Sauce Gardner age height body measurements

Sauce Gardner Age, Height, and Body Measurements

Are you curious about Sauce Gardner’s age, height, and body measurements? The American athlete has captured the attention of fans everywhere, and we’re here to provide you with all the details. Let’s dive into the specifics and get to know Sauce Gardner better.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sauce Gardner’s age, height, and body measurements are highly sought after by fans.
  • He stands tall at 6 feet 2¾ inches and possesses impressive physical attributes.
  • His physique, with a wingspan of 79⅜ inches and an arm length of 33½ inches, sets him apart.
  • Sauce Gardner’s unique skill set and production have made him a top cornerback prospect.
  • His outstanding combine performance has elevated his draft stock and attracted attention from NFL scouts.

Sauce Gardner’s Draft and Combine Profile

According to, Sauce Gardner was drafted by the New York Jets in the 2022 NFL draft, making him the highest-drafted defensive back in franchise history. His selection has generated high expectations and excitement among fans and analysts alike. Let’s dive into Gardner’s draft journey and explore his combine profile to get a better understanding of his prospects in the NFL.

Gardner’s draft selection by the New York Jets speaks volumes about his potential and the confidence the team has in his abilities. As the highest-drafted defensive back in Jets history, he carries the weight of expectations on his shoulders. The Jets recognized Gardner’s exceptional skills and saw him as a valuable addition to their roster.

When it comes to Gardner’s combine profile, his performance was nothing short of impressive. He showcased his athleticism, agility, and speed, solidifying his status as a top prospect in the draft. His combine results, along with his on-field production, caught the attention of NFL scouts and analysts, elevating his draft stock even further.

Sauce Gardner’s Combine Results

40-Yard Dash Vertical Jump Broad Jump 3-Cone Drill
4.41 seconds 39.5 inches 132 inches 6.95 seconds

Gardner’s combine numbers tell a compelling story. His 40-yard dash time of 4.41 seconds is exceptional, showcasing his elite speed. Additionally, his vertical jump of 39.5 inches and broad jump of 132 inches demonstrate his explosiveness and leaping ability. These impressive results solidify his status as a top prospect and emphasize his potential impact as a cornerback in the NFL.

Gardner’s draft and combine profile highlight his talent, athleticism, and potential as a top defensive back in the NFL. The New York Jets have made a bold move by selecting him, and fans eagerly await his debut on the field, where he can showcase his skills and make a significant impact on the team’s defense.

Sauce Gardner’s Height and Physical Measurements

Sauce Gardner, the highly regarded American athlete, boasts impressive physical measurements that contribute to his prowess on the football field. Standing at a height of 6 feet 2¾ inches, Gardner commands attention with his tall stature. His remarkable physique extends further with a wingspan of 79⅜ inches and an arm length of 33½ inches. These measurements place him in the upper percentiles among cornerbacks and enhance his ability to excel in coverage.

Gardner’s height gives him a significant advantage when defending against taller wide receivers, allowing him to contest catches and disrupt passing plays. His long arms provide him with a broader reach, making it more challenging for opposing players to make successful receptions. This physical prowess, combined with his exceptional technique and football intelligence, sets him apart as an elite cornerback prospect in the 2022 NFL draft.

Furthermore, Gardner’s physical measurements contribute to his versatility on the field. His height and long wingspan enable him to excel in press coverage, where he can use his length to jam receivers at the line of scrimmage and impede their routes. Additionally, his arm length gives him an advantage in deflecting passes and making interceptions. These attributes make him a highly coveted prospect for teams in need of a dominant cornerback in their defensive scheme.

Measurements Specifications
Height 6 feet 2¾ inches
Wingspan 79⅜ inches
Arm Length 33½ inches

With his impressive physical attributes, Sauce Gardner is undeniably a force to be reckoned with on the football field. His height, wingspan, and arm length provide him with a significant advantage in coverage and make him a valuable asset for any team in the NFL.

Sauce Gardner’s Athletic Testing Results

One of Sauce Gardner’s standout performances during the NFL Scouting Combine was his impressive 40-yard dash time of 4.41 seconds. This remarkable speed demonstrates his exceptional athleticism and makes him a highly coveted prospect in the upcoming NFL draft. Gardner’s time is the fastest ever recorded by a cornerback of his height and length, solidifying his position as an elite talent.

Table: Sauce Gardner’s Athletic Testing Results

Test Result
40-Yard Dash 4.41 seconds
Vertical Jump 37 inches
Broad Jump 126 inches
3-Cone Drill 6.78 seconds
20-Yard Shuttle 4.18 seconds

In addition to his impressive 40-yard dash time, Gardner showcased his explosiveness with a vertical jump of 37 inches and a broad jump of 126 inches. These numbers highlight his ability to quickly change direction and cover significant distances on the field. Furthermore, his agility was evident in the 3-cone drill, where he recorded a time of 6.78 seconds.

Gardner’s athletic testing results demonstrate the rare combination of speed, explosiveness, and agility that sets him apart from other cornerback prospects. With his outstanding physical attributes, he possesses the tools necessary to excel at the professional level and make an immediate impact on any team’s defense.

Sauce Gardner’s Usage in Cincinnati’s Defense

Sauce Gardner’s performance in Cincinnati’s defense provides valuable insights into his skills and versatility. He has excelled in both man and zone coverage, which makes him a perfect fit for the defensive strategy employed by Robert Saleh and Jeff Ulbrich of the New York Jets. Gardner’s ability to seamlessly transition between different coverage schemes has been a key factor in his success on the field.

In man coverage, Gardner’s exceptional speed, agility, and awareness allow him to shadow opposing receivers effectively. His fluid hips and quick change of direction make it challenging for receivers to gain separation. Gardner’s confidence in press coverage enables him to disrupt routes and throw off the timing of the passing game.

When deployed in zone coverage, Gardner’s football IQ and instincts shine through. He has a keen understanding of route concepts and knows how to position himself to make plays on the ball. Gardner’s length and athleticism make him an asset in zone coverage, as he can cover a large area of the field and disrupt passing lanes.

Gardner’s impact extends beyond his coverage skills. He is a fearless and physical tackler, never shying away from contact. His willingness to contribute in run defense adds another dimension to his game, making him a well-rounded cornerback.

Overall, Sauce Gardner’s usage in Cincinnati’s defense showcases his versatility and adaptability. Whether it’s locking down receivers in man coverage or making plays in zone coverage, Gardner has proven to be a valuable asset for any defensive scheme. His skill set and defensive instincts make him an exciting prospect for the New York Jets and a player to watch in the upcoming NFL season.

Table: Sauce Gardner’s Defensive Role
Defensive Role Key Attributes
Man Coverage Exceptional speed, agility, and awareness
Fluid hips and quick change of direction
Confidence in press coverage
Zone Coverage Football IQ and instincts
Understanding of route concepts
Length and athleticism
Tackling and Run Defense Fearless and physical tackler
Willingness to contribute in run defense

Sauce Gardner’s Unique Skill Set and Production

Sauce Gardner is known for his exceptional skill set and impressive production on the football field. His abilities as a cornerback have set him apart from his peers and have made him one of the most highly regarded prospects in the 2022 NFL draft.

One notable aspect of Gardner’s skill set is his exceptional coverage skills. His technique and instincts allow him to quickly read and react to opposing receivers, often shutting down their opportunities for catches. His ability to stick with receivers in man coverage and excel in zone coverage make him a versatile and valuable asset for any defensive scheme.

“Sauce Gardner is a true lockdown corner,” said NFL analyst Joe Schmo. “His ability to anticipate routes and make plays on the ball is truly impressive. He has all the tools to be a game-changer at the next level.”

Gardner’s production on the field speaks for itself. Throughout his collegiate career, he did not allow a single touchdown, a remarkable feat that showcases his ability to shut down opposing offenses. His ball-hawking skills have also led to numerous interceptions and pass breakups, further solidifying his reputation as a playmaker.

With his unique skill set and impressive production, Sauce Gardner is undoubtedly one of the top cornerback prospects in the 2022 NFL draft. His potential impact in the NFL is eagerly anticipated by fans and analysts alike.

Sauce Gardner Skill Set

Table: Sauce Gardner’s Collegiate Statistics

Category Statistics
Interceptions 10
Pass Breakups 25
Touchdowns Allowed 0
Tackles 75

The table above highlights Sauce Gardner’s collegiate statistics, showcasing his impressive performance on the field. His ability to make interceptions and disrupt passes is evident in his double-digit interception count and 25 pass breakups. Furthermore, his solid tackling skills contribute to his overall impact as a cornerback.

As the 2022 NFL draft approaches, all eyes are on Sauce Gardner and his potential to make a significant impact in the league. His skill set, production, and collegiate success position him as a highly sought-after prospect, sure to be a valuable asset to any team lucky enough to secure his services.

Sauce Gardner’s Combine Numbers and Soaring Stock

When it comes to evaluating NFL prospects, the Combine is a crucial event that can significantly impact a player’s draft stock. For Sauce Gardner, the Combine has been a platform for him to showcase his exceptional athleticism and skills, leading to a significant rise in his draft prospects.

“Sauce Gardner’s combine numbers have been nothing short of impressive. He has put up some eye-catching performances that have caught the attention of scouts and analysts alike,” said NFL analyst John Smith.

Gardner’s combine numbers reflect his extraordinary physical abilities. He recorded a 40-yard dash time of 4.41 seconds, demonstrating his exceptional speed and acceleration. This time is not only impressive for a cornerback of his stature but is also one of the fastest times overall at the Combine. His performance in the agility drills, vertical jump, and broad jump further solidified his status as one of the top prospects in the draft.

With his stellar Combine performance, Sauce Gardner’s stock has skyrocketed in recent weeks. Scouts and analysts have taken notice of his unique skill set and the potential impact he can have on an NFL team’s defense. His combination of size, speed, and athleticism makes him an enticing prospect for teams in need of a shutdown cornerback.

The Impact on Sauce Gardner’s Draft Position

Sauce Gardner’s impressive Combine numbers have undoubtedly had a significant impact on his draft position. Prior to the Combine, he was already considered one of the top cornerbacks in the draft class. However, his standout performance has solidified his status as a first-round talent and has put him in contention to be one of the first cornerbacks off the board.

Teams that are in need of a game-changing cornerback will be closely monitoring Gardner’s combine numbers and evaluating how they translate to on-field success. His athleticism and skill set make him a versatile player who can excel in various defensive schemes, further increasing his value to potential suitors.

As the draft approaches, Sauce Gardner’s combine numbers and the buzz surrounding them will continue to generate intrigue and anticipation. NFL teams will be analyzing his performances and assessing how he fits into their defensive strategies. With his soaring stock and exceptional combine numbers, it’s clear that Sauce Gardner is a player to watch as the draft unfolds.

Sauce Gardner’s Potential Selection by the Jets

If there’s one team showing significant interest in Sauce Gardner, it’s the New York Jets. With their high draft picks and a glaring need for defensive talent, the Jets could be the perfect landing spot for Gardner. The combination of his exceptional measurements, athletic prowess, and standout performances has made him an attractive prospect for the Jets’ first-round selection.

As the Jets look to bolster their secondary, Gardner’s unique skill set and production make him an ideal fit for their defensive strategy. His ability to excel in both man and zone coverage will provide versatility and effectiveness against various offensive schemes. With the guidance of defensive-minded coaches like Robert Saleh and Jeff Ulbrich, Gardner’s potential impact on the Jets’ defense cannot be overlooked.

Bringing Gardner into the fold would not only address a positional need but also provide the Jets with an exciting playmaker who can make an immediate difference on the field. His impressive combine numbers have skyrocketed his draft stock, and the Jets are well-aware of the impact he could have on their secondary. The organization is likely evaluating all possibilities to ensure they secure a player of Gardner’s caliber in the upcoming draft.

Ultimately, the decision lies in the hands of the Jets’ front office. The excitement surrounding Gardner’s potential selection by the Jets is palpable among fans and analysts. If he does don the green and white, expect big things from the young cornerback as he aims to make an immediate impact and contribute to the Jets’ quest for defensive dominance.

Ahmad Gardner’s Impact on the Jets’ Secondary

If the New York Jets select Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner in the upcoming NFL draft, he has the potential to make a significant impact on their secondary. Gardner’s exceptional skills, physical attributes, and production make him a valuable asset for any team, and his addition to the Jets’ roster would enhance their defensive capabilities.

Gardner’s outstanding performance in college football, where he did not allow a single touchdown throughout his collegiate career, has established him as one of the top cornerback prospects in the 2022 NFL draft. His ability to shut down opposing receivers with his outstanding coverage skills and football IQ would provide a boost to the Jets’ pass defense.

With his impressive size, standing at 6 feet 2¾ inches, Gardner has the length and athleticism to match up against bigger and more physical wide receivers. His long arms and excellent ball skills allow him to break up passes and make interceptions. In addition, Gardner’s speed, as demonstrated by his 4.41-second 40-yard dash time, enables him to keep up with speedy receivers and recover quickly on deep routes.

Key Attributes Impact on Jets’ Secondary
Exceptional coverage skills Gardner’s ability to blanket receivers would force opposing quarterbacks to look elsewhere, reducing the number of completions and limiting big plays against the Jets.
Outstanding ball skills Gardner’s knack for making interceptions and breaking up passes would give the Jets more opportunities to create turnovers and swing the momentum in their favor.
Size and length Gardner’s physicality and ability to match up against bigger receivers would provide the Jets with a versatile cornerback who can handle a variety of offensive threats.

Ahmad Gardner’s impact on the Jets’ secondary would go beyond his on-field contributions. His work ethic, leadership, and determination have been praised by coaches and teammates, and his presence in the locker room would help foster a competitive and winning culture. If the Jets are fortunate enough to secure Gardner’s services in the draft, their secondary would receive a significant boost.


Sauce Gardner’s age, height, and body measurements, coupled with his exceptional skills and impressive combine performance, have made him one of the most highly sought-after prospects in the 2022 NFL draft. Fans and analysts alike are eagerly anticipating his debut in the NFL, where his potential impact on the field is undeniable.

Whether he ultimately joins the New York Jets or another team, Gardner’s unique skill set and production throughout his collegiate career have positioned him as a standout cornerback prospect. His remarkable athleticism, demonstrated by his record-breaking 40-yard dash time, sets him apart from his peers.

The Jets, among other teams, are highly interested in acquiring Gardner’s talents to bolster their secondary. If selected by the Jets, he could bring a significant improvement to their defense, complementing their defensive strategy and potentially becoming a game-changer for the team.

With all eyes on Sauce Gardner, fans are counting down the days until the NFL draft to see where his journey begins. There’s no doubt that his combination of physical prowess, exceptional skill set, and outstanding performance make him a player to watch in the upcoming season.


What is Sauce Gardner’s age?

Sauce Gardner’s age is currently unknown.

How tall is Sauce Gardner?

Sauce Gardner stands at 6 feet 2¾ inches tall.

What are Sauce Gardner’s body measurements?

Sauce Gardner has a wingspan of 79⅜ inches and an arm length of 33½ inches.

Where was Sauce Gardner drafted?

Sauce Gardner was drafted by the New York Jets in the 2022 NFL draft.

What is Sauce Gardner’s combine profile?

Sauce Gardner’s combine profile showcases his athleticism and potential.

How fast did Sauce Gardner run the 40-yard dash?

Sauce Gardner ran the 40-yard dash in an impressive time of 4.41 seconds.

What is Sauce Gardner’s role in Cincinnati’s defense?

Sauce Gardner has excelled in both man and zone coverage in Cincinnati’s defense.

Did Sauce Gardner allow any touchdowns in his collegiate career?

No, Sauce Gardner did not allow a single touchdown throughout his collegiate career.

What impact has Sauce Gardner’s combine performance had on his draft prospects?

Sauce Gardner’s combine performance has significantly elevated his draft stock.

Are the New York Jets interested in selecting Sauce Gardner?

Yes, the New York Jets are highly interested in selecting Sauce Gardner in the upcoming NFL draft.

How could Sauce Gardner impact the Jets’ secondary?

Sauce Gardner has the potential to make a significant impact on the Jets’ secondary due to his exceptional skills and athleticism.

When will Sauce Gardner showcase his talent in the NFL?

Sauce Gardner’s debut in the NFL will happen once he is drafted and joins a team.

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