50 Quotes About Life and The Meaning of It All

“Celebrate who you are in your deepest heart. Love yourself and the world will love you.”

“Kindness can transform someone’s dark moment with a blaze of light. You’ll never know how much your caring matter. Make a difference for another today.”

“Accept yourself: flaws, quirks, talents, secret thoughts, all of it, and experience true liberation.”

“Happiness is a choice. Peace is a state of mind. Both are free.”

“Dig deep and empower yourself today. Stand in your inner strength. Be uniquely you.”

“Your dreams are worth it. Persevere. Your focus is your power. Harness it.”

“Deeply respecting yourself is the first step toward having a deep respect for others.”

“Every single person is sacred. Sacred means special, precious, a treasure of true beauty. That means you.”

“Life is just a slide. Back and forth between loving and leaving, remembering and forgetting, holding on and letting go.”

“You are your own guru. You are your own soul mate. You are powerful. Take the reigns and drive your carriage home to love.”

“Choose joyful abundance in your heart and be unbounded, free, and relaxed. Be relentless with your choice and you’ll make your mark.”

“The power of love can spread magic to the world like nothing else.”

“Sometimes being happy takes effort. Invest time and energy in yourself and your happiness.”

“It takes drive and focus to move from potential to reality.”

“A kind thought, word or action creates infinite ripples of caring, consideration, and peace.”

“Caring is what matters, not stuff or status, just people sharing kindness and joy in a web of the heart that spans the globe.”

“Dance through life flinging kindness like shimmering rainbows. Find your bliss by sharing your heart.”

“Focus your heart, mind, and soul on joy and you’ll find ultimate success and fulfillment.”

“Soul mate romance dissolves the superficial and touches your deepest heart with the delightful power of love.”

“Commitment mixed with drive and sprinkled with imagination creates sustained results. Stay focused and you will make your mark.”

“Choose love and joy as much as you can in each moment and watch your life transform.”

“Forever friends are a treasure chest of understanding and compassion. Cherish them.”

“Love drips like honey from the hive, constant, sweet, precious, into your heart each and every moment if you let it.”

“True love begins when you accept yourself in your totality. Then, and only then, can you completely love another.”

“Nurturing a feeling makes it proliferate. Choose wisely. Joy, kindness, love, & caring will illuminate your life.”

“As an architect of your reality, you are empowered to create it as you choose.”

“Everyday gratitude sweetens what appears flavorless, and brightens all that appears dim.”

“Embrace your diverse, prismatic colors! They make you uniquely you.”

“Set goals that make your heart sing. Then achieving them is an experience of uplifting joy.”

“Inspiration is sometimes as simple as a shared smile.”

“Giving thanks fills you with light and joy so you can shine like the bright star you truly are.”

“Being sensitive is a gift that fosters peace. Help create a kinder, gentler world by embracing it.”

“We can accept and embrace our pasts as part of the path that shaped who we are now.”

“It’s more than a bath; it’s a transformative experience. You’re searching for buoyancy in the soul, and spring in your step.”

“Creativity flows when the mind is light. Be light and ignite your imagination.”

“Loving yourself is required for authentic relationships.”

“When you give your mind, body, and heart the message that you are worth the effort of being conscious, miraculous things start to happen.”

“Listen within to find shining poetry and hear extraordinary music. You are a work of art.”

“Thanksgiving is a joyous invitation to shower the world with love and gratitude.”

“An ocean of shimmering love exists in your heart. Tap into it today and rest in the undulating currents of the great mystery.”

“Successful people have been conditioned to keep going and keep striving so they can finally be enough. But the truth is, we’re already enough, regardless of what we do.”

“Building up your self-esteem means coming to the realization that other people’s opinions of you are none of your business.”

“Notice people connecting with each other. Notice caring in action all around. Put your focus on love and change your life. I dare you.”

“In the quest to heal and open your heart, it is critically important to experience pleasure.”

“Take ownership of your enjoyment of life and make a commitment to experience life’s pleasure on a daily basis.”

“Freedom comes from a sense of empowerment.”

“Within you, there is an infinite reservoir of self-worth and integrity, tap into it and alchemize your consciousness.”

“You have the opportunity to rewrite patterns that are not aligned with the reality you choose to attract and create”

“Bathing is a basic need, but it doesn’t have to be a forgettable moment in your routine.”

“As you embrace this idea that you own your life, you begin to exercise dominion over it.”

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