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Craig Kielburger Bio: His Never Ending Journey to Help Those in Need



Changing the world without having top connections or tons of money may be exceedingly difficult but it is certainly not impossible. Noted humanitarians and philanthropists Craig and Marc Kielburger are revered by millions of children around the world for their determination to do something for the helpless children who find themselves without any support base or a loving hand on their heads. 

Sure, most non-profit organizations that work for children and the Canadian Government may recognize the names right away. But an individual who is not aware of their work will not. It is important to learn a bit about the brothers who were moved by the plight of children just like themselves living half a world away. So began their awesome endeavor to provide timely assistance to numerous impoverished children who happened to be lacking food, clothing and shelter with no means to be educated as well. The Charitable organization named as WE was started as Free the Children movement that brought ten young school children together on a fateful day almost two decades ago. 

You should learn about Kielburger brothers even as you begin to wonder how such young students found the courage to make the entire world sit up and take notice. 

Craig Kielburger: What did he do?

WE Charity grew and expanded with time branching out into two separate entities. The WE Day comprises a wing that strives to empower the youth of the world. The “ME to WE” division is concerned about making a social impact. Craig Kielburger is also dedicated to the WE Platform that brings the diverse parts of this organization together. Craig encourages people to contribute both locally as well as globally as well as donate to the cause by making the right consumer choice. 

Craig Kielburger makes appearances to put his point across to the audience. He not only shares their ideology but also reiterates the story of a 12-year-old boy who vowed to make the world a better place for child laborers. The eager audience remains mesmerized by his words and becomes enthusiastic when Kielburger shows them the right way to contribute to the cause. WE remains committed to equality and justice for children around the world. Craig Kielburger does not have to go out of his way to convince the people either. The spark of eagerness and enthusiasm evident in his eyes is enough to convert the young people of the world to join him in this endeavor. He is particularly enthused to find that almost half the world’s population consists of young people who are yet to turn 30. 

The WE organization constantly strives to make social changes that result in the improvement of the world populace. Creating awareness about the downtrodden and abused children is the primary focus of Craig Kielburger who is eager to take his message to all parts of the world including the highly developed areas of the USA and UK besides Canada. The rural community is not kept separate either for Craig Kielburger wants to include as many individuals as possible. 

Marc Kielburger: What is his role?

Marc, the elder brother of Craig Kielburger is committed to the same cause, no doubt, but he is more of a social entrepreneur instead of a philanthropist. He is eager to combine the best business practices with making a social change. The transformation is definitely for the better with a positive impact being noticeable. This, in turn, helps to convince others around the globe, thereby spreading the message easily to all who matter. Business happens to be a readily available tool that helps to change the world by revolutionizing the way people think. Most of them had simply ignored the fact by overlooking young children who run around freely in the streets and work hard at tasks meant for adults. The eyes of a traveler are turned in the right direction courtesy of Marc Kielburger who helps them look at the children with a different perspective and offer a helping hand. 

Sure, the non-profit organizations are involved but Marc reveals how to help the children who truly deserve the assistance without making it a handout that is doled out periodically. The organizations are encouraged to offer assistance that is sustainable and long-term. The NGOs are directed towards the path of transformation gradually thus creating a huge impact. The model shown by Marc Kielburger results in a holistic treatment of the children who are taught never to depend on temporary charity again. 

Marc was driven to showcase his entrepreneurial skills when he began traveling across third world countries. The huge billboards and outdoor adverts were mostly about non-profitable organizations pleading for donations. This constant hankering for money made him realize that it was important to show the way forward instead of relying on monetary aid. 

Both the Kielburger brothers feel that the non-profit sectors need to be more business-minded instead of always looking for money. Marc is looking out for innovative ways of utilizing the limited funds to bring in more money. His business acumen remains high with his unique approach and methods revealing how the resources can be used to create a positive impact in society. Marc is enthusiastic about measuring the need of WE by conducting extensive research about the things needed. Being accountable for each dollar matters to the brothers as well! Their professional approach has convinced them to harness the power of technology as much as possible to obtain the best results. 

WE as an organization is not merely a platform to help children in distress. It is the mission and philosophy of life for the Kielburger brothers. The idea behind the term “WE” stems from the fact that the organization is about inclusion and not about segregating the masses inhabiting the world. It is about remaining connected with the entire population without exception. Different people make their contributions by bringing in diverse skills along with experience in governance and leadership issues.

Taking a Moment to Help Those in Need

Did you know that you don’t need to be a famous or wealthy philanthropist to make a difference in the world today? It’s true, and now thanks to the power of the internet, anyone can help charitable organizations and foundations reach those in need.

With that being said, if you’d like to learn more about the many different charities in the world today and how they are each making an impact, be sure to read through this article.

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Cara Delevingne Bio: British Award Winning Top English Model, Actress and a Model



On August 12, 1992, Cara Jocelyn Delevingne was born. In 2009, she left the school and signed an agreement with Storm Management. In 2012 and 2014, she won the Model of the year at the British Fashion Model.  Cara started her acting career with a role in Anna Karenina in 2012. Then she appeared as the main character in Paper Towns, Enchantress, Suicide Squad, and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

Cara Delevingne – Story Behind Successful Journey

Cara first presented herself as a model in an editorial shot of Bruce Weber and Vogue Italia at the age of 10. She joined London’s Fashion School and worked with Storm Management before casting into two different seasons. Burberry’s Christopher Bailey scouted her where she worked part-time for different fashion-based social websites. Then she was cast for the summer and spring campaign in 2011.

Cara walked for the first time in London Fashion Week in 2011. From this point, she started off her modeling career. Cara appeared famous fashion weeks for catwalks. She walked for Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week. Cara has been the brand ambassador of several luxurious brands like Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel, and Fendi. Cara Delevingne turned into a big name and developed a long-lasting professional relationship with the Chanel brand.

Cara and Her Move to World Influencer

Cara never confined herself to modeling. Though she started her career through it.  Cara worked as an actress and led several main roles. From Anna Karenina as a princess to Carnival Row’s female lead role, she appeared on screen multiple characters.

Cara loves to sing and play guitar and drums that led her fans to fall in love with her music mastery. She launched her two famous music albums with artist manager Simon Fuller. Her cover songs made her famous among people. She made collaboration with Pharell Williams for the famous song CC The World.

Cara influenced the people when she designed fashion collections. She designed the collections of DKNY and Mulberry. It was famous for Unisex approach fashion. Cara also wrote the LGBT theme-based novel Mirror Mirror that gained immense popularity and made a great influencer.


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Making Moves as an Active Influencer

Cara represented herself as a woman who put herself altogether to make her prominent space in the male-dominant world, while also becoming quite the influencer in the process..

When Cecil, a lion, was killed, Cara auctioned her TAG Heuer watch to conserve wildlife. She raised $18,600 dollars for WildCRU in 2015. Cara also spoke about her depression at the Women in the World Summit. She also told that she was suffering from AHDH mental disorder.

Cara has been advocating for a severe climate crisis for the past few years. She keeps on encouraging her followers to join her cause of recycling. Cara using Instagram to call out her fans to work for the ecological crisis. Her brand with Nasty Gal produced a collection from polyester that led to environmental advocacy.

Her LGBT theme novel Mirror Mirror helped her followers to talk openly about their sexual orientation. Cara is the highest-paid UK-based Model and faced severe criticism on her sexuality.

Cara is working on several social issues like abuse, Aids and HIV, refugees, women, environment, education, and many more. She is also supporting many foundations. She is working as an ambassador for United Nations, UNHCPR, and Save The Children.

Cara Delevingne – Top Media Sensation

Cara is active on her social accounts to connect her fans. She is the top fashion model with 43 million followers and using media in the right way. Her social accounts are spreading positivity among her fans. One could follow her on following social accounts.

  • Twitter Account: @caradelevingne
  • Instagram Account: @caradelevingne
  • Facebook Account: Cara Delevingne

You can see her on YouTube as well.

Cara Delevingne – An Open Book to All

From Cara’s personal life to her career, she seems active in various causes. She shared her life experiences openly to influence people in the right way. She knows the right way of using social media and promotes positive education globally.

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Marc Kielburger Bio: His Life Story and Journey to Today



Marc Kielburger is a human rights activist who was born in 1977 in Southern Ontario. 

He was serving as a page in the House of Commons shortly after graduating from high school when he was persuaded to fly to Thailand and volunteer with a charity in Bangkok’s slums. 

Marc found his calling while serving in Klong Toey: assisting others. Marc Kielburger devoted his life to the ME to WE ideology long before he co-founded the organization with his brother.

In addition to everything mentioned above, we will now cover the life story, achievements and other valuable information to learning more about Marc Kielburger and what he’s currently working on today.

Getting Educated

Marc continued his schooling until he returned to North America. He accepted a Harvard scholarship and graduated with a Magna Cum Laude in International Relations. 

Marc Kielburger had many work offers after graduating from Oxford. He made a life-changing decision to return to Canada and create a children’s charity.

Starting the Journey

Marc co-founded the Kiel Network with his brother Craig, which includes three charities: Free the Children, Leaders Today, and ME to WE. ME to WW: Flipping Self-Help on Its Head and ME to WE: Seeking Sense in a Material World are two of his co-authored books. 

The ME to WE philosophy is more about helping others and seeking true happiness, rather than ever worrying about yourself. 

Marc holds the record for being the youngest person to win the Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship. In 2004, he was the youngest person ever to be named as “One of Canada’s Top 40 Leaders Under 40.” Craig, his younger brother, became the youngest two years later. Marc has also been awarded an honorary doctorate by Nipissing University for his leadership development work.

Early Years

Marc Kielburger went to Neuchâtel Junior College in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and Brebeuf College School in Toronto. He was a member of Brebeuf’s debate club and competed in debates hosted by the Ontario Pro-Con Debating Forum while there. 

Marc volunteered in Jamaica at a hospice for teenage mothers and a home for elderly homeless people with leprosy when he was 13 as part of a school credit program coordinated by Fintan Kilbride. 

For his project on alternative home cleaners, he received the award for Best Junior Project at the Canada-Wide Science Fair a year later. He worked for eight months at an AIDS hospice in Bangkok’s slums when he was 18 years old.

He earned a magna cum laude degree in International Relations from Harvard University, and received a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University to study law, with a concentration on human rights.

Activism and Social Entrepreneurship

Free the Children, an international charity and educational partner, was co-founded by Marc Kielburger. The organization has worked in 45 countries, building over 650 schools and classrooms in developing countries, educating over 55,000 children every day. 

Kielburger co-founded ME to WE, a social enterprise that sells socially conscious goods and donates half of its profits to Free The Children. He also co-founded We Day, an international youth empowerment festival with over 200,000 participants held in large stadiums across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Marc and his partner, Craig, write a weekly column called “Global Voices” for many Canadian newspapers and the Huffington Post Canada online about social activism around the world. 

The brothers also write a weekly column called “Living Me to We,” which appears in the Postmedia newspaper chain and on They also contribute to The Globe and Mail’s “Have your say” section, in which they ask experts and readers for answers to social problems.

The ME to WE Journey

International travel experiences changed the lives of brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger when they were in middle school, sparking the launch of the social enterprise ME to WE. What used to be ME is now WE. 

Craig and Marc began planning trips when they took the first group of young people to India, Nicaragua, and Kenya to help establish WE Charity’s first schools. Since they couldn’t find a provider that would take youth under the age of 18, Craig and Marc began these foreign volunteer trips.

The WE Charity Board of Directors respectfully rejected their offer to create a volunteer travel program. A Board of Directors would have had to bear all liabilities and possible liability if anything went wrong in Canada due to the rules. 

It was too much of a gamble for the Board of Directors, some of whom are well-known philanthropists. And, under Canadian law, if a volunteer pays for themselves or a family member to engage in a foreign volunteer trip (with the exception of the unusual case where philanthropists provide scholarships for others), it is a “personal gain” rather than a charitable activity qualified for a tax receipt.

The word “social enterprise” had not yet been coined at the time. As a result, the brothers formed a small business in 1999 to organize volunteer trips and leadership camps. It was dubbed Leaders Today and acted as a forerunner to ME to WE. Any profits were offered to children as scholarships at the end of the year.

ME to WE now offers trips to eight destinations in their global partner countries, with experiences for individuals, youth, colleges, families, and businesses.

Recognition and Awards

  • Marc Kielburger has received several accolades, including the Order of Canada and selection as one of the World Economic Forum’s 250 Young Global Leaders. 
  • He has received nine honorary degrees for his contributions to education and human rights, including an honorary doctor of laws degree from the University of Toronto in Spring 2011.
  • Youngest person ever to be awarded the Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship
  • He was the youngest person to be named one of Canada’s “Top 40 Leaders Under Forty” at the time (2004, age 27). (In 2006, aged 23, his brother Craig became the youngest.)
  • For his exemplary contributions to poverty alleviation and global youth growth, Capilano University awarded him an honorary doctorate.
  • Nipissing University awarded him an honorary doctorate for his contributions to leadership development.
  • Alumnus of the Year Award, Toronto Catholic District School Board, 2005-2006
  • For his outstanding leadership in the pursuit of children’s rights, ethical living, and social responsibility, Carleton University awarded him an honorary doctorate of law.
  • Brebeuf College School inducted him into the Order of St. Jean de Brebeuf in 2012.
  • In 2012, he was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.
  • In 2013, he was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame.

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