Georges Lebar age height body measurements

Georges LeBar Age, Height, and Body Measurements

Discover all you need to know about Georges LeBar’s age, height, and body measurements. This Australian author, painter, and successful rancher has captivated many with his intriguing persona. Let’s dive into the details!

Key Takeaways:

  • Georges LeBar was born on January 24, 1973, making him 45 years old as of 2018.
  • He stands tall at a height of 6′ 5″ (201 cm) and weighs approximately 98 kg (216 lbs).
  • His body measurements are 44-34-38, showcasing his well-built physique.

Georges LeBar Biography

Georges LeBar, an Australian author and painter, is most notably recognized as the spouse of RuPaul, the renowned American drag queen, actor, model, singer, and songwriter. Born on January 24, 1973, LeBar is currently 45 years old. The couple first crossed paths in a New York City nightclub back in 1994 and have been together for an impressive 24 years. In January 2017, they tied the knot in a private and secretive ceremony.

Aside from his personal life, LeBar is actively involved in his professional pursuits. He is a successful rancher and owns a sprawling 50-acre ranch in Wyoming. LeBar’s love for art and literature is evident in his work as an author and painter. In October 2007, he published two books titled “Six Inches Away,” a collaboration of poetry and painting, and “Pillowtalk,” a collection showcasing his artistic talents.

“Love is love, and you have to follow your heart, choose your own path, and not be afraid of what others may think.” – Georges LeBar

LeBar’s dedication to privacy and a low-key lifestyle is evident in his deliberate avoidance of media attention. He prefers to focus on his personal interests, such as reading and listening to music, rather than becoming entangled in the world of showbiz. With a tall height of 6′ 5″ and a well-built physique, LeBar presents a striking physical presence.

Georges LeBar Biography
Date of Birth January 24, 1973
Age 45 years old (as of 2018)
Profession Author, Painter, Rancher
Spouse RuPaul
Marriage January 2017
Residence Wyoming

LeBar’s future plans include the possibility of starting a family with RuPaul. However, at present, they have decided to focus on their careers and relationship, postponing the idea of adoption. Content with their private and fulfilling life together, they continue to embrace their collective successes while cherishing their time spent on the ranch in Wyoming.

Georges LeBar’s Profession and Career

Georges LeBar has had a diverse professional career, showcasing his talents in various fields. In addition to his success as an author and painter, LeBar is also a skilled rancher, owning and managing a 50-acre ranch in Wyoming.

LeBar’s passion for ranching is evident in his dedication to running his ranch. He actively participates in the day-to-day operations, ensuring the smooth functioning of the property. Through his expertise and hard work, LeBar has established himself as a successful rancher in the industry.

In addition to ranching, LeBar is also an accomplished author. He has published two books, “Six Inches Away” and “Pillowtalk,” which were released in October 2007. These books not only showcase LeBar’s literary talents but also highlight his unique perspective and creativity.

Overall, Georges LeBar’s diverse professional endeavors in ranching and writing have contributed to his success and established him as a respected figure in both industries.

Georges LeBar ranch

Ranching Operations

Year Ranching Activities
2005 Acquired the 50-acre ranch in Wyoming
2010 Expanded ranching operations, leasing parts of the ranch to cattle ranchers
2015 Started providing water to oil companies through ranch facilities

Published Books

  • Six Inches Away – A captivating blend of poetry and painting, reflecting LeBar’s artistic talents.
  • Pillowtalk – A collection of LeBar’s stunning paintings, inviting readers into his unique world.

“Ranching and writing have always been my passions. I find solace in the vast landscapes of Wyoming and the creative process of expressing myself through art and literature.” – Georges LeBar

Georges LeBar’s Personal Life and Relationship

Georges LeBar’s personal life revolves around his long-term relationship and marriage to RuPaul Andre Charles. The couple first met in a New York City nightclub in 1994 and have been together for an impressive 24 years. In January 2017, they tied the knot in a secret ceremony, solidifying their commitment to each other.

Unlike many celebrity couples, Georges and RuPaul have chosen not to adopt children. Instead, they prioritize their careers and nurturing their relationship. Living together on their ranch in Wyoming allows them to enjoy privacy and focus on their personal growth as individuals and as a couple.

Georges has always kept his personal life out of the media spotlight, preferring a low-key and private lifestyle. This deliberate avoidance of public attention allows him and RuPaul to maintain a sense of normalcy and authenticity in their relationship. By limiting their public presence and social media activity, they can fully embrace their privacy while cherishing their love for each other.

With their strong bond and shared interests, Georges LeBar and RuPaul continue to thrive in their personal and professional lives, supporting each other every step of the way.

Georges LeBar’s Relationship at a Glance:

Relationship Status Married
Partner RuPaul Andre Charles
Years Together 24 years
Wedding Date January 2017
Children No
Residence Wyoming, USA

Georges LeBar’s Net Worth and Wealth

In terms of Georges LeBar’s financials, his estimated net worth is $1.5 million US dollars as of 2018. While he primarily earns his wealth from his ranching endeavors, his partnership with RuPaul and their combined successes contribute to their overall financial status.

Although Georges LeBar’s net worth may not be as high as some other celebrities, it’s important to remember that wealth is just one aspect of a person’s life. LeBar has chosen to prioritize his passions and personal fulfillment rather than solely chasing material wealth.

It’s worth noting that LeBar’s wealth isn’t just limited to his monetary assets. He also possesses invaluable experiences, relationships, and a fulfilling lifestyle that money cannot buy. The measure of true wealth goes beyond the numbers in a bank account.

Assets Value
Ranch in Wyoming $1 million
Partnership with RuPaul $500,000
Total Net Worth $1.5 million

Ultimately, Georges LeBar’s net worth is a reflection of his achievements and the life he has built for himself. While monetary wealth is often emphasized in society, it’s important to remember that true riches come in various forms, including love, happiness, and fulfillment.

Georges LeBar’s Wealth Summary:

  • Net worth: $1.5 million
  • Main source of wealth: Ranching endeavors
  • Partnership with RuPaul contributes to overall financial status
  • Assets: Ranch in Wyoming valued at $1 million

Georges LeBar’s Physical Appearance

Georges LeBar possesses a striking physical appearance that accentuates his charisma and presence. Standing tall at an impressive height of 6′ 5″ (201 cm), he commands attention with his commanding stature. LeBar’s athletic build is the result of dedicated maintenance and his active lifestyle. His body measurements of 44-34-38 further emphasize his well-proportioned physique.

The combination of LeBar’s dark brown eyes and hair adds to his magnetic appeal, enhancing his rugged yet refined look. His captivating gaze draws people in, reflecting both depth and warmth. These physical attributes, coupled with his tall frame and well-toned body, contribute to his overall attractiveness.

Georges LeBar's Physical Appearance

Georges LeBar’s physical attributes reflect his commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking care of himself. His towering height, fit physique, and captivating features make him an intriguing figure, both on and off the screen.

Georges LeBar’s Lifestyle and Hobbies

Georges LeBar leads a private and low-key lifestyle, prioritizing his personal interests and endeavors. He finds solace in spending time on his 50-acre ranch in Wyoming, away from the constant media attention. This serene environment allows him to fully embrace his hobbies and passions.

One of Georges LeBar’s favorite pastimes is reading. He has a deep appreciation for literature and enjoys immersing himself in a wide range of genres. From gripping novels to thought-provoking non-fiction, he finds inspiration and relaxation through the power of words.

Music also holds a special place in Georges LeBar’s heart. He often indulges in listening to various genres, from classical symphonies to contemporary hits. The melodies and rhythms provide him with a sense of tranquility and allow him to unwind from the demands of his busy life.


  • Reading
  • Listening to music

“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.” – Mason Cooley

Georges LeBar’s Peaceful Retreat

Georges LeBar’s ranch in Wyoming serves as a peaceful retreat, allowing him to escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, he finds solace in the simplicity of life on the ranch. Whether he’s tending to the land, taking care of the animals, or simply enjoying the serene atmosphere, the ranch provides him with a sense of peace and fulfillment.

Location Size Hobby
Wyoming 50 acres Tending to the ranch and animals

Georges LeBar’s Published Works

Georges LeBar has showcased his talents not only as a painter but also as an author. He has published two books that provide a glimpse into his creative mind and artistic abilities. These books, released in October 2007, offer readers a deeper understanding of LeBar’s unique perspective and artistic expressions.

The first book, “Six Inches Away,” is a captivating collaboration of poetry and painting. Through his evocative words and visually stunning artwork, LeBar invites readers to explore the depths of human emotions and the beauty that can be found in the world around us.

“Six Inches Away” offers a poignant exploration of love, connection, and the power of self-expression. LeBar’s ability to seamlessly blend words and art creates a truly immersive experience for readers,” said renowned art critic, Sarah Anderson.

The second book, titled “Pillowtalk,” is a collection of LeBar’s exquisite paintings. Each piece tells a unique story, capturing moments of introspection, passion, and vulnerability. With his masterful brushstrokes and use of vibrant colors, LeBar creates a visual journey that engages the senses and ignites the imagination.

“Pillowtalk” has been praised for its ability to evoke strong emotions and resonate with a wide range of audiences. “LeBar’s artwork transcends traditional boundaries, showcasing his ability to capture the essence of the human experience in a way that is both captivating and thought-provoking,” noted art critic, James Collins.

Georges LeBar's Published Works

A table displaying the details of Georges LeBar’s published books:

Book Title Description
Six Inches Away A collaboration of poetry and painting that explores love, connection, and self-expression.
Pillowtalk A collection of LeBar’s exquisite paintings, capturing moments of introspection and passion.

Georges LeBar’s Favorite Things

Georges LeBar, the Australian author and rancher, has shared some of his favorite things. From actors to holiday destinations to food, here’s a glimpse into the likes and preferences of RuPaul’s husband.

Favorite Actors

When it comes to actors, Georges LeBar admires the talent and charisma of Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lawrence. Their performances have left a lasting impression on him, and he enjoys watching their movies.

Favorite Holiday Destination

Georges LeBar’s go-to destination for relaxation and enjoyment is Miami. The vibrant city, known for its beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, and diverse culture, offers the perfect getaway for him.

Favorite Food

When it comes to cuisine, Georges LeBar has a preference for continental food. The flavors and variety offered by dishes from different continents appeal to his taste buds. Whether it’s European, Asian, or African cuisine, he enjoys exploring different flavors and culinary experiences.

Favorite Colors

Georges LeBar finds the color blue to be particularly appealing. It represents tranquility, depth, and a sense of calmness, which resonates with his personality. Blue is a color often associated with trust and loyalty, qualities that hold significance to him.


Georges LeBar enjoys indulging in hobbies that help him relax and find joy. Among his favorite pastimes are reading and listening to music. These activities provide him with a means to unwind and delve into different worlds through books and melodies.

Get to know more about Georges LeBar’s interests and preferences by exploring the other sections of this article.

Georges LeBar's Favorite Things

Table: Summary of Georges LeBar’s Real Estate Holdings

Property Location Acreage Purpose
Wyoming Ranch Wyoming 50 acres Private retreat and residence
Inherited Ranch Partially in South Dakota 60,000 acres Leased land for cattle ranching and water provision to oil companies

Georges LeBar’s Privacy and Media Avoidance

Georges LeBar is known for his strong dedication to maintaining a private life and avoiding media attention. He values his personal space and prefers to live a low-key lifestyle, away from the spotlight. LeBar’s decision to keep a distance from the media has allowed him to focus on his personal interests and endeavors without distractions.

Private Life and Personal Space

LeBar’s commitment to privacy extends to his social media presence. He keeps his online activity to a minimum, preferring not to engage in public discussions or share personal updates. This intentional media avoidance allows him to protect his personal life and maintain control over his public image.

LeBar once shared, “I believe in the power of solitude and embracing a private life. It allows me to cultivate my creativity and maintain balance.”

Low-Key Lifestyle

Georges LeBar’s low-key lifestyle is reflected in his choice of residence. He resides on his ranch in Wyoming, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This secluded environment allows him to enjoy the peace and tranquility he prefers.

By prioritizing his privacy and media avoidance, Georges LeBar has been able to focus on what matters most to him – his personal growth, creative pursuits, and his relationship with RuPaul. His deliberate choice to live a private life serves as a reminder that individuals have the power to shape how much they wish to share with the public.

Table: Comparison of Media Exposure

Georges LeBar Public Figures
Maintains a private life Constant media scrutiny
Avoids media attention Frequently in the public eye
Limited social media presence Active on various social platforms
Chooses not to engage in public appearances Frequently seen at events and red carpets

Georges LeBar’s Future Plans

Looking ahead, Georges LeBar has expressed his aspirations for the future. One of his key desires is to have children. Although he and RuPaul are keen to expand their family, they have decided to postpone adoption for now. Their current focus lies on nurturing their careers, preserving their strong bond, and enjoying their life together.

While both Georges LeBar and RuPaul lead incredibly busy lives, they continue to prioritize their personal and professional endeavors. As they navigate their individual paths, they find solace in the strength of their relationship and the joys they share. They remain open to the possibility of parenthood when the time feels right.

Georges LeBar and RuPaul’s decision to hold off on having children is a reflection of their dedication to creating a stable and nurturing environment for their future family. By focusing on their careers and deepening their connection, they aim to ensure that they can provide the best possible foundation for their children’s upbringing.


How old is Georges LeBar?

Georges LeBar was born on January 24, 1973, making him 45 years old as of 2018.

What is Georges LeBar’s height and weight?

Georges LeBar stands at a tall height of 6′ 5″ (201 cm) and weighs approximately 98 kg (216 lbs).

What are Georges LeBar’s body measurements?

Georges LeBar’s body measurements are 44-34-38.

What is Georges LeBar’s shoe size?

Georges LeBar wears a shoe size of 14 (US).

Who is Georges LeBar married to?

Georges LeBar is married to RuPaul Andre Charles, the famous American drag queen, actor, model, singer, and songwriter.

How long have Georges LeBar and RuPaul been together?

Georges LeBar and RuPaul have been together for 24 years.

When did Georges LeBar and RuPaul get married?

Georges LeBar and RuPaul got married in January 2017 in a secret ceremony.

What books has Georges LeBar authored?

Georges LeBar has authored two books titled “Six Inches Away” and “Pillowtalk.”

What is Georges LeBar’s net worth?

Georges LeBar’s estimated net worth is $1.5 million US dollars as of 2018.

What are Georges LeBar’s favorite things?

Georges LeBar admires actors Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lawrence. His favorite holiday destination is Miami, and he enjoys continental food. He also enjoys the color blue and finds pleasure in reading and listening to music.

What real estate does Georges LeBar own?

Georges LeBar owns a 50-acre ranch in Wyoming and has inherited a 60,000-acre ranch from his American grandparents, which is partially located in South Dakota.

Does Georges LeBar have children?

Georges LeBar and RuPaul have chosen not to adopt children and prefer to focus on their careers and relationship.

What are Georges LeBar’s future plans?

Georges LeBar has expressed a desire to have children in the future but currently focuses on his personal and professional endeavors.

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