Craig Kielburger Bio: His Never Ending Journey to Help Those in Need

Changing the world without having top connections or tons of money may be exceedingly difficult but it is certainly not impossible. Noted humanitarians and philanthropists Craig and Marc Kielburger are revered by millions of children around the world for their determination to do something for the helpless children who find themselves without any support base or a loving hand on their heads. 

Sure, most non-profit organizations that work for children and the Canadian Government may recognize the names right away. But an individual who is not aware of their work will not. It is important to learn a bit about the brothers who were moved by the plight of children just like themselves living half a world away. So began their awesome endeavor to provide timely assistance to numerous impoverished children who happened to be lacking food, clothing and shelter with no means to be educated as well. The Charitable organization named as WE was started as Free the Children movement that brought ten young school children together on a fateful day almost two decades ago. 

You should learn about Kielburger brothers even as you begin to wonder how such young students found the courage to make the entire world sit up and take notice. 

Craig Kielburger: What did he do?

WE Charity grew and expanded with time branching out into two separate entities. The WE Day comprises a wing that strives to empower the youth of the world. The “ME to WE” division is concerned about making a social impact. Craig Kielburger is also dedicated to the WE Platform that brings the diverse parts of this organization together. Craig encourages people to contribute both locally as well as globally as well as donate to the cause by making the right consumer choice. 

Craig Kielburger makes appearances to put his point across to the audience. He not only shares their ideology but also reiterates the story of a 12-year-old boy who vowed to make the world a better place for child laborers. The eager audience remains mesmerized by his words and becomes enthusiastic when Kielburger shows them the right way to contribute to the cause. WE remains committed to equality and justice for children around the world. Craig Kielburger does not have to go out of his way to convince the people either. The spark of eagerness and enthusiasm evident in his eyes is enough to convert the young people of the world to join him in this endeavor. He is particularly enthused to find that almost half the world’s population consists of young people who are yet to turn 30. 

The WE organization constantly strives to make social changes that result in the improvement of the world populace. Creating awareness about the downtrodden and abused children is the primary focus of Craig Kielburger who is eager to take his message to all parts of the world including the highly developed areas of the USA and UK besides Canada. The rural community is not kept separate either for Craig Kielburger wants to include as many individuals as possible. 

Marc Kielburger: What is his role?

Marc, the elder brother of Craig Kielburger is committed to the same cause, no doubt, but he is more of a social entrepreneur instead of a philanthropist. He is eager to combine the best business practices with making a social change. The transformation is definitely for the better with a positive impact being noticeable. This, in turn, helps to convince others around the globe, thereby spreading the message easily to all who matter. Business happens to be a readily available tool that helps to change the world by revolutionizing the way people think. Most of them had simply ignored the fact by overlooking young children who run around freely in the streets and work hard at tasks meant for adults. The eyes of a traveler are turned in the right direction courtesy of Marc Kielburger who helps them look at the children with a different perspective and offer a helping hand. 

Sure, the non-profit organizations are involved but Marc reveals how to help the children who truly deserve the assistance without making it a handout that is doled out periodically. The organizations are encouraged to offer assistance that is sustainable and long-term. The NGOs are directed towards the path of transformation gradually thus creating a huge impact. The model shown by Marc Kielburger results in a holistic treatment of the children who are taught never to depend on temporary charity again. 

Marc was driven to showcase his entrepreneurial skills when he began traveling across third world countries. The huge billboards and outdoor adverts were mostly about non-profitable organizations pleading for donations. This constant hankering for money made him realize that it was important to show the way forward instead of relying on monetary aid. 

Both the Kielburger brothers feel that the non-profit sectors need to be more business-minded instead of always looking for money. Marc is looking out for innovative ways of utilizing the limited funds to bring in more money. His business acumen remains high with his unique approach and methods revealing how the resources can be used to create a positive impact in society. Marc is enthusiastic about measuring the need of WE by conducting extensive research about the things needed. Being accountable for each dollar matters to the brothers as well! Their professional approach has convinced them to harness the power of technology as much as possible to obtain the best results. 

WE as an organization is not merely a platform to help children in distress. It is the mission and philosophy of life for the Kielburger brothers. The idea behind the term “WE” stems from the fact that the organization is about inclusion and not about segregating the masses inhabiting the world. It is about remaining connected with the entire population without exception. Different people make their contributions by bringing in diverse skills along with experience in governance and leadership issues.

Taking a Moment to Help Those in Need

Did you know that you don’t need to be a famous or wealthy philanthropist to make a difference in the world today? It’s true, and now thanks to the power of the internet, anyone can help charitable organizations and foundations reach those in need.

With that being said, if you’d like to learn more about the many different charities in the world today and how they are each making an impact, be sure to read through this article.

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