Jackass Movie Order: Pranks and Stunts Revealed

The Jackass franchise, led by Johnny Knoxville and his crew, has become known for their wild and outrageous pranks and stunts. In this article, we will reveal the order of the Jackass movies and explore some of the most memorable pranks and stunts from the series. From golf course air horns to encounters with alligators and bees, get ready to dive into the world of jackassery.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Jackass movies feature a variety of hilarious and daring pranks and stunts.
  • Johnny Knoxville and his crew are the main stars of the franchise.
  • The movies are known for their outrageous and sometimes dangerous humor.
  • From golf course shenanigans to encounters with animals, the Jackass movies offer a unique blend of comedy and chaos.
  • The franchise has gained a cult following for its entertaining and often shocking content.

Golf Course Air Horn From ‘Jackass: The Movie’ (2002)

In this prank from the first Jackass movie, Johnny Knoxville ventures to a golf course armed with an air horn. He proceeds to wreak havoc on unsuspecting golfers, interrupting their calm day on the green. The highlight of this prank is when one golfer becomes so fed up that he starts launching golf balls in Knoxville’s direction. This simple yet hilarious prank showcases the crew’s knack for pulling off entertaining stunts with minimal resources.

The Prank in Action

Imagine enjoying a peaceful round of golf, concentrating on your swing when suddenly, out of nowhere, a loud blast from an air horn shatters the tranquility. That’s exactly what happened to unsuspecting golfers in the first Jackass movie. Johnny Knoxville, armed with an air horn, ambushed the golf course, leaving golfers startled and annoyed.

As the prank unfolds, Knoxville’s relentless honking disrupts the golfers’ concentration and frustrates them to the point of retaliation. One golfer, unable to tolerate the continuous disruption, retaliates by launching golf balls in Knoxville’s direction, resulting in a hilarious and chaotic scene.

Golfer’s Reaction Description
Surprised The golfers are caught off guard by the sudden loud noise.
Angry The continuous honking frustrates the golfers, disrupting their game.
Retaliatory One golfer retaliates by launching golf balls in Knoxville’s direction.
Hilarious Chaos The scene turns into a chaotic mix of honking, laughter, and flying golf balls.

This prank from ‘Jackass: The Movie’ demonstrates the crew’s ability to create uproarious moments using simple props and their impeccable timing. With just an air horn and a mischievous spirit, Johnny Knoxville added a touch of mayhem to an otherwise peaceful golf course.

April’s Alligator From ‘Jackass: The Movie’ (2002)

In this unforgettable prank from ‘Jackass: The Movie’, Bam Margera’s mother, April, unwittingly encounters a real alligator inside her house. As she enters, she initially believes it to be a harmless prop, but her shock quickly turns to terror when the alligator starts growling and moving. This prank perfectly captures the crew’s ability to create genuine fear and surprise, even when using real animals.

April’s reaction highlights the raw emotions experienced during these pranks, as her fear and panic are palpable. The crew’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of comedy is evident in their willingness to include dangerous elements such as real alligators. This prank’s impact is further enhanced by Bam Margera’s close relationship with his mother, adding an extra layer of tension and concern for the audience.

“Jackass: The Movie” introduced viewers to the outrageous and often unpredictable world of the Jackass crew. This prank, with its genuine shock and fear, is just one example of the fearless and boundary-breaking stunts that have made Jackass a cultural phenomenon.

The success of this prank, and the film as a whole, paved the way for the continued popularity and subsequent sequels in the Jackass franchise. It solidified the crew’s reputation as pioneers of extreme comedy, willing to go to great lengths to entertain their audience.

April's Alligator

Prank Movie Year
April’s Alligator Jackass: The Movie 2002
Golf Course Air Horn Jackass: The Movie 2002
Bad Grandpa Jackass Number Two 2006
Beehive Limo Jackass Number Two 2006
The Valentine Jackass Number Two 2006
The Pit of Snakes Jackass 3D 2010
Gorilla Hotel Jackass 3D 2010
Face Cream Jackass 3.5 2011

Bad Grandpa From ‘Jackass Number Two’ (2006)

The ‘Bad Grandpa’ prank from ‘Jackass Number Two’ introduced audiences to one of the most iconic characters of the Jackass series – Irving Zisman, played by Johnny Knoxville. As a hilariously inappropriate and mischievous old man, Bad Grandpa delights viewers with his outrageous antics and unapologetic behavior.

In this prank, Bad Grandpa engages in various acts that push the boundaries of social norms. From smoking and drinking in public to causing mischief that rankles unsuspecting strangers, he creates chaos wherever he goes. The popularity of this character even led to the creation of a full-length ‘Bad Grandpa’ movie, further cementing his status as a fan favorite.

“Bad Grandpa” is one of the most iconic characters from the Jackass series.

Johnny Knoxville as Irving Zisman

Johnny Knoxville’s portrayal of Irving Zisman in ‘Bad Grandpa’ showcases his comedic talent and commitment to his character. Through subtle facial expressions and physical comedy, Knoxville brings Bad Grandpa to life, creating hilarious and cringe-worthy moments that leave viewers both laughing and cringing.

Whether it’s fooling unsuspecting bystanders or engaging in outlandish behavior, Knoxville’s performance as Bad Grandpa is a testament to his versatility as an actor and his willingness to go to extreme lengths for the sake of entertainment.

In conclusion, ‘Bad Grandpa’ from ‘Jackass Number Two’ is a standout prank that showcases the Jackass crew’s ability to create outrageous and memorable characters. With Johnny Knoxville’s hilarious portrayal of Irving Zisman, this prank exemplifies the crew’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering extreme humor that keeps audiences coming back for more.

Beehive Limo From ‘Jackass Number Two’ (2006)

In this iconic prank from ‘Jackass Number Two’, the crew takes their antics to the next level with the Beehive Limo. The premise is simple yet outrageous – the cast members are locked inside a limousine that is filled with bees. As the bees swarm around them, chaos ensues, and their reactions range from fear to complete panic. This prank perfectly showcases the crew’s commitment to extreme humor and their willingness to push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable for a prank.

One of the highlights of the Beehive Limo prank is the inclusion of the late Ryan Dunn. As an integral member of the Jackass crew, Dunn’s involvement in the prank adds to its significance and gives it a bittersweet quality. His genuine reaction to the bees further emphasizes the authenticity of the stunt and the crew’s dedication to creating unforgettable moments.

The Beehive Limo prank not only demonstrates the Jackass crew’s fearlessness but also their ability to entertain through physical comedy and unexpected situations. The combination of the bees, the confined space of the limousine, and the cast members’ improvised reactions makes for a thrilling and hilarious experience that encapsulates the essence of the Jackass series.

“The Beehive Limo prank is a testament to the crew’s willingness to go to extremes in pursuit of humor and shock value.”

Overall, the Beehive Limo prank from ‘Jackass Number Two’ is a standout moment in the franchise’s history. It represents the crew’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional pranks and their commitment to creating unforgettable and boundary-pushing comedic moments.

Prank Movie Cast Members
Beehive Limo Jackass Number Two Ryan Dunn, Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera, and others

Beehive Limo From ‘Jackass Number Two’

The Valentine From ‘Jackass Number Two’ (2006)

In this section, we will take a closer look at one of the memorable pranks from ‘Jackass Number Two’ titled “The Valentine.” This prank showcases the crew’s use of unexpected twists and turns to create humorous and shocking moments.

“The Valentine” prank revolves around playing with the crew’s rising fame. Bam Margera is told that a fan has sent him a Valentine, which is taped to a wall for him to read. As he leans in to get a closer look, he is suddenly hit in the head with a boxing glove. The unexpected punch creates a comical and surprising moment, highlighting the crew’s ability to entertain and shock their audience.

This prank not only demonstrates the crew’s skill in creating unexpected and hilarious situations but also showcases their willingness to play pranks on themselves and use their own fame as material for entertainment. “The Valentine” is a testament to the crew’s innovative approach to pranks and their ability to continuously surprise their viewers.

Prank Summary

The Valentine prank involves Bam Margera being tricked into thinking he received a Valentine’s Day card from a fan. As he approaches the card, he is hit in the head with a boxing glove, shocking and amusing both him and the audience. This prank highlights the crew’s ability to use unexpected twists to create entertaining and surprising moments.

Key Takeaways

  • “The Valentine” prank showcases the crew’s use of surprise and humor to create entertaining moments.
  • It demonstrates the crew’s willingness to play pranks on themselves and use their own fame as material for entertainment.
  • This prank exemplifies the innovative approach the crew takes in creating unique and memorable pranks.


Prank Film Year
The Valentine Jackass Number Two 2006

The Pit of Snakes from ‘Jackass 3D’ (2010)

In this memorable prank from ‘Jackass 3D’, Bam Margera finds himself in a terrifying situation as he unknowingly walks across a false floor and plunges into a pit filled with real live snakes. Bam’s genuine fear and intense reaction to the snakes adds an extra layer of entertainment to the stunt. This prank showcases the crew’s ability to create moments of vulnerability and capture genuine reactions, making it a standout in the ‘Jackass’ series.

To give you a visual representation of this prank, here is a table showcasing some key details:

Prank Name Movie Prank Victim Highlights
The Pit of Snakes ‘Jackass 3D’ Bam Margera
  • False floor leading to a pit of snakes
  • Bam’s genuine fear and intense reaction
  • Showcasing vulnerability and capturing genuine reactions

This prank is a testament to the crew’s commitment to pushing boundaries and creating unforgettable moments. By incorporating real live snakes, they were able to elicit a truly terrifying response from Bam, further proving their dedication to extreme humor.

Throughout the ‘Jackass’ series, the crew continuously raised the bar with their pranks and stunts. From elaborate setups to surprising twists, each prank showcased their fearless and often outrageous approach to entertainment. The Pit of Snakes prank from ‘Jackass 3D’ remains etched in the memories of fans, highlighting the crew’s ability to push the limits and create moments of genuine shock and hilarity.

Gorilla Hotel From ‘Jackass 3D’ (2010)

In this prank from ‘Jackass 3D’, April and Phil Margera, friends and family of the Jackass crew, find themselves in for a wild surprise when they enter their hotel room. Little do they know, a lifelike gorilla is waiting to greet them. The dimly lit room adds to the suspense as April and Phil cautiously approach the bed. As they get closer, the gorilla suddenly jumps up, causing both of them to scream and scramble out of the room in a panic. This hilarious and unexpected prank showcases the crew’s ability to take their pranks to the next level by involving their loved ones.

The gorilla suit used in this prank is incredibly realistic, adding to the shock and surprise experienced by April and Phil. The crew’s attention to detail and dedication to creating an immersive experience for their victims is evident in this memorable moment. Through their use of lifelike costumes and set design, the Jackass crew is able to create some of the most entertaining and comedic pranks in the history of the franchise.

“Gorilla Hotel” is a testament to the crew’s ability to push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable for a prank. By involving unsuspecting friends and family members, they add an extra layer of hilarity and shock to their stunts. This prank, like many others in the Jackass series, is a perfect example of their unique blend of humor, creativity, and fearless commitment to entertaining their audience.

Get ready to laugh and gasp in disbelief as the Jackass crew continues to surprise and entertain with their outrageous pranks and stunts in the remaining sections of this article.

Table: Memorable Pranks and Stunts from Jackass 3D

Prank/Stunt Jackass Crew Member
Gorilla Hotel April and Phil Margera
The Pit of Snakes Bam Margera
Face Cream Jimmy Kimmel
High Five Johnny Knoxville

Face Cream From ‘Jackass 3.5’ (2011)

In the world of Jackass, no prank is off-limits, and in ‘Jackass 3.5’ they pushed the boundaries once again. One of the most outrageous pranks involved Johnny Knoxville and a face cream that turned out to be something entirely unexpected – horse semen. Yes, you read that right. In front of a live audience, Knoxville’s face cream was revealed to be a concoction of horse semen, much to his shock and disgust.

This prank took place on the Jimmy Kimmel show, where Knoxville had been a guest. Little did he know that his face cream had been switched for this shocking substitute. The moment of realization was captured on camera, and Knoxville’s expression said it all. The audience’s reaction was a mix of disbelief and hilarity, making this prank a memorable and outrageous moment in Jackass history.

This prank, like many others in the Jackass franchise, showcases the crew’s willingness to push boundaries for the sake of humor and shock value. It’s a testament to their dedication to delivering extreme and unexpected antics, leaving audiences both cringing and laughing in equal measure.