Marilyn Monroe age height body measurements

Marilyn Monroe Age, Height, and Body Measurements

Welcome to our article on Marilyn Monroe’s age, height, and body measurements. Marilyn Monroe, a timeless icon of beauty and allure, continues to captivate us with her stunning physical appearance. In this section, we will delve into the statistics and vital measurements that defined Marilyn Monroe’s figure.

Key Takeaways:

  • Marilyn Monroe had an extreme hourglass figure, with measurements of 36-24-34 inches.
  • Her height ranged from 5′ 5 1/4″ to 5′ 6″, adding to her iconic presence.
  • Her weight fluctuated between 117-120 lbs, giving her a slim yet curvaceous physique.
  • Monroe’s measurements and weight were documented at different times in her life.
  • Her first modeling contract verified her measurements as 36-24-34 and a size 12.

Marilyn Monroe’s Clothing Tells the Truth

Marilyn Monroe’s personal wardrobe provides fascinating insights into her true size and physical appearance. Through her collection of clothing items, we can discern the reality behind the varying measurements and weights documented at different times in her life. These garments offer a tangible glimpse into Monroe’s figure, shedding light on her iconic hourglass shape.

One notable item from Monroe’s wardrobe is a leather belt measuring 27 inches, revealing her slender waist. This measurement contradicts the claims that she was a size 12, as the belt clearly indicates a smaller size. Additionally, a wool skirt in her collection also measures 27 inches, further supporting the notion of a slimmer frame.

Another intriguing piece is an evening cape that fits perfectly on a size 6-8 dress form, indicating Monroe’s petite build. This contradicts the perception that she had a larger physique. Furthermore, a maternity dress hangs loosely on Monroe, suggesting that she was not as curvaceous as believed. A black silk cocktail dress from her collection still fits her with a waist measurement of 28.5 inches, indicating that she maintained a trim waistline. The overcoat in her wardrobe also hangs loosely, emphasizing her smaller frame.

Perhaps most revealing of all is a lime green Pucci blouse labeled size 14 but fitting Marilyn’s slimmer physique. This challenges the notion that she was a larger size, highlighting the disparity between her actual measurements and the industry’s perception of her.

These clothing items speak volumes about Marilyn Monroe’s true size and physical appearance. They provide a unique perspective on the iconic figure we know as the Blonde Bombshell, challenging prevalent misconceptions and adding depth to our understanding of Monroe’s captivating allure.

Marilyn Monroe’s Height and Weight

Marilyn Monroe, the iconic Hollywood actress and model, had a height of 5 feet 6 inches or 168 cm (1.68 m). This height contributed to her stunning presence and Barbie doll-like appearance in films. Along with her height, Marilyn Monroe’s weight was also a topic of interest. During her prime years, she maintained a weight of approximately 54 kg or 120 pounds. This weight gave her a slim yet curvy figure, making her the epitome of feminine beauty.

Monroe’s physical appearance was characterized by her hourglass figure, with measurements of 36-24-34 inches. She had a well-defined bust, a slim waist, and curvy hips, creating a highly voluptuous and sensational figure. Her bust size was approximately 36 inches, and her bra size was 34C, with a cup size C. All these physical features combined to enhance her beauty and allure.

Marilyn Monroe’s height, weight, and physical appearance played a significant role in establishing her as a timeless icon. Her figure is still regarded as a classic example of a perfect physique, and her enduring beauty continues to captivate audiences around the world.

Marilyn Monroe’s Body Measurements
Measurement Value
Bust 36 inches
Waist 24 inches
Hips 34 inches

Marilyn Monroe’s Personal Details and Love Life

Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jeane Mortenson, captivated the world with her beauty and talent. Known by the nicknames MM and The Blonde Bombshell, Monroe was a renowned actress and model. Born on June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles, California, United States, she left a lasting impression on the entertainment industry.

Monroe’s family background included her father, Charles Stanley Gifford, and her mother, Gladys Pearl Baker. She also had a half-sister named Berniece Baker Miracle. Throughout her life, Monroe had love interests that gained public attention. She was married three times: to James Dougherty from 1942 to 1946, Joe DiMaggio from 1954 to 1955, and Arthur Miller from 1956 to 1961.

Born Name Norma Jeane Mortenson
Nickname MM, The Blonde Bombshell
Occupation Actress, Model
Religion Jewish
Date of Birth June 1, 1926
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, United States
Father Name Charles Stanley Gifford
Mother Name Gladys Pearl Baker
Siblings Berniece Baker Miracle (Half-Sister)
  • James Dougherty (1942-1946)
  • Joe DiMaggio (1954-1955)
  • Arthur Miller (1956-1961)

Marilyn Monroe’s personal details and love life offer a glimpse into the woman behind the iconic image. Her journey from Norma Jeane Mortenson to Marilyn Monroe continues to intrigue fans and inspire generations.

Marilyn Monroe

Monroe’s commitment to maintaining her physical appearance is evident in her exercise routine. She recognized the importance of physical fitness and was ahead of her time in prioritizing exercise. Monroe even owned her own weight set, demonstrating her dedication to staying fit and healthy. Her determination to cultivate her figure contributed to her confidence and allure, making her an enduring symbol of beauty and sensuality.

Marilyn Monroe’s Body Measurements and Physical Features

Marilyn Monroe’s body measurements were the epitome of timeless beauty and sensuality. With her iconic hourglass figure, she became a symbol of femininity and allure. Monroe’s measurements were approximately 36-24-34 inches, highlighting her well-defined bust, slim waist, and curvy hips.

In terms of breast size, Monroe had a bust measurement of around 36 inches, which perfectly complemented her overall figure. Her bra size was 34C, with a cup size C. This further accentuated her curves and added to her undeniable appeal.

Aside from her body proportions, Marilyn Monroe also possessed a heart-shaped face, which contributed to her captivating beauty. This face shape enhanced her features, including her mesmerizing blue eyes, radiant smile, and signature blonde hair. It was a combination that made her an everlasting icon in the entertainment industry.

Body Measurements
Bust 36 inches
Waist 24 inches
Hips 34 inches
Bra Size 34C
Face Shape Heart-shaped

Marilyn Monroe’s body measurements and physical features were an integral part of her allure and continue to inspire admiration and fascination to this day.

Marilyn Monroe’s Career Overview

Marilyn Monroe had a remarkable career as an actress, model, and singer. She left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry and continues to captivate audiences to this day. With her iconic presence and undeniable talent, Monroe’s career spanned over two decades and showcased her versatility as a performer.

Monroe began her journey as a model, working for various fashion and advertising campaigns. Her striking beauty and magnetic personality caught the attention of industry professionals, leading her to pursue a career in acting. She landed her breakthrough role in the film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” (1953), where she showcased her comedic timing and singing abilities. This role propelled her into stardom, making her one of Hollywood’s brightest stars.

Throughout her career, Monroe appeared in numerous films that solidified her status as a Hollywood icon. Some of her notable works include “Some Like It Hot” (1959), a comedy that showcased her comedic range, and “The Misfits” (1961), a drama where she delivered a powerful and emotional performance alongside acting legends Clark Gable and Montgomery Clift.

Film Year
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1953
Some Like It Hot 1959
The Misfits 1961

Marilyn Monroe’s talent and magnetic presence made her one of the most iconic figures in Hollywood history. Her impact on popular culture transcends time, and she remains an eternal symbol of beauty, glamour, and talent.

Unbelievable Facts About Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, the iconic Hollywood actress and model, had a life filled with fascinating and surprising details. Here are some unbelievable facts about the legendary Marilyn Monroe:

  • She was incredibly intelligent: While Marilyn was known for her blonde bombshell image, she was far from being just a pretty face. She was an avid reader and had an extensive personal library that showcased her intellectual curiosity.
  • She had a passion for poetry: Marilyn had a deep love for poetry and even wrote her own poems. Her poetry reflected her inner thoughts and emotions, offering a glimpse into her complex personality beyond the glamorous facade.
  • She was a talented artist: Marilyn had a hidden talent for art and enjoyed painting in her free time. Her artwork revealed her creative side and provided an outlet for her self-expression.
  • She was a groundbreaking businesswoman: Marilyn was determined to take control of her career and founded her own production company called Marilyn Monroe Productions. This move allowed her to have more creative freedom and paved the way for other female stars to assert their independence in the male-dominated industry.

“I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control, and at times, hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.” – Marilyn Monroe

These extraordinary facts about Marilyn Monroe highlight her multifaceted nature and the depth of her character. Beyond the glitz and glamour, she was a complex woman who defied societal expectations and left an indelible mark on the world.

Fact Description
Intelligence Marilyn Monroe was highly intelligent and had an extensive personal library.
Poetry Marilyn had a passion for poetry and wrote her own poems.
Art Marilyn was a talented artist and enjoyed painting.
Businesswoman Marilyn founded her own production company, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit.

These revelations about Marilyn Monroe invite us to see beyond the surface and appreciate the remarkable woman she truly was. Her legacy continues to inspire and captivate generations, making her an eternal symbol of beauty, talent, and strength.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Lifted Weights

When it came to fitness, Marilyn Monroe was no stranger to staying in shape. In fact, she was way ahead of her time when it came to exercise and physical well-being. Monroe understood the importance of maintaining a healthy body and she made sure to incorporate regular workouts into her routine.

One of Marilyn Monroe’s fitness secrets was weightlifting. She not only recognized the benefits of adding resistance training to her exercise regimen but also owned her own set of weights. By engaging in weightlifting, she was able to build strength, tone her muscles, and maintain her enviable figure.

Marilyn Monroe’s commitment to her physical appearance went beyond just looking good. It was about feeling confident and empowered. By dedicating herself to a fitness routine that included weightlifting, she showcased her determination to take charge of her own well-being and stay in top shape.

Today, Marilyn Monroe’s dedication to fitness serves as an inspiration for many. Her understanding of the importance of exercise and its impact on both physical and mental well-being continues to resonate with people around the world.


What were Marilyn Monroe’s measurements and weight?

Marilyn Monroe’s measurements were documented as 36-24-34, and her weight ranged from 117-120 lbs.

What was Marilyn Monroe’s height?

Marilyn Monroe’s height was recorded at different times as 5′ 6″, 5′ 5 1/2″, and 5′ 5 1/4″.

What were Marilyn Monroe’s clothing sizes?

Marilyn Monroe’s personal clothing items provide insight into her true size, such as a leather belt and wool skirt measuring 27 inches, an evening cape that fits a size 6-8 dress form, and a black silk cocktail dress with a waist measurement of 28.5 inches. However, it’s important to note that sizes and measurements may vary across different clothing brands and eras.

What was Marilyn Monroe’s full name and occupation?

Marilyn Monroe’s full name was Norma Jeane Mortenson, and she was an actress and model.

When and where was Marilyn Monroe born?

Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Who were Marilyn Monroe’s parents and siblings?

Marilyn Monroe’s father’s name was Charles Stanley Gifford, and her mother’s name was Gladys Pearl Baker. She had one half-sister named Berniece Baker Miracle.

Who were Marilyn Monroe’s spouses?

Marilyn Monroe was married to James Dougherty from 1942 to 1946, Joe DiMaggio from 1954 to 1955, and Arthur Miller from 1956 to 1961.

What was Marilyn Monroe’s weight and body measurements?

Marilyn Monroe’s weight was approximately 54 kg or 120 pounds, and her body measurements were 36-24-34 inches.

What were Marilyn Monroe’s notable films?

Some of Marilyn Monroe’s notable films include “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” “Some Like It Hot,” and “The Misfits.”

What was Marilyn Monroe’s influence and legacy?

Marilyn Monroe continues to be a pop culture icon celebrated for her timeless beauty and allure. Her impact can be seen in various forms of media, from art to fashion to music and beyond.

Did Marilyn Monroe lift weights?

Yes, Marilyn Monroe recognized the importance of physical exercise and had her own weight set. She was ahead of her time in terms of fitness and understood the benefits of staying fit and healthy.

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