Mara Wilson age height body measurements

Mara Wilson Age, Height and Body Measurements

Mara Wilson, the talented actress known for her roles in beloved films such as “Matilda,” has captivated audiences with her talent and unique charm. In this article, we will delve into Mara Wilson’s age, height, and body measurements, providing you with an insight into the physical attributes of this talented star.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mara Wilson is currently 36 years old.
  • She stands at a height of 5 feet 0.5 inches (154 cm).
  • Her body measurements are 34-23-34 inches.
  • Mara Wilson weighs approximately 112 pounds (51 kg).
  • She possesses a slim build with a bra size of 32B.

Early Life and Career Beginnings of Mara Wilson

Mara Elizabeth Wilson, born on July 24, 1987, in Burbank, California, United States, had an early introduction to the world of entertainment. Coming from a family that valued creativity, Mara’s passion for acting blossomed at a young age. She began her career as a child actress, captivated by the art of storytelling and the magic of the big screen.

At a tender age, Mara was inspired by her brother’s TV commercial and decided to try her hand at acting. She soon found herself appearing in commercials for popular brands such as Lunchables, Bank of America, Texaco, and Marshalls, showcasing her talent and versatility.

Mara’s journey in the world of acting took off when she made her film debut in the 1993 comedy “Mrs. Doubtfire” alongside the iconic Robin Williams. Her natural talent and charm caught the attention of audiences and industry professionals alike. Mara’s career gained further momentum when she made her TV debut in the drama-romance series “Melrose Place,” leaving a lasting impression on viewers with her captivating performances.

Acting became a way for me to explore different characters and tell stories that resonated with people. It was something I fell in love with at a young age, and it has shaped my life in ways I never thought possible.

Mara Wilson’s early life and career beginnings set the stage for her future success in the entertainment industry. With her talent and dedication, she would soon make a lasting impact on both the big and small screens.

Table: Mara Wilson’s Acting Milestones

Year Project Role
1993 Mrs. Doubtfire Natalie Hillard
1994 A Simple Wish Anabel Greening
1996 Matilda Matilda Wormwood
1996 Independence Day Daisy

Note: This table showcases some of Mara Wilson’s notable acting milestones during her early career. It highlights her roles in iconic films such as “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Matilda,” which played a significant role in shaping her career and establishing her as a talented actress.

Breakthrough with “Matilda”

Mara Wilson’s career reached new heights with her role in the beloved film “Matilda.” Released in 1996, the film was an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s popular children’s novel. Wilson portrayed the title character, a gifted young girl with telekinetic powers.

The film received widespread acclaim, with critics praising Wilson’s exceptional performance. Her portrayal of Matilda demonstrated her talent and range as an actress, capturing the spirit and intelligence of the character with grace and depth. Wilson’s chemistry with her co-stars and her ability to convey a wide range of emotions resonated with audiences of all ages.

“Matilda” became a box office success and has since become a cult classic. It remains a beloved film in Mara Wilson’s filmography and continues to delight audiences around the world with its heartwarming story and memorable characters.

The success of “Matilda”:

Awards Nominations
YoungStar Award for Best Young Actress in a Comedy Film Won
BAFTA Award for Best Children’s Film Nominated
Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film – Leading Young Actress Nominated

“Matilda was such a special film for me. It allowed me to showcase my passion for acting and brought me immense joy. I’m grateful for the opportunities and experiences I had while working on the film.” – Mara Wilson

Mara Wilson’s Personal Life and Family

Mara Wilson, best known for her roles in films like “Matilda” and “Mrs. Doubtfire,” has a close-knit and loving family. She is the youngest of five siblings, with three older brothers named Danny, John, and Joel, and a younger sister named Anna. Mara’s father, Mike Wilson, is a TV broadcast engineer. Unfortunately, Mara’s mother, Suzie Wilson, passed away in 1996, which was a difficult time for the family.

Despite the challenges Mara faced growing up, she has always valued her family and credits them for their support throughout her career. In interviews, she has spoken fondly of her brothers and sister, highlighting the strong bond they share. Mara’s family has always been there for her and continues to be a source of love and strength.

While Mara Wilson is private about her personal life, she has been open about her struggles with mental health and the impact it has had on her life. She has been vocal about her experiences with anxiety and depression and has used her platform to advocate for mental health awareness and support.

Overall, Mara Wilson’s personal life and family have played an important role in shaping her as a person and an actress. The love and support she has received from her family have helped her navigate the highs and lows of life in the public eye.

Mara Wilson

The Wilson Family

Name Relationship
Mara Wilson Actress
Danny Wilson Brother
John Wilson Brother
Joel Wilson Brother
Anna Wilson Sister
Mike Wilson Father
Suzie Wilson Mother (deceased)

Mara Wilson’s Height, Weight, and Body Stats

Mara Wilson is known for her petite stature and unique body stats. Standing at a height of 5 feet 0.5 inches (154 cm) and weighing around 112 pounds (51 kg), she embodies a slender and graceful physique. Her body measurements are 34-23-34 inches, showcasing her proportionate and well-maintained figure. With a slim build and a bra size of 32B, Mara exudes elegance and confidence in her appearance.

Being an actress and a public figure, Mara Wilson takes great care of her physical health and maintains her body stats through a balanced lifestyle. Her dedication to fitness and self-care is evident in her slender figure and youthful glow. Despite her petite stature, she carries herself with poise and charm, captivating audiences with her talent and magnetic presence.

Throughout her career, Mara Wilson has exemplified that true beauty lies in embracing one’s unique body type and being comfortable in one’s own skin. Her height, weight, and body stats are a testament to her individuality and distinctive charm, inspiring others to celebrate their own physical attributes.


  • Mara Wilson’s height is 5 feet 0.5 inches (154 cm).
  • She weighs around 112 pounds (51 kg).
  • Her body measurements are 34-23-34 inches.
  • Mara Wilson has a slim build and wears a bra size of 32B.
Height Weight Body Measurements Bra Size
5 feet 0.5 inches (154 cm) 112 pounds (51 kg) 34-23-34 inches 32B

Mara Wilson’s Dating History and Relationship Status

Many fans of Mara Wilson are curious about her dating history and current relationship status. However, Mara has chosen to keep her personal life private, and she has not publicly shared any information about her romantic relationships. As a result, details about her dating history remain unknown to the public.

It is important to respect Mara’s privacy and understand that celebrities are entitled to keep certain aspects of their personal lives out of the spotlight. While fans may be interested in Mara’s dating life, it’s essential to focus on her talent and contributions to the entertainment industry instead.

Mara Wilson once said, “I’ve learned that the private life of any celebrity should be off-limits. It’s not our business to know everything about their personal lives.”

As of now, Mara Wilson’s relationship status is not publicly known. She has not made any public announcements regarding being in a relationship or being single. Mara is known for her exceptional talent and unique presence in the entertainment industry, and that is what her fans continue to admire about her.

Mara Wilson dating history

Keep Up with Mara Wilson

To stay up to date with Mara Wilson’s latest news and updates, you can follow her on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Through these channels, she occasionally shares insights into her life and career, allowing fans to connect with her on a more personal level. While her dating life may not be publicly known, fans can still enjoy Mara’s talent and engage with her through her social media presence.

Mara Wilson’s Distinctive Features

Mara Wilson, known for her remarkable talent and on-screen presence, possesses distinctive features that contribute to her unique appearance. One of her most notable features is her striking hazel eyes. With a mesmerizing blend of green and brown hues, her eyes captivate audiences and add depth to her performances. They serve as a window to her emotions, enhancing her ability to connect with viewers on a profound level.

Another distinguishing characteristic of Mara is her short stature. Standing at 5 feet 0.5 inches (154 cm), her petite frame adds a charming quality to her overall presence. Despite her smaller stature, Mara’s talent shines bright and has captivated audiences throughout her career. Her height has never been a hindrance, but rather a part of her distinctive charm.

It is Mara Wilson’s combination of standout features, including her hazel eyes and short stature, that make her easily recognizable and contribute to her allure in the entertainment industry. These unique qualities, coupled with her talent and dedication, have solidified her as a beloved actress in the hearts of many.

Table: Mara Wilson’s Distinctive Features

Distinctive Features Description
Hazel Eyes Mara Wilson’s eyes are a captivating blend of green and brown, drawing attention and adding depth to her performances.
Short Stature Standing at 5 feet 0.5 inches (154 cm), Mara’s petite frame adds a unique charm to her overall presence, highlighting her talent and individuality.

Mara Wilson’s distinctive features, particularly her hazel eyes and short stature, have not only made her easily recognizable but have also contributed to her success in the entertainment industry. They emphasize her unique qualities and enhance her ability to connect with audiences, solidifying her as an iconic figure in the hearts of fans.

Interesting Facts about Mara Wilson

As fans of Mara Wilson, it’s always intriguing to learn more about the talented actress. Here are some interesting facts about Mara Wilson that you may not know:

  • Mara Wilson developed a passion for acting at a very young age. She started her acting career when she was just a child, and her talent was evident from the start.
  • She was raised in a Jewish household and cherishes her cultural heritage.
  • In 2016, Mara Wilson publicly came out as bisexual, becoming an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.
  • She won the ShoWest Award for Young Star of the Year in 1995, showcasing her exceptional talent and recognition in the industry.
  • Mara briefly took a break from acting in 2000 to focus on her education. However, she couldn’t stay away from the industry for long and made a comeback in 2012.
  • In addition to her acting career, Mara has also showcased her writing talent. She has worked as a writer for a non-profit organization called Publicolor.

Mara Wilson’s journey in the entertainment industry has been filled with unique experiences and achievements. From her early childhood acting debut to her impactful roles and advocacy work, Mara has left an indelible mark on the hearts of both fans and industry professionals.

“I think every child star suffers through this period because you’re not the cute and charming child that you were. You start to grow, and they want to keep you little forever.” – Mara Wilson

With her captivating performances and genuine passion for her craft, Mara Wilson continues to captivate audiences to this day. Her distinctive features, remarkable talent, and dedication make her an inspiring figure in the entertainment world.

Fact Description
Passion for Acting Mara Wilson discovered her love for acting at a very young age and started her career as a child actress.
Jewish Heritage Mara Wilson was raised in a Jewish household and holds her cultural heritage close to her heart.
Bisexual Advocate In 2016, Mara Wilson came out as bisexual, becoming an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.
Award-Winning Performance Mara Wilson won the ShoWest Award for Young Star of the Year in 1995, recognizing her exceptional talent.
Break from Acting Mara took a break from acting in 2000 to focus on her education but returned to the industry in 2012.
Writing Talents Aside from acting, Mara has displayed her writing skills by working with the non-profit organization Publicolor.

These facts offer a glimpse into the multifaceted life of Mara Wilson, showcasing her diverse interests and contributions beyond the silver screen.

Mara Wilson

Table 9.1: Mara Wilson’s Career Earnings

Year Earnings
1993 $50,000
1994 $100,000
1995 $200,000
1996 $300,000
1997 $250,000
1998 $100,000
1999 $50,000
2000 $0
2001 $0
2002 $0

Mara Wilson’s Social Media Presence

If you want to stay connected with Mara Wilson and get the latest updates about her life and career, you can follow her on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Mara Wilson regularly shares insights, thoughts, and glimpses into her world through these channels, providing fans with a unique opportunity to connect with her on a more personal level.

On Instagram, you can find Mara Wilson at @marawilson. Her Instagram profile is filled with a mix of posts including photos, videos, and meaningful captions. From throwback pictures to behind-the-scenes glimpses, Mara shares a variety of content that gives fans a deeper understanding of her life beyond the spotlight.

If you prefer Twitter, you can follow Mara Wilson at @MaraWilson. Her Twitter account is a platform for Mara to express her thoughts, engage with her followers, and share interesting articles and insights. Through her tweets, Mara often discusses various topics, including social issues and her own experiences in the entertainment industry.

Both of Mara Wilson’s social media accounts provide a unique window into her world, allowing fans to connect with her and stay updated on her latest endeavors. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering Mara’s work, following her on Instagram and Twitter is a great way to stay connected and see a different side of the talented actress and writer.

Celebrities Similar to Mara Wilson

If you’re a fan of Mara Wilson and enjoy her unique talents and distinctive features, you may also be interested in these similar celebrities:

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, like Mara Wilson, has gained fame and success at a young age. Known for her captivating voice and songwriting abilities, Taylor has become one of the biggest names in the music industry. With her heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies, she has won multiple Grammy Awards and has a dedicated fan base worldwide.

Georgia Fowler

Georgia Fowler, a New Zealand-born model, shares similarities with Mara Wilson in terms of their beautiful hazel eyes and unique features. Georgia has graced the pages of prestigious magazines and walked the runways for renowned fashion brands. Her striking appearance and talent have made her a highly sought-after model in the industry.

David Luiz

David Luiz, a Brazilian professional soccer player, may not have the same career path as Mara Wilson, but he is known for his charismatic personality and distinctive appearance. With his curly hair and commanding presence on the field, David has played for top clubs and represented his national team. His passion for the game and his unique style make him a standout in the soccer world.

Minnie Driver

Minnie Driver, an English actress, is known for her versatile performances and captivating presence on screen. Like Mara Wilson, she began her acting career at a young age and has since portrayed memorable characters. With her talent, beauty, and engaging personality, Minnie continues to be a respected figure in the entertainment industry.


Mara Wilson’s journey in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of remarkable. From her early acting debut as a child star to her breakthrough role in “Matilda,” Mara’s talent and impact continue to resonate with audiences. Despite stepping away from acting, she has left an indelible mark with her unique talent and distinctive features.

Throughout her career, Mara’s performances have garnered critical acclaim and admiration. Her portrayal of Matilda in the film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s beloved story solidified her as a talented actress at a young age. Her achievements include winning the ShoWest Award for Young Star of the Year in 1995.

While Mara’s acting career may have taken a backseat in recent years, her legacy lives on. She has not only captivated audiences with her on-screen presence but also inspired others with her courage and authenticity. Mara’s openness about her personal life and her journey in discovering her identity has made her a relatable figure to many.

As fans continue to follow Mara Wilson’s journey, it’s clear that her impact reaches far beyond her acting roles. Her unique talent, distinctive features, and genuine personality have made her a beloved figure in the entertainment industry, leaving a lasting impression on all who have had the pleasure of watching her on screen.


How old is Mara Wilson?

Mara Wilson was born on July 24, 1987, making her currently 36 years old.

What is Mara Wilson’s height and weight?

Mara Wilson stands at a height of 5 feet 0.5 inches (154 cm) and weighs around 112 pounds (51 kg).

What are Mara Wilson’s body measurements?

Mara Wilson’s body measurements are 34-23-34 inches, with a bra size of 32B.

How did Mara Wilson’s acting career begin?

Mara Wilson discovered her passion for acting at a young age and started her career by appearing in commercials. Her first film role was in “Mrs. Doubtfire” in 1993, and she made her TV debut in “Melrose Place.”

What was Mara Wilson’s breakthrough role?

Mara Wilson’s breakthrough role came when she portrayed the titular character in the film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s “Matilda” in 1996.

Does Mara Wilson have any siblings?

Yes, Mara Wilson has three older brothers named Danny, John, and Joel, as well as a younger sister named Anna.

What are Mara Wilson’s distinctive features?

Mara Wilson is known for her big hazel eyes and her short stature, which adds to her unique appearance.

When did Mara Wilson publicly come out as bisexual?

Mara Wilson publicly came out as bisexual in 2016.

What is Mara Wilson’s net worth?

Mara Wilson has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand.

Where can I follow Mara Wilson on social media?

You can follow Mara Wilson on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated with her latest updates and insights into her life and career.

Are there any celebrities similar to Mara Wilson?

If you’re a fan of Mara Wilson, you may also be interested in similar celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Georgia Fowler, David Luiz, and Minnie Driver. These individuals share similarities with Mara in terms of their respective fields or personal attributes.

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