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Jasmine Tookes Age, Height and Body Measurements

Jasmine Tookes is a renowned model known for her stunning looks and successful career. In this section, we will delve into her age, height, and body measurements, which contribute to her attractive figure.

Born on February 1, 1991, in Huntington Beach, California, Jasmine Tookes is currently in her thirties. Standing tall at 5 ft 9 inches or 175 cm, she possesses a graceful and captivating presence. With a weight of 52 kg or 114 pounds, Tookes maintains a slim and toned physique that complements her modeling career.

Her body measurements are 34-24-34 inches or 86.36-60.96-86.36 cm, highlighting her hourglass figure and enhancing her natural beauty. These proportions contribute to her popularity in the modeling industry, making her a sought-after talent.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jasmine Tookes was born on February 1, 1991, in Huntington Beach, California.
  • She stands 5 ft 9 inches or 175 cm tall.
  • Her body measurements are 34-24-34 inches or 86.36-60.96-86.36 cm.
  • Tookes’ attractive figure makes her a sought-after model in the industry.

Jasmine Tookes’ Career and Success Story

Jasmine Tookes’ journey to success in the modeling industry has been nothing short of remarkable. She began her career in 2010 with a breakthrough commercial for Gap, which quickly catapulted her into the spotlight. Since then, Tookes has graced the pages of prestigious magazines like Vogue and walked the runway for renowned fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton.

But perhaps her most iconic achievement came in 2015 when she became a Victoria’s Secret Angel. This coveted title solidified Tookes’ status as one of the top models in the industry and opened up numerous opportunities for her. As an Angel, she has been able to represent the brand on a global scale, showcasing her talent and beauty to audiences around the world.

Tookes’ success can be attributed to her exceptional work ethic, dedication, and natural talent. She has proven time and time again that she has what it takes to thrive in the competitive world of modeling. Her professionalism, striking features, and charismatic presence have made her a favorite among designers, photographers, and fans alike.

Despite her incredible achievements, Tookes remains humble and grounded. She continues to push boundaries and challenge herself in her career, always striving for excellence. With each new project, she brings her unique flair and undeniable charisma, captivating audiences worldwide.

Jasmine Tookes’ Fitness Journey and Diet

Jasmine Tookes understands the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to support her successful modeling career. Through a consistent fitness routine and a well-balanced diet, she has achieved a strong and toned physique.

Tookes incorporates a variety of workouts into her fitness routine to keep her body strong and energized. She combines resistance training with cardio exercises to build muscle, increase strength, and enhance her overall endurance. This combination allows her to stay fit and maintain her attractive figure.

When it comes to her diet, Tookes prioritizes portion control and chooses nutrient-rich foods. She focuses on consuming whole, unprocessed foods and avoids sugary and processed snacks. Her diet consists of lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats. By following this balanced approach, she fuels her body with the necessary nutrients while enjoying a diverse range of delicious and fulfilling meals.

In addition to her fitness routine and diet, Tookes also emphasizes the importance of mental well-being. She practices mindfulness techniques and sets aside time for self-care activities, such as yoga and meditation. These practices help her stay grounded, reduce stress, and maintain a positive mindset.

jasmine tookes fitness journey

Table: Sample Workout Routine

Day Workout
Monday Resistance training (upper body)
Tuesday Cardio (running or cycling)
Wednesday Resistance training (lower body)
Thursday Yoga or Pilates
Friday Cardio (HIIT workout)
Saturday Active rest day (hiking or swimming)
Sunday Rest day

Jasmine Tookes’ commitment to her fitness journey and dedication to a healthy diet are not only essential for her modeling career but also serve as an inspiration to others who aspire to lead a balanced and active lifestyle. By prioritizing physical and mental well-being, Tookes continues to thrive as a successful model and role model in the industry.

Jasmine Tookes’ Personal Life and Relationships

Jasmine Tookes, the accomplished model, has managed to keep her personal life relatively private. She has been in a loving relationship with Juan David Borrero since 2016, and the couple recently got engaged in 2020. Before Borrero, Tookes dated Danish model Tobias Sorensen. Although she does not share many details about her relationships publicly, it is evident that Jasmine Tookes values her personal life and maintains a sense of privacy.

Despite her fame and success in the modeling industry, Tookes prefers to keep her personal relationships out of the spotlight. This decision allows her to maintain a healthy work-life balance and focus on her career while cherishing her private life. While fans may be curious about the details of her relationships, Tookes’ choice to keep them private is a testament to her commitment to authenticity and personal boundaries.

Throughout her career, Jasmine Tookes has shown immense dedication and professionalism, and she applies the same principles to her personal life. By keeping her relationships private, she can nurture and protect them away from the prying eyes of the public. It is clear that Tookes prioritizes the well-being of her loved ones and values the importance of maintaining healthy boundaries in the public eye.


“I believe that personal relationships are sacred, and it’s important to me to safeguard that aspect of my life.” – Jasmine Tookes

“My focus is on my career and personal growth, and I choose to keep my relationships private to maintain that balance.” – Jasmine Tookes

Jasmine Tookes’ Physical Appearance and Features

Jasmine Tookes is widely admired for her stunning physical appearance and captivating features. Her unique combination of an hourglass figure, alluring eyes, and beautiful natural hair sets her apart in the modeling industry.

Hourglass Figure

Jasmine Tookes boasts an enviable hourglass figure that enhances her overall appeal. With a breast size measuring 34 inches and a well-proportioned waistline, she epitomizes the classic hourglass shape. Her well-toned physique, complemented by her slender waist and shapely hips, showcases her natural beauty and graceful elegance.

Alluring Eyes

One of Jasmine Tookes’ most striking features is her beautiful brown eyes. They radiate warmth and depth, captivating the attention of those who gaze into them. Her eyes play a crucial role in conveying emotion and adding intensity to her modeling shots, making her a sought-after model for high-profile campaigns and editorials.

Natural Hair

Jasmine Tookes embraces her natural dark brown hair, which further enhances her allure. Her luscious locks contribute to her versatile and dynamic look, allowing her to effortlessly switch between different hairstyles for runway shows or photoshoots. By embracing her natural hair, Tookes inspires others to celebrate their own unique features and embrace their natural beauty.

jasmine tookes physical appearance

Feature Comparison

Feature Description
Breast Size 34 inches
Bra Size 32B
Eyes Beautiful brown
Hair Dark brown, natural

Jasmine Tookes’ physical appearance and features contribute to her undeniable appeal and success as a model. Her hourglass figure, captivating eyes, and natural hair make her a true beauty icon in the fashion industry.

Jasmine Tookes’ Net Worth

Jasmine Tookes, with her successful modeling career, has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 million. Her hard work, talent, and dedication to the industry have contributed to her financial success. As one of the top models in the fashion world, Tookes has secured lucrative contracts and endorsement deals, further boosting her net worth.

Throughout her career, Tookes has worked with renowned fashion brands, graced the covers of prestigious magazines, and walked the runway at major fashion events. These accomplishments, along with her status as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, have helped increase her visibility and earning potential.

Aside from her modeling career, Tookes has also ventured into other business endeavors, such as brand collaborations and sponsored content on her social media platforms. With a significant following on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Tookes has established herself as an influential figure in the industry, allowing her to command high fees for sponsored posts and partnerships.

Source of Income Estimated Earnings
Modeling Contracts $3 million
Victoria’s Secret Angel $1 million
Endorsement Deals $500,000
Social Media Sponsorships $500,000

It’s worth noting that net worth estimates can vary, and the figure provided here is an approximation based on available information. Nevertheless, it is evident that Jasmine Tookes has achieved significant financial success in her career, making her one of the industry’s most prosperous models.

Jasmine Tookes’ Early Life and Background

Jasmine Tookes, born and raised in Huntington Beach, California, had an upbringing that shaped her path to success. Growing up in a supportive family environment, Tookes developed a passion for sports and physical activities. She was actively involved in gymnastics and volleyball during her childhood, which helped her develop discipline, determination, and a strong work ethic.

It was through her mother’s career as a fashion stylist that Tookes found her entry into the world of modeling. As a teenager, she frequently accompanied her mother to photo shoots and fashion events, gaining exposure to the industry’s inner workings. With her natural beauty and distinctive features, it became evident that Tookes had the potential to make a name for herself in the modeling world.

Early Life Background
• Born and raised in Huntington Beach, California • Mother is a fashion stylist
• Involved in gymnastics and volleyball during childhood • Accompanied her mother to fashion events as a teenager
• Developed discipline, determination, and work ethic • Possesses natural beauty and distinctive features

With a supportive family and an early exposure to the fashion industry, Jasmine Tookes had the foundation she needed to embark on her journey to becoming a successful model. Her early life experiences and background played a crucial role in shaping her career and setting her on the path to international recognition.

Jasmine Tookes’ Ethnicity and Ancestry

One of the fascinating aspects of Jasmine Tookes’ background is her diverse ethnicity and ancestry. With European, African, Brazilian, and West Indian heritage, Tookes embodies a multicultural blend that contributes to her unique features and adds to her appeal as a model.

Her mixed ancestry is a testament to the rich tapestry of cultures and influences that have shaped her identity and physical appearance. This blend of backgrounds not only makes Tookes stand out in the fashion industry but also celebrates the beauty and diversity of different ethnicities coming together.

Through her modeling career, Tookes has embraced her heritage and become an inspiring representation of inclusivity. Her success highlights the importance of diversity in the fashion world and serves as a reminder that beauty transcends traditional boundaries.

jasmine tookes ethnicity

Key Points:

  • Jasmine Tookes has a diverse heritage with European, African, Brazilian, and West Indian ancestry.
  • Her mixed background contributes to her unique and beautiful features.
  • Tookes’ success in the modeling industry celebrates the beauty of diversity and inclusivity.

Jasmine Tookes’ Achievements and Recognition

Jasmine Tookes Achievements

Jasmine Tookes has had a remarkable career in the fashion industry, earning numerous achievements and garnering recognition for her talent and beauty.

Modeling Milestones

  • Featured in Vogue Magazine editorials
  • Walked the runway for top fashion brands, including Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton
  • Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2015
  • Selected to wear the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra in 2016

These milestones have solidified Tookes’ status as one of the top models in the industry and have contributed to her immense success.

Industry Recognition

“Jasmine Tookes is a true powerhouse in the fashion world, with a mesmerizing presence on the runway and in editorials. Her ability to captivate audiences with her beauty and grace has earned her the respect and admiration of industry professionals worldwide.” – Fashion Critics

“Tookes’ talent and dedication have made her an icon in the modeling industry. Her achievements speak for themselves, and her continued success is a testament to her exceptional skill and timeless beauty.” – Model Magazine

These quotes from industry experts highlight the immense recognition Tookes has received for her contributions to the fashion world.

Continued Success

With her captivating presence, undeniable talent, and numerous achievements, Jasmine Tookes continues to make waves in the fashion industry. Her future looks bright as she continues to redefine beauty standards and inspire aspiring models around the world.

Year Achievement
2010 First commercial for Gap
2015 Became a Victoria’s Secret Angel
2016 Wore the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra

Jasmine Tookes’ Favorite Things and Fun Facts

Jasmine Tookes, the accomplished model and Victoria’s Secret Angel, has a range of favorite things and fun facts that showcase her diverse interests and unique personality. From her favorite scent to her hobbies, here’s a glimpse into what makes Jasmine Tookes tick.

Favorite Perfume and Skincare

Jasmine Tookes has a favorite perfume that she loves to wear – the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Wild Flower. This fragrance captures her feminine and confident spirit, making it a go-to choice for special occasions. Alongside her love for perfume, Tookes also enjoys using the Kora Organics Balancing Rose Mist as part of her skincare routine. This refreshing mist helps to balance and hydrate the skin, keeping it looking radiant and healthy.

Hobbies and Interests

When she’s not busy with her modeling career, Jasmine Tookes has a few hobbies that she enjoys. One of her favorite activities is practicing yoga, which helps her stay fit, flexible, and centered. Tookes also shares a love for playing volleyball, a sport that she was involved in during her childhood. Additionally, she has a passion for photography, using her creative eye to capture beautiful moments and scenes.

Fun Fact: Sibling Modeling

Did you know that Jasmine Tookes has a younger sister who is also pursuing a career in modeling? Her sister is working towards becoming a child model, following in Jasmine’s footsteps. This fun fact showcases the influence and inspiration that Jasmine has had on her sister, creating a shared love for the fashion industry within their family.

Jasmine Tookes' Fun Facts

Get to know more about Jasmine Tookes and her fascinating journey by following her on social media, where she shares glimpses into her personal and professional life.

Jasmine Tookes’ Social Media Presence

Jasmine Tookes is an active presence on various social media platforms, where she engages with her fans and shares updates about her personal and professional life.

On Instagram, you can find Jasmine Tookes under the handle @jastookes. She has an impressive following, with over 4.5 million followers eagerly awaiting her posts. Through her Instagram account, she gives her fans a glimpse into her modeling career, behind-the-scenes moments, and her stunning fashion choices.

In addition to Instagram, Jasmine Tookes also maintains a presence on Twitter. You can follow her at @jastookes. With over 100 thousand followers, she keeps her Twitter feed updated with her latest appearances, collaborations, and personal insights.

While Jasmine Tookes enjoys sharing her life on social media, she understands the importance of maintaining a healthy balance. She appreciates the support and love from her fans but also values her privacy and keeps certain aspects of her personal life offline.


How old is Jasmine Tookes?

Jasmine Tookes was born on February 1, 1991.

What is Jasmine Tookes’ height?

Jasmine Tookes stands 5 ft 9 inches or 175 cm tall.

What are Jasmine Tookes’ body measurements?

Jasmine Tookes’ body measurements are 34-24-34 inches or 86.36-60.96-86.36 cm.

When did Jasmine Tookes start her modeling career?

Jasmine Tookes began her modeling career in 2010.

Has Jasmine Tookes walked the runway for any fashion brands?

Yes, Jasmine Tookes has walked the runway for top fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton.

What is Jasmine Tookes’ net worth?

Jasmine Tookes has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

What are some of Jasmine Tookes’ favorite things?

Jasmine Tookes loves Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Wild Flower perfume and Kora Organics Balancing Rose Mist.

How can I follow Jasmine Tookes on social media?

You can follow Jasmine Tookes on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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