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Idina Menzel Age, Height, and Body Measurements

Idina Menzel, born on May 30, 1971, is an American singer and actress known for her incredible talent and captivating performances. She rose to fame with her iconic role as Maureen Johnson in the Broadway musical Rent and has since become a household name in the entertainment industry. But there’s more to this multi-talented artist than just her performances. Let’s delve into Idina Menzel’s age, height, and body measurements to learn more about this extraordinary individual.

Key Takeaways:

  • Idina Menzel, born on May 30, 1971, is an American singer and actress.
  • She gained fame through her role as Maureen Johnson in Rent.
  • Idina Menzel is known for her incredible talent and captivating performances.
  • Her age is an essential factor in understanding her journey and achievements.
  • Idina Menzel’s height and body measurements contribute to her unique presence on stage and screen.

Early Life and Career

Idina Menzel, born on May 30, 1971, in Queens, New York, had a passion for performing from a young age. She started her career on the stage, gaining recognition for her incredible talent and powerful voice. Her breakthrough came with her role as Maureen Johnson in the Broadway musical Rent, which earned her critical acclaim and established her as a rising star in the theater world.

Following her success in Rent, Menzel went on to star in other notable Broadway productions, including the iconic role of Elphaba in the musical Wicked. Her performances in these shows showcased her exceptional vocal range and ability to bring complex characters to life.

Menzel’s talent extended beyond the stage, as she made her film debut in 2001 with the movie Kissing Jessica Stein. She later gained further recognition for her role as the voice of Queen Elsa in the hit Disney animated film Frozen, where she famously sang the Academy Award-winning song “Let It Go.”

In addition to her theater and film work, Menzel also ventured into television, making a notable guest appearance on the popular musical series Glee. Her performance as Shelby Corcoran showcased her versatility as an actress and singer.

Notable Achievements:

  • Recognized for her role as Maureen Johnson in Rent
  • Starred as Elphaba in the musical Wicked
  • Voice of Queen Elsa in Frozen
  • Guest appearance on Glee as Shelby Corcoran

Idina Menzel’s early life and career laid the foundation for her success as a multi-talented performer. From her beginnings on the Broadway stage to her memorable film and television roles, she continues to captivate audiences around the world with her remarkable talent and unique voice.

Music Career

Idina Menzel’s music career has been just as successful as her acting career. She released her debut album, “Still I Can’t Be Still,” in 1998, showcasing her powerful and emotive vocals. The album received positive reviews and set the stage for her future musical endeavors. Menzel has since released several more albums, including “Here,” “I Stand,” and “Holiday Wishes,” which have all been well-received by fans and critics alike.

One of Menzel’s most notable musical achievements is her performance of the hit song “Let It Go” from the Disney movie Frozen. The song became a global phenomenon and won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. Menzel’s powerful rendition and passionate delivery captivated audiences and solidified her status as a music icon.

Idina Menzel’s music career has been characterized by her unique blend of pop, rock, and Broadway influences, resulting in a distinct and captivating sound.

In addition to her own music, Menzel has collaborated with various artists, such as Michael Bublé and Josh Groban, on notable duets. Her versatility as a vocalist allows her to seamlessly transition between genres, captivating listeners with her range and emotion.

Table: Idina Menzel’s Discography

Album Year
Still I Can’t Be Still 1998
Here 2004
I Stand 2008
Holiday Wishes 2014

Idina Menzel’s music career continues to thrive, with her powerful voice and undeniable talent captivating audiences around the world. Whether performing on stage or in the recording studio, Menzel’s passion and dedication to her craft shine through in every musical endeavor.

Idina Menzel Music Career

Personal Life

In this section, we will explore Idina Menzel’s personal life, including her relationships, family, and her cultural background.

Idina Menzel was previously married to actor Taye Diggs from 2003 to 2014. The couple welcomed their son, Walker Nathaniel Diggs, in 2009. Despite their divorce, Menzel and Diggs remain committed to co-parenting their son.

Following her divorce from Taye Diggs, Idina Menzel found love again and remarried to actor Aaron Lohr in 2017. The couple has been happily married ever since.

Aside from her personal relationships, Menzel has also been open about her Jewish heritage. She has shared her experiences growing up in a Jewish household and the importance of embracing one’s cultural background. Menzel’s commitment to staying true to herself and her roots has resonated with many fans.

Marital Status Children Cultural Background
Remarried to Aaron Lohr One son named Walker Nathaniel Diggs Embraces her Jewish heritage

“I think it’s really important to embrace who you are and to stay true to yourself, no matter what. Your heritage and cultural background are an essential part of your identity and should be celebrated.” – Idina Menzel

Idina Menzel Body Measurements

Idina Menzel is known for her impressive talent as a singer and actress, but she also has a stunning physical appearance. Standing at a height of 5’4″ (1.63 m), Menzel possesses a graceful and elegant stature. She maintains her figure with a weight of approximately 55 kg (121 pounds), which complements her height perfectly. Her body measurements are 35-25-36, highlighting her feminine curves and hourglass shape.

In addition to her height, weight, and body proportions, it is worth noting that Idina Menzel wears a bra size of 32C. This measurement reflects her well-proportioned figure and enhances her overall appearance. Furthermore, she wears a shoe size of 7 (US), adding to her petite yet stylish persona. Her dress size is 6 (US), highlighting her fashion choices and ability to effortlessly carry different styles.

Idina Menzel’s body measurements contribute to her overall attractiveness and add to her stage presence. Through her physical attributes, she exudes confidence and radiates charm, making her a captivating performer both on and offscreen.

Physical Attribute Measurement
Height 5’4″ (1.63 m)
Weight Approximately 55 kg (121 pounds)
Body Measurements 35-25-36
Bra Size 32C
Shoe Size 7 (US)
Dress Size 6 (US)

Through her physical attributes, Idina Menzel embodies beauty and elegance, capturing the hearts of audiences around the world. Her body measurements, combined with her exceptional talent and charismatic personality, contribute to her status as a beloved entertainer.

Family Details

Idina Menzel comes from a close-knit family that has played an important role in her life. Her parents are Stuart and Helene Mentzel. She also has a sister named Cara Mentzel. Growing up in Queens, New York, Menzel’s family provided her with love and support as she pursued her passion for performing.

In terms of her own family, Menzel was previously married to actor Taye Diggs. The couple tied the knot in 2003 and welcomed their son, Walker Nathaniel Diggs, into the world. Although their marriage ended in 2014, Menzel remains dedicated to co-parenting their son and ensuring his well-being.

Since her split from Diggs, Menzel has found love again and is now married to actor Aaron Lohr. Together, they continue to build a life and support each other in their respective careers.

Table: Idina Menzel’s Family Details

Family Member Relationship
Stuart Mentzel Father
Helene Mentzel Mother
Cara Mentzel Sister
Taye Diggs Ex-Husband
Aaron Lohr Current Husband
Walker Nathaniel Diggs Son

Idina Menzel’s family has played a significant role in shaping her life and supporting her throughout her career. From her parents’ love and guidance to her bond with her sister and the relationships she has formed with her ex-husband and current husband, family remains an important aspect of her life.

Awards and Recognition

Throughout her illustrious career, Idina Menzel has received a multitude of awards and accolades for her exceptional talent and mesmerizing performances. Her contributions to the entertainment industry have been widely recognized, cementing her status as one of the most accomplished artists of her generation.

One of Menzel’s notable achievements is winning a Tony Award for her unforgettable portrayal of Elphaba in the hit Broadway musical Wicked. Her powerful vocals and captivating stage presence captivated audiences and earned her critical acclaim. In addition to her Tony win, Menzel has been nominated for several other prestigious awards, including Tony Awards for her roles in Rent and If/Then.

Not limited to the theater, Menzel’s talent has also been celebrated in the music industry. She has been honored with Grammy Awards for her outstanding musical contributions, further solidifying her status as a versatile and accomplished performer.

Idina Menzel’s extraordinary talent and dedication to her craft have garnered her numerous awards and accolades throughout her career. From her Tony Award-winning performances on Broadway to her Grammy-winning music, she continues to be recognized for her exceptional talent and captivating performances.

Award Category Year
Tony Award Best Leading Actress in a Musical 2004
Grammy Award Best Musical Theater Album 2014
Grammy Award Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals 2015

Interesting Facts

Idina Menzel, known for her incredible talent and captivating performances, has a few interesting facts that you may not know about. Let’s take a closer look at some intriguing details about this talented singer and actress.

Fact 1: Broadway Breakthrough

Did you know that Idina Menzel’s breakthrough role on Broadway was playing the character Maureen Johnson in the musical Rent? This iconic performance earned her critical acclaim and established her as a force to be reckoned with in the theater world.

Fact 2: Elsa’s Anthem

One of Menzel’s most notable roles was providing the voice for Elsa in Disney’s Frozen. Her powerful performance of the hit song “Let It Go” became an instant anthem and propelled her to even greater stardom.

Fact 3: The Great-Great-Grandmother Connection

Idina Menzel was named after her great grandmother, who was a strong and inspiring figure in her family’s history. This connection to her roots has played a significant role in shaping her identity and career.

These are just a few of the fascinating facts that make Idina Menzel such a fascinating and beloved figure in the entertainment industry. Her talent, charisma, and unique voice continue to captivate audiences around the world.

Idina Menzel

Net Worth

Idina Menzel has achieved significant success throughout her career, both as an actress and a musician. As a result, she has amassed a considerable net worth. According to estimates, Idina Menzel’s net worth is approximately $10 million.

Her wealth can be attributed to her various endeavors, including her performances on Broadway, her roles in films and television shows, and her music career. Menzel’s talent and dedication to her craft have allowed her to build a successful and lucrative career in the entertainment industry.

It’s important to note that net worth estimations can vary and are subject to change based on factors such as investments, royalties, and endorsements. However, it is evident that Idina Menzel has achieved financial success through her talent and hard work.

Table: Idina Menzel’s Sources of Income

Source Description
Broadway Idina Menzel’s performances in various Broadway shows have contributed significantly to her net worth.
Film and Television Her roles in movies and television shows have not only earned her acclaim but also added to her financial success.
Music Idina Menzel’s successful music career, including album sales and performances, has been a lucrative source of income.
Endorsements Like many celebrities, Menzel has endorsed various products and brands, generating additional income.

While Idina Menzel’s net worth is undoubtedly impressive, it is a testament to her talent, hard work, and ability to captivate audiences with her performances. Her continued success in the entertainment industry solidifies her status as one of the most accomplished and influential figures in the business.


Idina Menzel has showcased her versatile talent in various films and television shows throughout her career. From enchanting audiences in musicals to lending her voice to animated characters, her performances have captivated viewers worldwide.


Title Release Year
Kissing Jessica Stein 2001
Enchanted 2007
Frozen 2013

In the romantic comedy “Kissing Jessica Stein,” Menzel showcased her acting skills alongside a talented ensemble cast. She then enchanted audiences in the Disney fantasy film “Enchanted,” delivering a memorable performance and showcasing her vocal prowess. However, it was her portrayal of the beloved ice queen Elsa in Disney’s “Frozen” that truly solidified her status as a household name. The film became a global sensation, earning critical acclaim and winning multiple awards, including an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

Television Shows

Title Year
Glee 2010-2015
Wonder Pets 2006-2013

Menzel’s talents have also extended to television, where she has made notable appearances in popular shows. In the musical comedy-drama series “Glee,” Menzel portrayed the character of Shelby Corcoran, a rival show choir coach with a complex relationship to the main characters. Her performance earned her critical acclaim and further showcased her powerful singing abilities. Menzel also lent her voice to the animated series “Wonder Pets,” where she provided various character voices.

Idina Menzel Filmography

Idina Menzel’s filmography is a testament to her versatile talent and ability to captivate audiences with her performances. Whether she’s on the stage, the big screen, or the small screen, Menzel’s presence brings depth and emotion to every role she portrays.


Idina Menzel has released several albums throughout her career, showcasing her exceptional talent as a singer and songwriter. Her discography includes a diverse range of music, from Broadway show tunes to pop and holiday songs.

Studio Albums

Idina Menzel’s studio albums feature her powerful vocals and emotive performances. Here are some of her notable albums:

Album Name Release Year
Still I Can’t Be Still 1998
Here 2004
I Stand 2008
idina. 2016

Holiday Albums

Idina Menzel has also released holiday-themed albums that have become beloved classics. These albums allow her to showcase her beautiful voice in festive and heartwarming songs. Here are some of her holiday albums:

  • Holiday Wishes (2014)
  • Christmas: A Season of Love (2019)

Notable Songs

In addition to her albums, Idina Menzel has recorded numerous standout songs. Some of her most popular and well-known tracks include:

  1. “Let It Go” – from the movie Frozen
  2. “Defying Gravity” – from the Broadway musical Wicked
  3. “For Good” – from the Broadway musical Wicked (duet with Kristin Chenoweth)
  4. “Brave” – from the album idina.

idina menzel albums

Idina Menzel’s discography is a testament to her talent and versatility as an artist. From her powerful performances in Broadway musicals to her captivating music albums, she has touched the hearts of fans worldwide with her incredible voice and passion for music.


Idina Menzel, the talented actress and singer, has carved a remarkable path in the entertainment industry. With her captivating performances and powerful voice, she has won the hearts of audiences worldwide. From her early days on the Broadway stage to her success in films and music, Menzel has proven herself to be a versatile and dynamic artist.

Her achievements in the music industry are equally impressive. With several albums under her belt, including the critically acclaimed “Here, I Stand” and the popular holiday album “Holiday Wishes,” Menzel has showcased her exceptional vocal range and artistry. Her music has struck a chord with both fans and critics, cementing her status as a renowned musician.

Idina Menzel’s personal life has also been a subject of interest to her fans. From her marriage to actor Taye Diggs to her current relationship with Aaron Lohr, Menzel has embraced her journey and remained true to herself. Her dedication to her Jewish heritage and her role as a mother to her son Walker Nathaniel Diggs further exemplify her strength and authenticity.

As we reflect on her remarkable career, it is evident that Idina Menzel’s talent and passion for her craft have propelled her to great heights. Her contributions to the entertainment industry have earned her numerous awards and accolades, and her impact on the world of music and theater is undeniable. Idina Menzel’s legacy as a talented actress, singer, and songwriter will continue to inspire and captivate audiences for years to come.


What is Idina Menzel’s age?

Idina Menzel was born on May 30, 1971, making her currently 49 years old.

How tall is Idina Menzel?

Idina Menzel has a height of 5’4″ (1.63 m).

What are Idina Menzel’s body measurements?

Idina Menzel’s body measurements are 35-25-36, with a bra size of 32C.

What is Idina Menzel’s weight?

Idina Menzel weighs approximately 55 kg (121 pounds).

What is Idina Menzel’s early life and career?

Idina Menzel was born and raised in Queens, New York. She gained recognition for her role in Rent and went on to star in various Broadway musicals.

What is Idina Menzel’s music career?

Idina Menzel is a successful musician with multiple albums. She has released several albums, including Here, I Stand and Holiday Wishes.

What is Idina Menzel’s personal life?

Idina Menzel was previously married to actor Taye Diggs and they have one child together. She has since remarried to Aaron Lohr.

Who are Idina Menzel’s parents and siblings?

Idina Menzel’s father is Stuart Mentzel and her mother is Helene Mentzel. She has one sibling, a sister named Cara Mentzel.

What awards has Idina Menzel received?

Idina Menzel has won a Tony Award and received Grammy Awards for her music.

What are some interesting facts about Idina Menzel?

Idina Menzel was named after her great grandmother and gave birth to her first child at the age of 38. She also met her ex-husband Taye Diggs on the set of Rent.

What is Idina Menzel’s net worth?

Idina Menzel’s estimated net worth is $10 million.

What films has Idina Menzel appeared in?

Idina Menzel has appeared in films such as Enchanted and Frozen.

What albums has Idina Menzel released?

Idina Menzel has released albums such as Still I Can’t Be Still, Here, I Stand, and Holiday Wishes.

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