

CoryxKenshin Physical Appearance

CoryxKenshin is known for his unique physical appearance. He has light brown eyes that give his face a warm and inviting look. His eyes add to his charm and captivate his audience. His black hair complements his features and adds to his overall appeal. CoryxKenshin takes pride in his natural hair color and often styles it in different ways to suit his personality.

Although there is no information available about CoryxKenshin having any tattoos, his clean skin allows his natural features to shine. He embraces his natural appearance and focuses on entertaining his viewers through his content. CoryxKenshin’s physical appearance adds to his online persona and contributes to his popularity among his fans.

“I believe that true beauty comes from within, and I strive to connect with my audience through my personality and humor rather than my physical appearance.” – CoryxKenshin

Overall, CoryxKenshin’s physical appearance, with his light brown eyes and black hair, enhances his charismatic and relatable presence as a YouTuber. He embodies authenticity and engages his audience through his genuine personality rather than relying on external factors. His dedication to entertaining his viewers has made him a favorite among the YouTube community.

Physical Attribute Description
Eye Color Light brown
Hair Color Black
Tattoos None

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CoryxKenshin Family and Background

CoryxKenshin’s family plays an important role in his life and has been a source of support throughout his journey as a YouTuber. His parents, Anthony K. Williams Jr. and Stephanie Williams, have been instrumental in shaping his character and values. He often expresses his gratitude towards them in his videos and credits them for his success.

Besides his parents, CoryxKenshin also has a sister named Aleya and a brother named Anthony. His brother, Anthony, also has a YouTube channel called “Certified AK,” where he shares his own content. The siblings have collaborated on a few videos, showcasing their strong bond and shared passion for creating online content.

Growing up in a supportive and close-knit family has undoubtedly influenced CoryxKenshin’s positive and down-to-earth personality. He often incorporates stories and anecdotes from his family life into his videos, creating a sense of relatability with his audience.

Family Members Relationship YouTube Channel
Anthony K. Williams Jr. Father
Stephanie Williams Mother
Aleya Sister
Anthony Brother “Certified AK”

CoryxKenshin Social Media Presence

As a popular YouTuber, CoryxKenshin has a strong presence on various social media platforms. He has amassed more than 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he shares his comedy and gaming content. His videos attract a wide audience, and his engaging personality has made him a fan favorite.

In addition to YouTube, CoryxKenshin is active on Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, he has over 880 thousand followers, and he regularly posts updates, behind-the-scenes content, and glimpses into his personal life. His fans enjoy getting a closer look at his daily routines and adventures.

On Twitter, CoryxKenshin has a following of more than 580 thousand. He uses this platform to interact with his fans, share his thoughts, and stay connected with the gaming community. His tweets often spark conversations and generate excitement among his followers.

CoryxKenshin Social Media Presence

Table: CoryxKenshin’s Social Media Presence

Platform Number of Followers/Subscribers
YouTube Over 6 million subscribers
Instagram Over 880 thousand followers
Twitter Over 580 thousand followers

CoryxKenshin’s social media presence allows him to connect with a large audience and share his content with fans around the world. His engaging personality, entertaining videos, and consistent updates have contributed to his success both on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Interesting Facts about CoryxKenshin

Aside from his impressive YouTube career, CoryxKenshin has a few interesting facts that make him stand out from the crowd. Let’s dive into some lesser-known details about this popular content creator.

CoryxKenshin’s Nickname: “The Ankle Breaker”

One of the intriguing aspects of CoryxKenshin is his nickname, “The Ankle Breaker.” This unique moniker showcases his gaming skills and his ability to dominate in various video games. It has become a part of his online persona and has further enhanced his reputation in the gaming community.

Passion for Gaming

If there’s one thing that defines CoryxKenshin, it’s his undeniable passion for gaming. He not only entertains his audience with his witty commentary and humorous gameplay, but he also genuinely enjoys playing video games. This passion shines through in his content and contributes to his ever-growing fan base.

Collaborations with Popular YouTubers

CoryxKenshin has had the opportunity to collaborate with several popular YouTubers throughout his career. From Muyskerm to Yamimash and Jacksepticeye, these collaborations have allowed him to connect with other content creators and create exciting and dynamic videos for his viewers.

These interesting facts give us a closer look at the multifaceted personality of CoryxKenshin. Whether it’s his fierce gaming skills, unwavering passion for video games, or his collaborations with other notable YouTubers, there’s no doubt that CoryxKenshin continues to captivate his audience with his unique and engaging content.

CoryxKenshin gaming

The Influence of CoryxKenshin’s Faith

CoryxKenshin’s faith has had a profound influence on his content and the impact he has on his viewers. By incorporating religious messages and promoting positivity, he has created a safe and encouraging space for his audience. Many of his fans appreciate his authenticity and find comfort in his messages, which often resonate with their own beliefs and values.

As a result, CoryxKenshin has become not only a successful YouTuber but also a role model to many. His dedication to his faith and his ability to use his platform for positive influence have earned him a loyal and dedicated following. With each video he uploads, CoryxKenshin continues to inspire and uplift his viewers, reminding them of the importance of faith, love, and kindness in our lives.


As a popular YouTuber, CoryxKenshin has captivated audiences with his comedy and gaming content. With over 6 million subscribers on YouTube and a significant presence on social media, he has become a prominent figure in the online entertainment industry.

Despite his success, CoryxKenshin remains grounded in his faith. As a Christian, he often incorporates religious messages and verses into his videos, reminding his viewers of the importance of spirituality and positivity.

With an estimated net worth of $1 million, CoryxKenshin has achieved financial success through his YouTube channel and merchandise sales. However, it is his passion for gaming and his genuine connection with his audience that truly sets him apart.

In summary, CoryxKenshin’s bio paints a picture of a talented content creator who has stayed true to himself and his beliefs. His infectious humor and love for gaming have garnered him a dedicated fan base, making him one of the most recognizable faces in the YouTube community.


How old is CoryxKenshin?

CoryxKenshin was born on November 9, 1992.

What is CoryxKenshin’s height?

CoryxKenshin is reported to be 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm) tall.

Are there any details about CoryxKenshin’s body measurements?

While there is no specific information about his body measurements, he weighs approximately 70 kg (154 lbs).

What is CoryxKenshin’s educational background?

CoryxKenshin attended Michigan State University to study media arts before transferring to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor to study game development.

How did CoryxKenshin start his YouTube journey?

CoryxKenshin started his YouTube journey in 2009 with vlogs about his school and college life.

What kind of content does CoryxKenshin post on his YouTube channel?

CoryxKenshin is known for his comedy and gaming content, particularly horror and action games.

How much is CoryxKenshin’s net worth?

CoryxKenshin’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million as of 2023.

Is CoryxKenshin currently in a relationship?

As of 2023, CoryxKenshin is single and does not have a girlfriend.

Does CoryxKenshin have any tattoos?

There is no information available about CoryxKenshin having any tattoos.

Who are CoryxKenshin’s family members?

CoryxKenshin’s father’s name is Anthony K. Williams Jr., and his mother’s name is Stephanie Williams. He has a sister named Aleya and a brother named Anthony.

How many subscribers does CoryxKenshin have on YouTube?

CoryxKenshin has more than 6 million subscribers on YouTube.

Does CoryxKenshin collaborate with other YouTubers?

Yes, CoryxKenshin has collaborated with popular YouTubers such as Muyskerm, Yamimash, and Jacksepticeye.

What is CoryxKenshin’s religious faith?

CoryxKenshin is a Christian and often expresses his faith in God in his videos.

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