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Joanna Krupa Age, Height, and Body Measurements

Joanna Krupa, the renowned model, actress, and television personality, is a captivating figure in the entertainment industry. Let’s delve into some key details about her age, height, and body measurements.

Joanna Krupa was born on April 23, 1979, in Warsaw, Poland, making her 41 years old. Standing tall at 5 feet 7 inches or 170 cm, she possesses an elegant stature that adds to her undeniable charm. With a weight of 51 kg or 112.5 pounds, she maintains a balanced physique that represents her dedication to fitness.

Her body measurements are equally impressive, characterized by an enviable figure. Joanna boasts a 34-24-34-inch frame, accentuated by a bra size of 32B, a waist size of 24 inches, and a hip size of 34 inches.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joanna Krupa, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, has captivated audiences with her modeling, acting, and television appearances.
  • She was born on April 23, 1979, in Warsaw, Poland, making her 41 years old.
  • Joanna stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches or 170 cm.
  • With an ideal weight of 51 kg or 112.5 pounds, she showcases a well-maintained physique.
  • Her body measurements include 34-24-34 inches, complemented by a bra size of 32B, a waist size of 24 inches, and a hip size of 34 inches.

Joanna Krupa’s Career and Achievements

Joanna Krupa has established herself as a multi-talented individual, excelling in the fields of modeling, acting, and reality television. Her impressive career spans various high-profile projects and showcases her versatility and skill in each endeavor.

As a model, Joanna has graced the runways of renowned fashion brands and has appeared in numerous publications. Her striking looks, impeccable style, and undeniable presence have made her a sought-after figure in the fashion industry. She has also participated in prestigious modeling competitions, including Poland’s Next Top Model, where she served as a judge.

Joanna’s talent extends beyond the world of modeling. She has ventured into acting, making appearances in films such as The Underground Comedy Movie and Scary Movie 4. Her performances demonstrate her ability to adapt to different roles, showcasing her comedic timing and on-screen charisma. Additionally, she has made guest appearances on popular television shows like The Man Show and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Joanna Krupa’s Career and Achievements
Modeling Walked the runway for top fashion brands Featured in various publications
Acting Appeared in films such as The Underground Comedy Movie and Scary Movie 4 Made guest appearances on television shows like The Man Show and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Reality Television Competed on Dancing with the Stars Judged on Poland’s Next Top Model Starred in The Real Housewives of Miami

In addition to her modeling and acting pursuits, Joanna has also thrived in the realm of reality television. She mesmerized audiences with her graceful dance moves on Dancing with the Stars and captivated viewers as a cast member of The Real Housewives of Miami. Her appearances on these shows have solidified her status as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Joanna Krupa’s career and achievements exemplify her talent, dedication, and versatility. Whether it be modeling, acting, or reality television, she continues to leave a lasting impression and inspire others with her remarkable journey.

Joanna Krupa’s outstanding career in modeling, acting, and reality television showcases her remarkable talent and versatility.

Joanna Krupa’s Net Worth

Joanna Krupa, with her successful career as a model, actress, and television personality, has amassed an impressive net worth. As of now, her estimated net worth stands at approximately $3 million. This wealth is a testament to her hard work, talent, and the opportunities she has embraced throughout her career.

Joanna Krupa’s net worth is a result of her diverse range of work in the entertainment industry. From her early days as a model, gracing the runways and appearing in renowned fashion publications, to her appearances on reality television shows like Dancing with the Stars and The Real Housewives of Miami, she has made a name for herself and built a considerable fortune along the way.

Aside from her television work, Joanna Krupa has also ventured into acting, with roles in films such as The Underground Comedy Movie and Scary Movie 4. Her talent and versatility have allowed her to pursue different avenues within the entertainment industry, contributing to her financial success.

Joanna Krupa’s Income Sources

Source Estimated Income
Modeling $500,000+
Television Appearances $1,000,000+
Acting $500,000+
Endorsements $500,000+
Other Ventures $500,000+

These figures are estimates based on the available information and are subject to change as Joanna Krupa continues to pursue new opportunities and expand her professional horizons.

Joanna Krupa’s net worth not only reflects her financial success but also serves as a reminder of her dedication and determination in achieving her goals. With her ongoing presence in the entertainment industry and her entrepreneurial spirit, it is likely that her net worth will continue to grow in the years to come.

Joanna Krupa’s Personal Life

Joanna Krupa, the renowned model and actress, has a fascinating personal life that has captured the curiosity of many. Born on April 23, 1979, in Warsaw, Poland, Krupa is the daughter of Steven Krupa and Wendy Krupa. She has one younger sister named Marta Krupa, who is also a model. Growing up in a supportive and close-knit family, Krupa’s early exposure to the world of fashion and beauty played a significant role in shaping her career.

In terms of relationships, Krupa has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Romain Zago, a nightclub owner, from 2007 to 2016. Their wedding, featured on the reality TV show “The Real Housewives of Miami,” garnered significant attention. After their divorce, Krupa found love again and tied the knot with Douglas Nunes, a businessman, in 2018. Unfortunately, their marriage was short-lived and they parted ways in 2023. Despite experiencing ups and downs in her personal life, Krupa remains optimistic and focused on her career.

Throughout her life, Krupa has prioritized her professional endeavors and has not had any children. Instead, she has channeled her energy into building a successful modeling and acting career, leaving a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. Krupa’s dedication to her craft and determination to excel in her chosen field is evident in her achievements and the admiration she receives from fans and colleagues alike.

Joanna Krupa’s Personal Life at a Glance

Family Parents: Steven and Wendy Krupa
Sister: Marta Krupa
Marriages Romain Zago (2007-2016)
Douglas Nunes (2018-2023)
Children None

Joanna Krupa’s personal life has been a topic of fascination for many, with her marriages and family dynamics captivating the public’s attention. Despite facing challenges, Krupa’s determination and unwavering commitment to her career have propelled her to success. Her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring models and actresses, showcasing the importance of perseverance and maintaining a strong focus on personal and professional growth.

Joanna Krupa’s Physical Appearance

Joanna Krupa is not only known for her talent and career, but also for her stunning physical appearance. Her hair color is naturally blonde, which perfectly complements her features and adds to her overall charm. Paired with her captivating blue/green colored eyes, her hair color enhances her beauty and leaves a lasting impression.

Aside from her hair and eye color, Joanna Krupa also possesses an enviable body shape. She has an hourglass figure, characterized by well-proportioned curves and a narrow waist. Her body measurements of 34-24-34 inches serve as a testament to her dedication to maintaining a healthy and fit physique. These proportions contribute to her striking presence both on and off the runway.

To further emphasize her physical attributes, here is a table that showcases Joanna Krupa’s hair color, eye color, and body shape:

Hair Color Eye Color Body Shape
Blonde Blue/Green Hourglass

Joanna Krupa’s physical appearance is undoubtedly a contributing factor to her success in the modeling industry. Her blonde hair, captivating eye color, and hourglass figure all combine to create a visually striking presence that has captivated audiences worldwide.

Joanna Krupa’s Early Life and Education

Joanna Krupa, the renowned model, actress, and television personality, was born on April 23, 1979, in Warsaw, Poland. At the tender age of five, she relocated to the United States with her family, marking the beginning of her journey towards success. Joanna’s early life in Poland undoubtedly shaped her character and instilled a strong work ethic that propelled her to international prominence.

During her formative years in the US, Joanna attended Mary Lyon Public School and later Steinmetz High School. Although further details about her education are not widely known, her commitment to her craft and continuous pursuit of knowledge are apparent in her accomplished career.

Joanna Krupa’s early life not only demonstrates her multicultural background but also highlights her determination to achieve her dreams. Her journey from Warsaw to the United States, coupled with her dedication to education, molded her into the remarkable woman she is today.

joanna krupa early life and education

Born April 23, 1979
Birthplace Warsaw, Poland
Relocation Moved to the United States at age five
Education Mary Lyon Public School, Steinmetz High School

Joanna Krupa’s early experiences and educational background have undoubtedly shaped her career and contributed to her success. Her dedication to self-improvement and passion for learning continue to be driving forces in her life. Stay tuned to learn more about Joanna Krupa’s remarkable achievements and captivating journey.

Joanna Krupa’s Animal Rights Activism

Joanna Krupa is not only a successful model, actress, and television personality but also a passionate animal rights activist. She has been actively involved in various campaigns and causes to raise awareness about animal welfare and advocate for their rights. Krupa’s dedication to this cause has made her a well-respected figure in the animal rights community.

One of the key areas of Krupa’s activism is fighting against animal cruelty in the fashion industry. She has spoken out against the use of fur and actively supports organizations promoting cruelty-free fashion. Krupa believes that fashion can be both stylish and compassionate, and she uses her platform to encourage others to make ethical choices when it comes to clothing and accessories.

In addition to her work in the fashion industry, Krupa also supports animal sanctuaries and rescue organizations. She has been involved in rescuing animals from abusive situations and providing them with a second chance at life. Krupa uses her social media presence to promote the adoption of shelter animals and often shares heartwarming stories of animals finding their forever homes.

Joanna Krupa’s Animal Rights Activism
1. Fighting against animal cruelty in the fashion industry
2. Support for animal sanctuaries and rescue organizations
3. Promotion of adoption of shelter animals

Krupa’s dedication to animal rights extends beyond her professional life. She is known to live a vegan lifestyle and often shares plant-based recipes and tips on her social media platforms. By leading by example, Krupa hopes to inspire others to make compassionate choices in their own lives and consider the impact their actions have on animals.

Through her activism, Joanna Krupa continues to make a positive impact on the animal rights movement. Her efforts to raise awareness, advocate for change, and promote compassionate choices serve as an inspiration to others, demonstrating the power of using one’s platform for a greater good.

Joanna Krupa’s Ethnicity and Nationality

Joanna Krupa is of Polish descent and proudly holds Polish nationality. Born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, she later moved to the United States with her family at a young age. As a successful model and actress, Joanna has showcased her Polish heritage and talent on a global stage.

Having Polish ethnicity has influenced Joanna’s life and career in many ways. It has shaped her cultural identity and provided her with a unique perspective that she brings to her work. Joanna’s Polish roots have also played a role in her activism, as she has used her platform to promote and support causes that are important to her home country, such as animal rights.

“Being of Polish descent is something that I take great pride in. It has influenced my upbringing, values, and career. I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to showcase my heritage and represent Poland in the entertainment industry.”

Joanna’s nationality as a Polish citizen further solidifies her connection to her home country. While she has established a successful career internationally, she remains connected to her Polish roots and frequently visits her family in Poland. Her nationality serves as a reminder of her upbringing and the values instilled in her by her Polish heritage.

Ethnicity Nationality
Polish Polish

Joanna Krupa embraces her Polish ethnicity and nationality with pride. It has shaped her identity and career, allowing her to become a successful and influential figure in the entertainment industry.

Joanna Krupa Ethnicity and Nationality

Joanna Krupa’s Zodiac Sign

Joanna Krupa, born on April 23, falls under the zodiac sign of Taurus. This earth sign is known for its reliability, practicality, and determination. Taurus individuals are often described as hardworking and persistent, with a strong focus on achieving their goals. They are also known for their loyalty and dependability, making them trustworthy friends and partners.

People born under the Taurus zodiac sign are often associated with a love for beauty and the finer things in life. They have an eye for aesthetics and may possess a keen sense of style. Taurus individuals also value stability and security, prioritizing a comfortable and harmonious environment.

While Taurus individuals can be known for their stubbornness at times, they are also known for their practicality and reliability. They are often reliable sources of advice and support, as they possess a grounded nature and a strong sense of responsibility.

Taurus Traits Taurus Compatibility
  • Determined
  • Loyal
  • Practical
  • Reliable
  • Sensual
  • Virgo
  • Cancer
  • Pisces
  • Capricorn
  • Scorpio

Overall, Joanna Krupa’s zodiac sign of Taurus reflects qualities such as determination, loyalty, and practicality. These traits may have played a role in her successful career and personal life.

Joanna Krupa’s Favorites

When it comes to colors, Joanna Krupa has a penchant for pink, purple, and red. These vibrant hues reflect her lively personality and add a touch of playfulness to her style. Whether it’s a bold statement piece or a subtle accent, Krupa knows how to incorporate her favorite colors into her wardrobe and surroundings, creating a visually appealing aesthetic.

In terms of food, Joanna Krupa has a sweet tooth. She has openly expressed her love for indulgent treats like candy and chocolate chip cookies. When it comes to desserts, she has a soft spot for classic banana splits. It’s clear that Krupa enjoys the simple pleasures in life and has a fondness for comfort foods that bring joy and satisfaction.

Joanna Krupa’s favorite colors are pink, purple, and red, adding vibrancy to her style. She has a sweet tooth and delights in candy, chocolate chip cookies, and banana splits.

Favorite Colors Favorite Food
Pink Candy
Purple Chocolate Chip Cookies
Red Banana Splits

Joanna Krupa’s favorite colors and food choices reflect her vibrant personality and appreciation for life’s simple pleasures. These preferences add a unique touch to her style and bring a sense of joy and playfulness to her everyday life.

As an animal rights activist, Krupa’s passion extends beyond colors and food. She uses her platform to raise awareness about animal welfare and advocate for their rights. Her dedication to the cause has inspired many, and she continues to make a positive impact in the world.

Joanna Krupa’s Films and TV Shows

Joanna Krupa, in addition to her successful career as a model and reality television star, has also made appearances in several films and TV shows. She has showcased her versatility as an actress and entertained audiences with her performances on the big and small screens.

Tv Shows

  • The Real Housewives of Miami
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Poland’s Next Top Model
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


  • The Underground Comedy Movie
  • Scary Movie 4

joanna krupa movies and tv shows

Joanna Krupa’s talent and on-screen presence have allowed her to expand her career beyond the fashion industry and reality TV. She has taken on various acting roles, showcasing her skills and adding to her diverse portfolio. Whether it’s making audiences laugh in comedy movies or captivating them with her performances in TV shows, Joanna continues to impress with her versatility and charisma.

Joanna Krupa’s appearances in films and TV shows not only reflect her passion for entertainment but also highlight her dedication to pursuing different creative avenues. Her on-screen presence and ability to connect with audiences have contributed to her lasting impact in the industry.

Joanna Krupa’s Social Media Presence

Joanna Krupa, the talented and beautiful model, actress, and reality television star, has a strong presence on social media platforms. She actively engages with her fans and shares updates about her personal and professional life on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

On Instagram, Joanna Krupa has a dedicated following of over 2 million followers. Her feed is a mix of stunning modeling shots, behind-the-scenes glimpses of her projects, and glimpses into her personal life. She frequently interacts with her fans through comments and shares her thoughts and experiences.

Similarly, on Twitter, Joanna Krupa keeps her 1.5 million followers entertained with her witty and insightful tweets. She often shares her opinions on various topics, promotes her latest ventures, and engages with her followers through discussions and Q&A sessions.

Joanna Krupa’s social media presence allows her fans to stay connected with her and get a glimpse into her life beyond the camera. It’s a great way for them to show their support, ask questions, and engage with their favorite celebrity.


What is Joanna Krupa’s age?

Joanna Krupa is currently 41 years old.

How tall is Joanna Krupa?

Joanna Krupa is 5 feet 7 inches or 170 cm tall.

What are Joanna Krupa’s body measurements?

Joanna Krupa’s body measurements are 34-24-34 inches.

What is Joanna Krupa’s net worth?

Joanna Krupa’s estimated net worth is $3 million.

Who are Joanna Krupa’s family members?

Joanna Krupa’s parents are Steven Krupa and Wendy Krupa. She has one younger sister named Marta Krupa.

How many times has Joanna Krupa been married?

Joanna Krupa has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Romain Zago from 2007 to 2016, and her second marriage was to Douglas Nunes from 2018 to 2023.

Does Joanna Krupa have any children?

No, Joanna Krupa does not have any children.

What is Joanna Krupa’s hair color and eye color?

Joanna Krupa has naturally blonde hair and blue/green colored eyes.

What is Joanna Krupa’s educational background?

Details about Joanna Krupa’s education are unknown.

What causes is Joanna Krupa involved in?

Joanna Krupa is an animal rights activist and is involved in various campaigns and causes to raise awareness about animal welfare.

What is Joanna Krupa’s ethnicity and nationality?

Joanna Krupa is of Polish descent and holds Polish nationality. She identifies as white.

What is Joanna Krupa’s zodiac sign?

Joanna Krupa’s zodiac sign is Taurus, as she was born on April 23.

What are Joanna Krupa’s favorite colors and food?

Joanna Krupa’s favorite colors are pink, purple, and red. She enjoys candy and chocolate chip cookies/banana splits as her favorite food.

Which films and TV shows has Joanna Krupa appeared in?

Joanna Krupa has appeared in films such as The Underground Comedy Movie and Scary Movie 4. She has also been a part of television shows like The Man Show and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Is Joanna Krupa active on social media?

Yes, Joanna Krupa is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where she shares updates about her personal and professional life with her followers.

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