Deestroying age height body measurements

Deestroying Age, Height, and Body Measurements

Meet Deestroying, the talented football player and YouTube sensation who has captured the hearts of millions with his athletic prowess and engaging content. In this section, we will delve into Deestroying’s age, height, and body measurements, giving you a glimpse into the physical attributes that contribute to his success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Deestroying was born on December 2, 1996, making him 26 years old.
  • He stands at a height of 5 feet and 10 inches, which adds to his presence on the field.
  • Although detailed information about his body measurements is not available, his athletic body type is evident.

Early Life and Football Career

Deestroying, whose real name is Donald De La Haye, was born on December 2, 1996, in Costa Rica. He moved to Port St. Lucie, Florida, with his parents at a young age. From a very early age, Deestroying showed a great passion for football and quickly gained recognition for his skills.

Deestroying documented his football journey and personal life on his YouTube channel, which played a significant role in his rise to popularity. He shared vlogs, skill demonstrations, and football tutorial videos, attracting a large audience. His channel became a platform to showcase his talent and connect with fans.

Deestroying’s football career continued to flourish as he played as a kickoff specialist for the University of Central Florida. His impressive performance caught the attention of the Toronto Argonauts, and he eventually signed with the Canadian Football League team. Throughout his career, Deestroying has proven himself to be a talented and dedicated athlete.

Deestroying’s Football Achievements:

  • Played as a kickoff specialist for the University of Central Florida
  • Signed with the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League

Deestroying’s love for football and his commitment to his craft have propelled him to great heights. His YouTube channel and his success in the football industry have made him a well-known figure in both realms.

Deestroying’s Net Worth and Income Sources

Deestroying, the popular YouTuber and football player, has achieved significant financial success through various income sources. As of now, his estimated net worth ranges between $700,000 and $800,000.

One of his primary sources of income is sponsorships. With a large social media following, Deestroying attracts numerous brand collaborations, which contribute significantly to his earnings. These sponsorship deals not only provide financial benefits but also help him expand his brand and reach a wider audience.

Another major income source for Deestroying is his YouTube channel. With over 1.6 million subscribers and more than 200 million views, his channel generates substantial ad revenue. Through his engaging content, which includes football tutorials, vlogs, and skill demonstrations, Deestroying has captivated a loyal fan base that consistently supports his channel.

Besides sponsorships and YouTube revenue, Deestroying also earns income through merchandise sales. He promotes and sells merchandise on his website,, offering fans the opportunity to purchase branded products such as clothing, accessories, and more.

Overall, Deestroying’s net worth reflects his entrepreneurial spirit and successful ventures across multiple platforms. With sponsorships, YouTube revenue, and merchandise sales as his primary income sources, he has managed to monetize his popularity and passion for football, solidifying his financial stability.

Deestroying merchandise

Deestroying’s Personal Life and Relationship

Deestroying, known off the field as Donald De La Haye, has a blossoming personal life and is currently in a committed relationship. He has been dating Instagram sensation Kiana Wudte since the summer of 2017, and their love story continues to capture the hearts of their fans.

Deestroying frequently shares glimpses into his relationship with Kiana on his social media accounts, showcasing their deep connection and unwavering support for each other. From heartfelt captions to adorable couple photos, Deestroying never misses an opportunity to express his love and admiration for Kiana.

The couple’s relationship has become an inspiration for many of their followers, who admire their strong bond and the way they navigate both the highs and lows of life together. Deestroying and Kiana’s journey as a couple serves as a reminder that love supports and fuels personal growth, making them a beloved duo in the social media world.


“Kiana is my rock, my biggest supporter, and my best friend. Together, we uplift and motivate each other to chase our dreams and live life to the fullest.” – Deestroying

Deestroying’s Personal Life and Relationship in Numbers

Facet Details
Relationship Status In a committed relationship with Kiana Wudte
Date Started Dating Summer of 2017
Public Display of Affection Frequently shares adorable couple photos on social media
Inspirational Impact Has become an inspiration for their followers

Deestroying’s personal life, particularly his relationship with Kiana Wudte, adds depth and relatability to his online persona. By sharing their love story, Deestroying continues to connect with his fans on a more personal level, fostering a sense of community and support within his online platforms.

Deestroying’s YouTube Career

Deestroying’s YouTube channel has played a significant role in his rise to popularity. Launched on June 5, 2015, his channel features a variety of content related to football, including tutorials, vlogs, and skill demonstrations. With over 1.6 million subscribers and more than 200 million views, Deestroying has built a loyal fan base and continues to attract new viewers.

One of the reasons for Deestroying’s success on YouTube is his consistent uploading of new content. His dedication to creating regular videos has helped maintain engagement with his audience and keep them coming back for more. Additionally, Deestroying has collaborated with other popular YouTubers, such as Logan Paul, to expand his reach and gain exposure to new audiences.

The success of Deestroying’s YouTube channel has not only brought him fame but also served as a significant source of income. Through ad revenue from his videos, he earns a substantial amount from his YouTube career. The channel’s success has also opened up opportunities for sponsorships and brand partnerships, further contributing to his financial success.

Deestroying’s YouTube channel has become a platform for not only showcasing his football skills but also sharing his journey, experiences, and insights with his fans. His engaging personality and entertaining content have made him a prominent figure in the YouTube community, solidifying his status as both a skilled football player and a successful content creator.

Deestroying’s Social Media Presence

Deestroying has a strong presence on various social media platforms. He has more than 523,000 followers on Instagram, where he frequently interacts with his fans and shares updates about his life. His Instagram account showcases his athletic journey, offers glimpses behind the scenes, and highlights his personal achievements.

On YouTube, Deestroying has built a substantial following with over 1.6 million subscribers. His channel features a variety of content, including football vlogs, skill demonstrations, and collaborations with other popular YouTubers. Deestroying consistently engages with his audience through live streams, comments, and community posts, fostering a sense of connection and loyalty among his fans.

In addition to Instagram and YouTube, Deestroying maintains active profiles on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. These platforms allow him to further expand his reach and connect with fans who prefer different social media networks. By maintaining a strong and engaging social media presence, Deestroying has successfully cultivated a dedicated fan base and established himself as a prominent figure in the online sports community.

Deestroying's Social Media Presence

The Power of Online Influence

Deestroying’s social media presence not only allows him to share his passion for football but also provides him with a platform to inspire and motivate others. Through his posts and videos, he showcases his dedication, perseverance, and love for the game, encouraging aspiring athletes to pursue their dreams.

“Social media has given me the opportunity to connect with fans from all over the world. It’s incredible to see the impact my journey has had on others and to have a platform where I can share my experiences and motivate others to chase their goals.” – Deestroying

With his positive and engaging online presence, Deestroying continues to captivate and inspire his followers, demonstrating the immense power of social media in shaping careers and influencing a global audience.

Deestroying’s Family and Education

Deestroying, also known as Donald De La Haye, comes from a close-knit family. His father, Donald De La Haye Sr., and his mother, Sheron De La Haye, have been supportive of his football career from a young age. Growing up, Deestroying’s parents encouraged his passion for the sport, attending his games and providing guidance along the way.

As for his education, Deestroying attended the University of Central Florida, where he studied marketing. He successfully completed his degree, balancing his academic commitments with his football career and online presence. His education plays an important role in his entrepreneurial ventures and helps him in managing his brand and business.

Deestroying’s family and educational background have played a significant role in shaping his journey as a football player and content creator. Their support and his academic foundation have contributed to his success in various aspects of his life.

Deestroying’s Rumors and Controversy

As a popular figure in the world of sports and social media, Deestroying has not been immune to rumors and controversies. While he remains dedicated to his craft and committed to inspiring his fans, he has faced his fair share of challenges along the way.

One of the rumors that has circulated about Deestroying is regarding his college football career. Some have speculated that he was let go from the University of Central Florida football team due to his YouTube activities. However, this rumor has been debunked multiple times, with Deestroying himself addressing the situation on his social media platforms. He clarified that his departure from the team was a mutual decision and unrelated to his YouTube channel.

Another controversy that Deestroying has navigated is surrounding his decision to forgo the traditional college football system and pursue his football career independently. This choice raised eyebrows and garnered criticism from some who believed he was jeopardizing his future prospects. However, Deestroying remained steadfast in his belief that he could make a successful career on his own terms, and he has proven his doubters wrong with his achievements in the Canadian Football League and on his YouTube channel.

Despite these rumors and controversies, Deestroying has managed to maintain a positive outlook and focus on the support he receives from his fans. He recognizes the importance of staying true to himself and his passions, even in the face of adversity. Through it all, Deestroying continues to inspire and entertain his followers with his unwavering determination and engaging content.

Trivia and Fun Facts about Deestroying

Deestroying, also known as Donald De La Haye, has not only made a name for himself in the world of football and YouTube, but he also has some interesting trivia and fun facts. Let’s take a closer look at some fascinating details about this talented individual:

Prolific Kicking Skills:

Deestroying is widely recognized for his exceptional kicking abilities. He has showcased his talent in numerous videos, demonstrating impressive accuracy and power. His proficiency in this area has earned him praise and admiration from fans and fellow athletes alike.

Collaborations with Influencers:

In addition to his individual success, Deestroying has collaborated with popular YouTubers such as Logan Paul. These collaborations not only expand his reach to new audiences but also create exciting content that fans eagerly anticipate. By teaming up with fellow influencers, Deestroying continues to diversify his content and engage with a broader community of viewers.

In his own words, Deestroying once said, “Collaborating with other creators allows me to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to my channel, which keeps my content dynamic and exciting.”

A Passionate Fan Base:

Deestroying has built a massive following on his YouTube channel, with millions of views on his videos. From football enthusiasts to aspiring athletes, his content resonates with a diverse audience. The support and enthusiasm of his fans fuel his drive to create entertaining and inspiring content.

These are just a few glimpses into the trivia and fun facts surrounding Deestroying. His impressive kicking skills, collaborations with influencers, and passionate fan base contribute to his continued success and influence in the digital realm.

Trivia and Fun Facts about Deestroying
Prolific Kicking Skills
Collaborations with Influencers
A Passionate Fan Base

Deestroying trivia


Deestroying, also known as Donald De La Haye, is a talented Costa Rican-American football player and YouTuber who has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. With his engaging content and extraordinary kicking skills, Deestroying has created a successful career in both football and online entertainment.

Having launched his YouTube channel in 2015, Deestroying quickly gained a large following of over 1.6 million subscribers. His channel showcases not only his football journey but also vlogs, skill demonstrations, and collaborations with popular YouTubers. Through his consistent uploads, he continues to entertain and inspire his viewers.

Aside from his YouTube career, Deestroying has made a name for himself in the football world. Starting with his time as a kickoff specialist for the University of Central Florida, he later signed with the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League. His dedication to the sport and his natural talent have led him to achieve significant milestones, such as winning the Kohl’s Pro Combine Kickoff competition in 2021.

Deestroying’s success can be attributed not only to his skills but also to his strong online presence. With over 523,000 followers on Instagram, he actively engages with his fans, providing updates about his life and sharing his journey. His positive attitude and ability to rise above rumors and controversies have made him an inspiration to many.


How old is Deestroying?

Deestroying was born on December 2, 1996, making him currently 26 years old.

What is Deestroying’s height and body measurements?

Deestroying stands at a height of 5 feet and 10 inches. Unfortunately, detailed information about his body measurements is not available.

Where was Deestroying born?

Deestroying was born in Costa Rica.

What is Deestroying’s primary source of income?

Deestroying’s primary sources of income include sponsorships, YouTube revenue, and merchandise sales.

Who is Deestroying dating?

Deestroying is currently in a relationship with Instagram sensation Kiana Wudte.

When did Deestroying start his YouTube channel?

Deestroying launched his YouTube channel on June 5, 2015.

How many subscribers does Deestroying have on YouTube?

Deestroying has over 1.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Does Deestroying have any siblings?

Deestroying has not mentioned having any siblings.

What did Deestroying major in at the University of Central Florida?

Deestroying majored in marketing at the University of Central Florida.

Has Deestroying won any competitions?

Yes, Deestroying won the Kohl’s Pro Combine Kickoff competition in 2021.

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