Gabriela Moura age height body measurements

Gabriela Moura Age, Height, and Body Measurements

Gabriela Moura is a Brazilian model and social media star known for her captivating content and growing fanbase. In this section, we will delve into Gabriela’s age, height, and body measurements.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gabriela Moura is 17 years old, born on June 18, 2004.
  • She stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters).
  • Gabriela has body measurements of 34A-24-35 inches.

Gabriela Moura’s Career and Social Media Fame

Gabriela Moura’s rise to fame can be attributed to her captivating content on TikTok. Starting her journey in March 2020, she quickly gained traction with her dance routines and impressive lip-sync performances. Her TikTok account now boasts an impressive following of over 8.2 million fans and has garnered more than 200 million hearts. With her captivating presence and undeniable talent, Gabriela has managed to amass a dedicated fanbase that continues to grow.

Known for her skill in belly dancing choreography, Gabriela stands out from the crowd with her unique style and captivating performances. Her videos have garnered attention and applause, paving the way for her success on social media.

“TikTok has been an incredible platform for me to express my creativity and connect with my fans. I am grateful for the overwhelming support I have received and I am excited to continue sharing my passion with the world.” – Gabriela Moura

Gabriela’s social media fame extends beyond TikTok. She maintains an active presence on Instagram, where she has garnered a following of over 850,000 fans. Her engaging posts showcase her vibrant personality and love for dance, capturing the attention of her audience. Additionally, she maintains a presence on Twitter, further expanding her reach and connecting with fans across multiple platforms.

Gabriela Moura’s Social Media Statistics:

Social Media Platform Number of Followers/Fans
TikTok 8.2 million
Instagram 850,000
Twitter Not available

Gabriela Moura’s Personal Information and Background

When it comes to Gabriela Moura, there is limited information available about her personal life and background. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Gabriela has chosen to keep details about her family background and educational history private. As a rising social media star, she focuses on sharing her passions and talents with her growing fanbase rather than divulging personal information.

Despite the lack of details about her personal life, Gabriela’s vibrant personality shines through her online content. With her captivating dance moves and lip-sync performances, she has captured the attention of millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram. Her dedication to her craft and undeniable talent have contributed to her success and growing popularity.

As a Brazilian national, Gabriela Moura represents the diverse and talented individuals from her home country. Through her captivating content and infectious energy, she has become a source of inspiration for many aspiring dancers and social media enthusiasts. While her personal life remains private, her impact on the online community continues to grow.

Gabriela Moura Personal Information and Background


  • Gabriela Moura is a Brazilian model and social media star.
  • She has not disclosed much about her family background or educational history.
  • Her captivating dance moves and lip-sync performances have gained her a huge following on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.
  • As a Brazilian national, she represents the diverse talent that her home country has to offer.

Gabriela Moura’s Physical Appearance

Gabriela Moura, the Brazilian model and social media star, possesses a stunning physical appearance that captivates her millions of followers. Her slim build and graceful posture contribute to her overall attractiveness. Standing at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters), Gabriela’s petite stature complements her elegant features.

One of Gabriela’s defining features is her beautiful dark brown hair, which perfectly frames her face. Her luscious locks add depth and richness to her overall look. As for her eyes, they enchant with a deep, dark brown hue, reflecting her warm and intriguing personality. Gabriela’s eyes exude confidence and magnetism, captivating the attention of those who admire her.

With her combination of a slim figure, dark brown hair, and captivating dark brown eyes, Gabriela Moura effortlessly stands out from the crowd. Her physical appearance serves as a testament to her natural beauty and contributes to her growing fan base.

Table: Gabriela Moura’s Physical Attributes

Physical Attribute Description
Height 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown

Gabriela Moura’s Social Media Presence

Gabriela Moura is highly active on various social media platforms, allowing her to connect with her fans and share her content with a wider audience. One of her primary platforms is Instagram, where she has garnered a substantial following of over 850,000 followers. She regularly posts stunning photos and updates about her life, giving her fans a glimpse into her world.

Another platform where Gabriela has made a significant impact is TikTok. With over 8.2 million fans and counting, she has become a prominent figure on the platform. Gabriela’s entertaining and skillful dance and lip-sync videos have garnered millions of views and hearts, solidifying her status as a TikTok sensation.

In addition to Instagram and TikTok, Gabriela also maintains a presence on Twitter. Although her activity on this platform is relatively limited compared to her other accounts, she still uses it to engage with her followers and share updates about her latest endeavors.

Gabriela Moura's Social Media Presence

Table: Gabriela Moura’s Social Media Following

Platform Followers/Fans
Instagram 850,000
TikTok 8.2 million
Twitter Numbers not available

Gabriela’s social media presence has not only allowed her to connect with her fans but has also opened up various opportunities for collaboration and brand partnerships. Her influential presence on these platforms has caught the attention of several brands, further solidifying her status as a rising social media star.

Gabriela Moura’s Achievements and Brand Endorsements

Gabriela Moura has achieved remarkable success on social media platforms, particularly TikTok and Instagram, where she has garnered a large and dedicated fan following. Her entertaining dance and lip-sync videos have captivated millions of viewers, propelling her to become a prominent figure in the influencer industry.

Not only has Gabriela amassed over 8.2 million followers on TikTok, but she has also received more than 200 million hearts on the platform. Her skillful belly dancing choreography has gained significant attention, and her content continues to resonate with her ever-growing fanbase.

Furthermore, Gabriela has collaborated with several popular brands, solidifying her position as an influencer in the digital advertising realm. Some of the notable brand endorsements she has participated in include partnerships with LECAME BIKINI, Bewa, Ana Vi Glow, AliExpress, and VILLE. These collaborations demonstrate Gabriela’s appeal and influence within the fashion and beauty industry.

Overall, Gabriela Moura’s achievements on social media, along with her successful brand endorsements, have established her as a rising star with a bright future in the realm of modeling and influencer marketing.

Table: Gabriela Moura’s Brand Endorsements

Brand Collaboration
LECAME BIKINI Featured model in swimwear campaign
Bewa Promotional partnership on social media
Ana Vi Glow Brand ambassador for skincare products
AliExpress Collaboration for fashion and accessories
VILLE Endorsement in clothing line campaign

Gabriela Moura’s Net Worth

Gabriela Moura, the Brazilian model and social media star, has achieved significant success in her career, which has undoubtedly contributed to her overall net worth. While specific figures are subject to speculation, it is estimated that Gabriela Moura’s net worth ranges between US$250,000 and US$300,000. This considerable wealth is primarily attributed to her flourishing social media presence, brand endorsements, and various other related projects.

With over 8.2 million followers on TikTok and a fanbase that continues to grow, Gabriela Moura has been able to leverage her massive online following into lucrative brand partnerships. She has collaborated with notable brands such as LECAME BIKINI, Bewa, Ana Vi Glow, AliExpress, and VILLE, solidifying her position as a sought-after influencer in the industry. These brand endorsements, along with her income from social media platforms, contribute significantly to her overall net worth.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Gabriela Moura’s net worth is also bolstered by her entrepreneurial ventures. She has launched her own merchandise line and is actively involved in various business ventures, further diversifying her income streams. These entrepreneurial pursuits allow her to capitalize on her influence and connect with her dedicated fanbase in new and exciting ways.

It is important to note that Gabriela Moura’s net worth is constantly evolving, as she continues to explore new opportunities and expand her brand. With her talent, determination, and growing popularity, she is poised for even greater financial success in the future.

Gabriela Moura's Net Worth

Table: Gabriela Moura’s Estimated Net Worth Breakdown

Source of Income Estimated Amount (in US$)
Social Media Endeavors 100,000
Brand Endorsements 120,000
Entrepreneurial Ventures 30,000

Please note that the figures presented in the table are estimates and may not reflect the exact breakdown of Gabriela Moura’s net worth. These numbers serve as an approximate representation of the different income streams contributing to her overall wealth.

Gabriela Moura’s Relationship Status

One aspect of Gabriela Moura’s life that remains a mystery to her fans is her relationship status. Despite her popularity and the constant interest surrounding her personal life, Gabriela has managed to keep her romantic life private. As a result, there is no information available about her current relationship or whether she is dating anyone.

Gabriela’s decision to keep her love life under wraps is a personal choice, allowing her to maintain a sense of privacy amidst her public career as a model and social media influencer. While fans may speculate about her relationship status, it is essential to respect her boundaries and focus on her accomplishments and talents.

Throughout her social media profiles, Gabriela Moura has not shared any hints or details that would give insight into her romantic life. Instead, she consistently showcases her dance skills, promotes brands, and engages with her followers. Her content emphasizes her passion for belly dancing and keeps her audience entertained and inspired without revealing anything about her personal relationships.

As Gabriela continues to gain popularity and grow her fanbase, it remains to be seen whether she will choose to share more about her relationship status in the future. Until then, her fans will have to be patient and focus on supporting her in her endeavors as a talented dancer and influencer.

Gabriela Moura’s Family Background

Gabriela Moura has not publicly disclosed detailed information about her family background. The Brazilian model and social media star has kept the names of her parents and siblings private, maintaining a level of privacy in her personal life. While she shares glimpses of her life through her social media posts, Gabriela prefers to focus on her career and passions rather than discussing her family.

By keeping her family background under wraps, Gabriela maintains a sense of mystery and intrigue, allowing her audience to focus on her talents and achievements. This approach also helps her create a professional image and establish boundaries between her personal and public life. Fans and followers continue to admire Gabriela for her captivating content and captivating personality, regardless of her family background being undisclosed.

As Gabriela Moura’s popularity grows, the curiosity about her family background remains. However, it is important to respect her privacy and understand that not all aspects of her life are meant to be shared with the public. Gabriela’s success is a result of her hard work, talent, and dedication, rather than her familial connections. Through her captivating content and engaging social media presence, she continues to captivate audiences with her unique style and personality.

Gabriela Moura’s Education

Details about Gabriela Moura’s education are not publicly known. She has not disclosed information about her schooling or graduation. Despite her young age, Gabriela has gained popularity as a model and social media star, with a large following on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Her focus seems to be on building her online presence and pursuing opportunities in the entertainment industry.

While the specifics of her educational background remain private, Gabriela’s success in the digital sphere showcases her talent and dedication. Her content on TikTok, which primarily consists of dance and lip-sync videos, has resonated with millions of viewers worldwide. Through her engaging performances and creative expression, she has amassed a significant fanbase.

It’s important to note that formal education is not always a determining factor for success in the entertainment industry, especially for individuals who gain recognition through social media platforms. Gabriela’s rising popularity and achievements on TikTok and Instagram demonstrate that talent and hard work can lead to remarkable accomplishments, regardless of educational qualifications.

Education Level Details
Schooling Not publicly known
Graduation Not publicly known

Despite the lack of information regarding Gabriela Moura’s education, it is evident that she has been able to captivate audiences and build a successful career in the digital realm. With her talent, charisma, and dedicated fanbase, she continues to make waves as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Gabriela Moura’s Hobbies and Interests

When she’s not busy creating content for her millions of fans, Gabriela Moura enjoys pursuing a variety of hobbies and interests. While much of her time is dedicated to her successful social media career, she finds joy and fulfillment in other activities as well.

One of Gabriela’s passions is dancing. She has a natural talent for movement and rhythm, which is evident in her captivating TikTok videos. From belly dancing to hip-hop, she loves exploring different dance styles and choreographing her own routines. Through dance, Gabriela expresses herself and brings joy to her audience.

In addition to dance, Gabriela has a keen interest in fashion and beauty. She enjoys experimenting with different makeup looks and showcasing her personal style through her Instagram posts. Her fashion choices inspire her followers and demonstrate her unique sense of fashion.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the transformative power of makeup and fashion. It allows me to express myself creatively and boost my confidence. I love sharing my favorite looks with my followers and encouraging them to embrace their individuality.”

Aside from dance and fashion, Gabriela also enjoys spending time in nature. She often takes breaks from her busy schedule to go for walks or explore scenic locations. Being surrounded by nature gives her a sense of peace and tranquility, allowing her to recharge and find inspiration for her creative endeavors.

Gabriela Moura hobbies and interests

Gabriela Moura’s Hobbies and Interests:

  • Dancing – Gabriela is a skilled dancer and loves exploring different styles.
  • Fashion and Beauty – She has a passion for fashion and enjoys experimenting with makeup looks.
  • Nature – Gabriela finds solace in nature and often takes walks to recharge.

Gabriela Moura’s Future Projects and Endeavors

Gabriela Moura’s rise to fame on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram has opened the doors to numerous opportunities. With her growing popularity, it is only natural to wonder what the future holds for this talented young star. While specific details about her upcoming projects remain unknown at this time, it is evident that Gabriela Moura is poised to explore new ventures.

Given her success in the modeling industry and her ability to captivate audiences with her dance and lip-sync performances, it is likely that Gabriela will continue to pursue opportunities in these realms. She has already collaborated with several notable brands, showcasing her influence and potential for future brand endorsements.

Furthermore, Gabriela Moura’s fanbase continues to grow, indicating a dedicated following that eagerly awaits her next move. With her charming personality and undeniable talent, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Gabriela venture into other areas of entertainment such as acting or hosting. The possibilities are endless for this young star on the rise.

As Gabriela Moura continues to make her mark on the social media landscape, fans and industry insiders alike eagerly anticipate her future projects and endeavors. While the specifics may still be shrouded in mystery, one thing is certain: Gabriela Moura’s journey has only just begun, and there are undoubtedly exciting things on the horizon for this rising star.


How old is Gabriela Moura?

Gabriela Moura was born on June 18, 2004, making her 17 years old.

What is Gabriela Moura’s height?

Gabriela Moura stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters).

What are Gabriela Moura’s body measurements?

Gabriela Moura has body measurements of 34A-24-35 inches.

When did Gabriela Moura start gaining popularity on TikTok?

Gabriela Moura started uploading content on TikTok in March 2020 and has gained over 8.2 million followers and 200 million hearts since then.

Where is Gabriela Moura from?

Gabriela Moura was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

What is Gabriela Moura’s nationality?

Gabriela Moura is of Brazilian nationality.

How many followers does Gabriela Moura have on Instagram?

Gabriela Moura has over 850,000 followers on Instagram.

How many fans does Gabriela Moura have on TikTok?

Gabriela Moura has more than 8.2 million fans on TikTok.

What brands has Gabriela Moura collaborated with?

Gabriela Moura has collaborated with brands like LECAME BIKINI, Bewa, Ana Vi Glow, AliExpress, and VILLE.

What is Gabriela Moura’s net worth?

Gabriela Moura’s net worth is estimated to be around US$250-300 thousand.

Does Gabriela Moura have a boyfriend?

Gabriela Moura’s current relationship status is unknown.

Does Gabriela Moura have any siblings?

Details about Gabriela Moura’s family background, including her siblings, are not available.

What is Gabriela Moura’s educational background?

Details about Gabriela Moura’s education, including her schooling and graduation, are not publicly known.

What are Gabriela Moura’s hobbies and interests?

While not extensively documented, Gabriela Moura is known for her love of creating TikTok videos and expressing herself through dance and lip-sync performances.

What are Gabriela Moura’s future projects?

As of now, there is no information available on Gabriela Moura’s future projects or upcoming ventures.

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