Macklemore age height body measurements

Macklemore Age, Height, and Body Measurements

In this article, we will explore Macklemore’s age, height, and body measurements. Macklemore, born on June 19, 1983, in Seattle, Washington, is currently 39 years old. He stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (179 cm) and weighs 163 pounds (74 kg). His body measurements include a chest size of 40 inches (102 cm), waist size of 36 inches (91.5 cm), and bicep size of 13 inches (33 cm). Let’s dive into the details!

Key Takeaways:

  • Macklemore was born on June 19, 1983, making him 39 years old.
  • He stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (179 cm).
  • Macklemore weighs 163 pounds (74 kg).
  • His body measurements are 40-36-13 inches.
  • Macklemore’s chest size is 40 inches (102 cm), waist size is 36 inches (91.5 cm), and bicep size is 13 inches (33 cm).

Macklemore’s Net Worth and Popularity

When it comes to success in the music industry, Macklemore has certainly made a name for himself. With his unique style and catchy songs, it’s no wonder he has gained widespread popularity. But just how much is Macklemore worth? According to estimates, his net worth is a staggering $16 million. This impressive figure is a testament to his talent, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Macklemore’s rise to fame can be attributed to his collaborations with producer Ryan Lewis. Together, they created chart-topping hits like “Thrift Shop” and “Can’t Hold Us,” which catapulted Macklemore into the spotlight. These songs resonated with audiences worldwide, showcasing his ability to create music that is both relatable and infectious.

What sets Macklemore apart from other artists is his genuine approach and willingness to address important social issues through his music. He is known for tackling topics like addiction, consumerism, and equality, using his platform to spark conversations and inspire change. This authenticity has helped him cultivate a dedicated fan base and solidify his position as a respected artist.

Table: Macklemore’s Discography

Year Album Awards
2012 The Heist (with Ryan Lewis) Grammy Awards: Best Rap Album
2017 Gemini (solo)

Despite his success, Macklemore has managed to stay grounded and committed to his craft. He continues to push boundaries and evolve as an artist, exploring new sounds and collaborating with a diverse range of musicians. It is this constant growth and dedication to his artistry that has contributed to his enduring popularity.

Macklemore’s net worth and popularity are a testament to his talent, hard work, and ability to connect with audiences. With a successful discography and a genuine approach to music, he has cemented his place in the music industry. As he continues to inspire and entertain, there’s no doubt that Macklemore’s influence will continue to grow.

Macklemore’s Ethnicity and Birth Sign

Macklemore’s ethnicity is White, and his birth sign is Gemini. These factors contribute to his identity and personal background. As a White American artist, Macklemore represents a diverse cultural heritage that has influenced his music and artistic expression.

The Gemini birth sign is associated with traits such as adaptability, versatility, and curiosity. These characteristics can be observed in Macklemore’s career, as he has shown a knack for exploring different genres and collaborating with a variety of artists. The Gemini energy also aligns with Macklemore’s ability to connect with his audience through his introspective lyrics and thought-provoking storytelling.

“As a Gemini, Macklemore’s versatility and adaptability shine through in his music, allowing him to successfully navigate different genres and connect with a wide range of listeners.”

Furthermore, Macklemore’s ethnicity and birth sign contribute to his unique perspective and experiences, which he often incorporates into his lyrics. By embracing his heritage and embodying the qualities of a Gemini, Macklemore has carved out a distinct identity in the music industry and continues to captivate audiences around the world.

Ethnicity Birth Sign
White Gemini

Macklemore’s Physical Appearance

Macklemore is instantly recognizable for his unique physical appearance. He has naturally blonde hair that complements his vibrant personality and artistic style. Combined with his piercing blue eyes, Macklemore’s features create a striking and memorable look that sets him apart from other artists in the music industry. His distinctive appearance has become a trademark of his brand and contributes to his overall stage presence.

Throughout his career, Macklemore has embraced his individuality and used it to connect with his audience. His physical appearance reflects his artistic expression, allowing him to stand out in a crowded industry. By staying true to himself and his aesthetic choices, Macklemore has become an icon known for both his musical talent and his distinctive look.

“Macklemore’s physical appearance is as unique as his music. His trademark blonde hair and piercing blue eyes add to his overall charisma and stage presence.” – Music Critic

Macklemore’s Hair and Eye Color

Macklemore’s hair color is naturally blonde, adding to his youthful and energetic image. His blonde locks have become a recognizable part of his brand and have been featured prominently in his music videos and live performances. Alongside his hair, Macklemore also has captivating blue eyes that draw in audiences and enhance his stage persona. These features contribute to his overall appeal and help create an unforgettable visual experience for his fans.

Physical Attribute Description
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue

As Macklemore continues to evolve as an artist, his physical appearance remains a defining aspect of his identity. His blonde hair and blue eyes have become synonymous with his style and contribute to his overall image. Whether performing on stage or appearing in interviews, Macklemore’s physical appearance adds an extra layer of authenticity and charisma to his music.

Macklemore’s Personal Life and Education

Macklemore, whose real name is Benjamin Hammond Haggerty, was born on June 19, 1983, in Seattle, Washington. He is the son of Bill Haggerty and Julie Schott and has one sibling named Tim Haggerty. Macklemore’s upbringing in Seattle has had a significant influence on his music and personal identity.

As for his education, Macklemore attended Garfield High School and later transferred to Nathan Hale High School. After completing his high school education, he pursued higher studies at Evergreen State College, where he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree. Despite his success in the music industry, Macklemore has emphasized the importance of education and its impact on personal growth.

Macklemore’s personal life is characterized by his long-term relationship and marriage to Tricia Davis. The couple tied the knot in May 2015 and has been together for many years. Their strong bond is evident in their unwavering support for each other, both personally and professionally.

Macklemore’s Education:

Education Institution
High School Garfield High School
Nathan Hale High School
Bachelor’s Degree Evergreen State College

Macklemore’s personal life and education provide a deeper understanding of the man behind the music. His upbringing in Seattle and his commitment to education have shaped his perspectives and contributed to his artistic journey.

Macklemore’s Relationship and Marriage

Macklemore, the renowned American rapper, is not only successful in his professional career but also has a thriving personal life. He has been in a long-term relationship with Tricia Davis, and the couple tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in May 2015.

Macklemore and Tricia Davis’ relationship has stood the test of time, with the couple sharing a strong bond and supporting each other through thick and thin. Their love story is a testament to their commitment and dedication to one another.

While Macklemore and Tricia Davis keep their personal lives relatively private, they have occasionally shared glimpses of their love and happiness on social media. The couple’s journey together is a source of inspiration for their fans and admirers.

With a solid relationship and a loving marriage, Macklemore and Tricia Davis continue to be a power couple, balancing their personal lives with their respective careers. Their enduring love story is a reminder that true love knows no boundaries and can withstand the test of time.

Macklemore and Tricia Davis

Album Name Release Year
The Language of My World 2005
Gemini 2017

Macklemore’s Personal Details

In this section, we delve into some of Macklemore’s personal details, providing insights into his background and stage name.

Birth Name: Benjamin Hammond Haggerty

Stage Name: Macklemore

“I dropped the ‘Professor’ from my stage name because I thought it was too pretentious. Macklemore just felt more authentic to who I am as an artist.”

Date of Birth: June 19, 1983

Macklemore was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, which has had a significant impact on his musical style and overall artistic identity. The city’s vibrant music scene and cultural diversity have shaped his approach to music and storytelling.

Throughout his career, Macklemore has remained true to himself, incorporating personal experiences and social commentary into his music. This authenticity has resonated with audiences worldwide and propelled him to international stardom.

Macklemore’s Distinctive Features

One of the most notable aspects of Macklemore’s appearance is his distinctive blonde hair. His golden locks not only add to his overall aesthetic but also make him easily recognizable in the music industry. Macklemore’s blonde hair sets him apart from other artists and adds to his unique image as a performer.

Aside from his hair, Macklemore is also known for his unique rapping style. His lyrical flow and delivery have captivated audiences worldwide. With clever wordplay and a distinct voice, Macklemore has created a signature sound that sets him apart from other artists in the hip-hop genre.

Macklemore Distinctive Features

In addition to his hair and rapping style, Macklemore’s fashion sense also contributes to his distinctive features. He is often seen wearing vibrant and eclectic outfits that reflect his bold personality. Macklemore’s fashion choices, characterized by bold colors, patterns, and unique accessories, have become synonymous with his artistic expression.

Furthermore, Macklemore’s commitment to social activism sets him apart from many other artists in the industry. He uses his platform to advocate for important issues such as LGBTQ+ rights, racial equality, and addiction recovery. Macklemore’s dedication to making a positive impact on society adds to his distinctive persona as an artist.

Table: Macklemore’s Distinctive Features

Distinctive Features
Blonde hair
Unique rapping style
Eclectic fashion sense
Social activism

Macklemore’s Complete Body Measurements

Macklemore, the talented musician from Seattle, Washington, has a well-defined physique that adds to his charismatic stage presence. His body measurements reflect his dedication to fitness and overall health.

At a height of 5 feet 10 inches (179 cm) and weighing 163 pounds (74 kg), Macklemore maintains a balanced physique that complements his energetic performances. His chest measures 40 inches (102 cm), while his waist measures 36 inches (91.5 cm). With biceps measuring 13 inches (33 cm), his muscular arms are a testament to his commitment to physical fitness.

These body measurements contribute to Macklemore’s stage presence, allowing him to connect with his audience and deliver high-energy performances. They reflect the artist’s dedication to maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle, which is an important aspect of his overall image.


How old is Macklemore?

Macklemore was born on June 19, 1983, making him 39 years old.

What is Macklemore’s height?

Macklemore stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (179 cm).

What are Macklemore’s body measurements?

Macklemore has a chest size of 40 inches (102 cm), a waist size of 36 inches (91.5 cm), and bicep size of 13 inches (33 cm).

What is Macklemore’s net worth?

Macklemore is estimated to have a net worth of $16 million.

How did Macklemore become popular?

Macklemore gained popularity through his collaborations with producer Ryan Lewis and is known for hit singles such as “Thrift Shop” and “Can’t Hold Us.”

What is Macklemore’s ethnicity?

Macklemore is White.

What is Macklemore’s birth sign?

Macklemore’s birth sign is Gemini.

What is Macklemore’s physical appearance?

Macklemore has naturally blonde hair and blue eyes.

What is Macklemore’s personal background?

Macklemore’s parents are Bill Haggerty and Julie Schott. He has one sibling named Tim Haggerty. He attended Garfield High School and Nathan Hale High School before obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree from Evergreen State College.

Is Macklemore married?

Yes, Macklemore is married to Tricia Davis since May 2015.

What are Macklemore’s career highlights?

Macklemore’s career took off with the release of his debut studio album “The Heist” in 2012, which won four Grammy Awards. He has released multiple EPs, mixtapes, and albums independently before forming a successful duo with Ryan Lewis.

Does Macklemore have solo albums?

Yes, after the success of his collaboration with Ryan Lewis, Macklemore released a solo studio album titled “Gemini” in 2017. He took a hiatus from the duo and focused on his solo career.

What are Macklemore’s personal details?

Macklemore’s full name is Benjamin Hammond Haggerty. He was born on June 19, 1983, in Seattle, Washington.

What are Macklemore’s distinctive features?

Macklemore is known for his distinctive blonde hair and unique rapping style.

What are Macklemore’s complete body measurements?

Macklemore has a chest size of 40 inches (102 cm), a waist size of 36 inches (91.5 cm), and bicep size of 13 inches (33 cm). He stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (179 cm) and weighs 163 pounds (74 kg).

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