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Selena Gomez Age, Height, and Body Measurements

Welcome to our article about Selena Gomez’s age, height, and body measurements. Selena Gomez, born on July 22, 1992, is a talented singer, actress, and producer. In this section, we will provide you with all the details about Selena’s age, height, and body measurements.

Key Takeaways:

  • Selena Gomez was born on July 22, 1992, making her 31 years old.
  • She stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches or 165 cm (1.65 m).
  • Her body measurements are reported to be 37-26-37 inches or 94-66-94 cm.
  • Selena Gomez has a curvy figure that beautifully complements her overall appearance.

Selena Gomez’s Early Life and Education

Selena Gomez, a renowned American actress and singer, was born and raised in Grand Prairie, Texas. She began her career in the entertainment industry at a young age, starting as a child actor and gaining recognition for her talent and charisma. Growing up, Gomez was homeschooled, allowing her to balance her education with her budding career.

During her early years, Gomez showed a keen interest in the performing arts, participating in local theater productions and honing her skills. Her parents, Ricardo Joel Gomez and Mandy Teefey, played a supportive role in her journey, encouraging her passion for music and acting.

As she juggled her acting commitments, Gomez pursued her education through homeschooling, which provided her with the flexibility to focus on her career while also receiving a well-rounded education. In 2014, she successfully completed her high school education through homeschooling, marking an important milestone in her life.

Gomez’s early life and education laid the foundation for her successful career in the entertainment industry. Through dedication, hard work, and the support of her family, she has become a household name, captivating audiences with her talent and captivating performances.

Selena Gomez’s Career and Net Worth

Selena Gomez has established herself as a versatile talent in the entertainment industry, excelling as a singer, actress, and producer. Her career began at a young age when she landed a role in the popular Disney Channel series, Wizards of Waverly Place. Since then, she has released multiple studio albums, starred in various films and television shows, and produced her own projects.

Gomez’s successful music career has led to numerous chart-topping hits and collaborations with renowned artists. Her albums, such as Revival and Rare, have received critical acclaim and commercial success, earning her a dedicated fan base worldwide. In addition to her music, Gomez has also showcased her acting skills in movies like The Fundamentals of Caring and Spring Breakers.

With her talent and hard work, Selena Gomez has amassed a considerable net worth. As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be around $85 million, making her one of the wealthiest young celebrities in the industry. Her success in various ventures, including music, acting, and producing, has contributed significantly to her financial achievements.

Table: Selena Gomez’s Career and Net Worth
Industry Music, Film, Television
Notable Works Wizards of Waverly Place, Revival, Rare
Accomplishments Multiple chart-topping albums, Successful film and TV appearances, Producing her own projects
Net Worth (2023) $85 million

Through her dedication, talent, and entrepreneurial spirit, Selena Gomez has built an impressive career and financial portfolio. Her contributions to the entertainment industry continue to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide.

Selena Gomez’s Personal Life and Family

Selena Gomez comes from a close-knit family. Her parents are Ricardo Joel Gomez and Mandy Teefey. Selena has always been open about her deep love and gratitude for her parents, often expressing her appreciation for their support and guidance throughout her career.

Aside from her parents, Selena also has three half-siblings. One of them is her younger sister, Gracie Elliot Teefey. Selena shares a special bond with her sister and often shares heartwarming moments with her on social media. Their sisterly bond is evident in the pictures they post together and the love they express for each other.

Family has always been an important aspect of Selena’s life, and she values the connections she shares with her loved ones. Despite her fame and busy schedule, Selena continues to prioritize spending quality time with her family and cherishing the moments they share together.

Family Member Relationship
Ricardo Joel Gomez Father
Mandy Teefey Mother
Gracie Elliot Teefey Sister

Selena Gomez’s Height, Weight, and Body Shape

When it comes to Selena Gomez’s physical appearance, her height, weight, and body shape are often a topic of interest. Standing at 5 feet 5 inches or 165 cm (1.65 m), Selena has a petite yet proportionate stature.

In terms of weight, Selena Gomez weighs approximately 57 kg or 125 pounds, which is considered to be within a healthy range for her height. Her body shape can be described as curvy, with reported measurements of 37-26-37 inches or 94-66-94 cm. These measurements showcase her feminine figure and natural curves.

It’s important to note that Selena Gomez embraces her body and advocates for body positivity. She has been open about her struggles with body image and has encouraged others to love and accept themselves just as they are.

Height Weight Body Measurements
5 feet 5 inches or 165 cm (1.65 m) 57 kg or 125 pounds 37-26-37 inches or 94-66-94 cm

Overall, Selena Gomez’s height, weight, and body shape contribute to her unique beauty and appeal. While these physical attributes may be a topic of curiosity, it’s important to remember that true beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes.

Selena Gomez’s Physical Features

Selena Gomez is not only known for her talents but also for her distinctive physical features. Let’s take a closer look at her hair color and eye color.

Hair Color:

Selena Gomez is often admired for her beautiful dark brown, wavy hair. This natural shade enhances her overall appearance and adds to her charm.

Eye Color:

One cannot help but be captivated by Selena Gomez’s mesmerizing dark brown eyes. They radiate warmth and depth, perfectly complementing her features.

In addition to her stunning hair and eyes, Selena Gomez’s physical beauty shines through in various aspects. Her round face shape adds a softness to her overall look, while her curvy figure accentuates her natural appeal.

Selena Gomez’s Dress and Shoe Size

When it comes to fashion, Selena Gomez is known for her eclectic style and impeccable taste. Her dress and shoe size play a crucial role in finding the perfect outfits to showcase her unique sense of fashion. Let’s take a closer look at Selena Gomez’s dress size and shoe size, which contribute to her stunning red carpet looks and everyday fashion choices.

Selena Gomez’s Dress Size

Selena Gomez typically wears a dress size of 6 (US) or 10 (UK). This size allows her to effortlessly pull off various styles, from elegant gowns to casual dresses. Whether she’s attending a glamorous event or simply strolling down the street, Selena always exudes confidence and fashion-forwardness with her choice of outfits.

Selena Gomez’s Shoe Size

When it comes to shoes, Selena Gomez wears a size 7 (US) or 5 (UK). Her shoe size perfectly complements her overall look and adds a touch of style to any ensemble. From high heels to sneakers, Selena knows how to rock any pair of shoes, making them an essential part of her fashion statement.

Category Size (US) Size (UK)
Dress 6 10
Shoes 7 5

With her dress size of 6 (US) or 10 (UK) and shoe size of 7 (US) or 5 (UK), Selena Gomez effortlessly navigates the world of fashion. Her ability to experiment with different styles and confidently embrace her own unique look has made her a fashion icon for many.

Selena Gomez fashion

Selena Gomez’s Favorite Things

When it comes to Selena Gomez’s favorite things, the multi-talented artist has quite a few preferences. From food to movies to music, here are some of the things that Selena holds dear:

  • Favorite Food: Pasta and Cake
  • Favorite Movie: Alice in Wonderland
  • Favorite Singers: Taylor Swift and Rihanna

It’s no surprise that Selena Gomez enjoys indulging in delicious pasta and cake. These comfort foods are often associated with celebrations and joy, and Selena’s choice reflects her love for life’s simple pleasures. As for her favorite movie, Alice in Wonderland, it’s clear that Selena has an appreciation for imaginative storytelling and whimsical adventures.

In addition to her successful career in the entertainment industry, Selena Gomez is also a fan of fellow musicians Taylor Swift and Rihanna. These talented artists have made their mark in the music industry, and Selena’s admiration for their work speaks to her own passion for music.

Table: Selena Gomez’s Favorite Things

Category Favorite
Food Pasta and Cake
Movie Alice in Wonderland
Singers Taylor Swift and Rihanna

These favorite things offer insights into Selena Gomez’s personal tastes and interests. Whether it’s enjoying a delicious meal, immersing herself in a captivating movie, or being inspired by talented musicians, Selena embraces the pleasures that life has to offer.

Selena Gomez’s Career Journey

Selena Gomez’s career journey has been marked by incredible achievements and milestones. She first gained recognition for her role as Alex Russo in the hit Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place, which earned her critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. Building on her success as an actress, Gomez ventured into the music industry and made a significant impact.

Her music career took off with the formation of the band Selena Gomez & the Scene, with whom she released three studio albums that achieved commercial success and garnered a loyal following. Gomez’s solo music ventures have been equally impressive, with chart-topping singles and collaborations with renowned artists.

In addition to acting and music, Gomez has also explored producing roles, further showcasing her versatility and creative abilities. She has taken on executive producer roles for successful projects like the hit Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and the inspiring documentary Living Undocumented.

Highlighting Selena Gomez’s Career Milestones

Year Accomplishment
2007 Starring role in Wizards of Waverly Place
2009 Formation of Selena Gomez & the Scene
2013 Debut solo album Stars Dance
2015 Lead role in the film The Fundamentals of Caring
2017 Collaboration with Marshmello on the hit single Wolves
2020 Executive producer of the series 13 Reasons Why

With each new project, Selena Gomez continues to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact in the entertainment industry. Her multi-faceted talents and dedication to her craft have solidified her status as one of the most influential and successful artists of her generation.

Selena Gomez career milestones

As Gomez’s career continues to thrive, fans eagerly anticipate her future projects and eagerly await the next chapter in her remarkable journey.

Selena Gomez’s Personal Achievements

Selena Gomez has achieved great success throughout her career and has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades. Her talent and dedication have garnered her several Kids’ Choice Awards, where she has been honored for her outstanding performances in both music and acting. In addition to these wins, Selena has also earned an American Music Award, showcasing her impact on the music industry.

Not only has Selena Gomez received recognition from her fans and peers, but she has also made her mark in the Guinness World Records. With an impressive fifteen records to her name, Selena has solidified her status as a record-breaking artist. These records span various categories, highlighting her widespread achievements and contributions to the entertainment world.

From her early days as a Disney Channel star to her successful music career and ventures into production, Selena Gomez has consistently demonstrated her talent and versatility. Her personal achievements, including her numerous awards and Guinness World Records, serve as a testament to her incredible talent and the impact she has made in the industry.


What is Selena Gomez’s age?

Selena Gomez was born on July 22, 1992, making her 31 years old.

What is Selena Gomez’s height?

Selena Gomez stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches or 165 cm (1.65 m).

What are Selena Gomez’s body measurements?

Selena Gomez’s body measurements are reported to be 37-26-37 inches or 94-66-94 cm, showcasing her curvy figure.

Where was Selena Gomez born and raised?

Selena Gomez was born and raised in Grand Prairie, Texas.

How did Selena Gomez complete her education?

Selena Gomez was homeschooled for most of her education and completed her high school education through homeschooling in 2014.

What is Selena Gomez’s career?

Selena Gomez is known for her career as a singer, actress, and producer.

What is Selena Gomez’s net worth?

As of 2023, Selena Gomez’s net worth is estimated to be $85 million.

Who are Selena Gomez’s parents?

Selena Gomez’s father is Ricardo Joel Gomez and her mother is Mandy Teefey.

Does Selena Gomez have any siblings?

Yes, Selena Gomez has three half-siblings, including a younger sister named Gracie Elliot Teefey.

What is Selena Gomez’s weight and body shape?

Selena Gomez weighs approximately 57 kg or 125 pounds and has a curvy body shape with estimated body measurements of 37-26-37 inches or 94-66-94 cm.

What are Selena Gomez’s physical features?

Selena Gomez has naturally dark brown, wavy hair and dark brown eyes.

What is Selena Gomez’s dress and shoe size?

Selena Gomez typically wears a dress size of 6 (US) or 10 (UK) and has a shoe size of 7 (US) or 5 (UK).

What is Selena Gomez’s breast size and bra size?

Selena Gomez’s possible breast size is reported to be 38 inches, and her bra size is 34D, with a cup size of D.

What is Selena Gomez’s fitness and wellness routine?

Selena Gomez incorporates a variety of activities into her fitness routine, including long hikes, walks, cardio, strength training, Pilates, and yoga.

What are some of Selena Gomez’s favorite things?

Selena Gomez enjoys pasta and cake, considers Alice in Wonderland her favorite movie, and counts Taylor Swift and Rihanna as her favorite singers.

What is Selena Gomez known for in her career?

Selena Gomez gained recognition for her role in the Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place and has since ventured into a successful music career as a singer and producer.

What achievements has Selena Gomez received?

Selena Gomez has received numerous awards and accolades throughout her career, including several Kids’ Choice Awards, an American Music Award, and fifteen Guinness World Records for various achievements.

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