Best Shoujo Anime: Top Must-Watch Series for Romance Lovers

If you’re a fan of romance stories, Shoujo anime is the perfect genre for you. Featuring heart-warming tales of love and relationships, Shoujo anime has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

From classic to new releases, there is a Shoujo anime series for every mood and preference.

Shoujo anime

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best Shoujo anime series that every romance lover should watch. From timeless classics to emotional gems, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and get ready to experience the joys of Shoujo anime!

Key Takeaways

  • Shoujo anime is a popular genre for romantic stories
  • There is a Shoujo anime series for every mood and preference
  • In this article, we’ll explore the top must-watch Shoujo anime series for romance lovers

Classic Shoujo Anime: Timeless Romance Stories

For many anime fans, there are certain Shoujo anime series that hold a special place in their hearts. These classic series have stood the test of time and continue to captivate audiences with their beautiful storytelling and memorable characters.

One of the most well-known and beloved classic Shoujo anime series is Sailor Moon, which premiered in the early 1990s. This series follows the adventures of a young girl named Usagi Tsukino, who discovers she is a magical warrior destined to save the earth from evil forces.

Along the way, she falls in love with the mysterious Tuxedo Mask and forms strong bonds with her fellow Sailor Scouts. Sailor Moon is known for its iconic transformation scenes, powerful themes of love and friendship, and its impact on the Shoujo genre as a whole.

Classic Shoujo Anime

Another classic Shoujo anime series is Cardcaptor Sakura, which first aired in 1998. This series follows a young girl named Sakura Kinomoto, who discovers she has magical powers and is tasked with capturing powerful cards that have been released into the world. Along the way, she develops feelings for her classmate, Syaoran Li, and forms strong bonds with her friends and family. Cardcaptor Sakura is known for its beautiful animation, memorable characters, and themes of love, bravery, and self-discovery.

One more classic Shoujo anime series worth mentioning is Fruits Basket, which premiered in 2001. This series follows a young girl named Tohru Honda, who befriends a family cursed to turn into different animals when they are hugged by members of the opposite sex. As she helps them break the curse, Tohru develops deep bonds with each member of the family and finds love with one of them. Fruits Basket is known for its heartfelt story, its exploration of themes such as family, friendship, and acceptance, and its impact on the Shoujo genre.

If you are a fan of Shoujo anime, these classic series should definitely be on your must-watch list. They are timeless romance stories that continue to inspire and captivate viewers, even years after their initial release.

New Shoujo Anime: The Latest Romantic Releases

If you’re looking for fresh and exciting Shoujo anime that have recently hit the scene, then you’re in luck! This season has brought about several new releases that are sure to capture the hearts of romance fans.

One of the most popular new shoujo anime series is “Fruits Basket: The Final”. This highly anticipated series is the conclusion of the beloved Fruits Basket reboot, which has won over audiences with its charming characters and heartfelt storytelling.

Series NameDescription
Tonikawa: Over The Moon For YouThis romantic comedy follows the unlikely relationship between a stoic and serious-minded boy and a bubbly and optimistic girl.
Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi WaruiThis series follows a high school student who falls in love with a woman twice his age, creating a compelling and unconventional romance story.
Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou.This anime follows the heartwarming relationship between a lonely man and a high school girl who seeks refuge in his apartment.

Other notable new releases include “OshiBudo Season 2”, a series that explores the world of idols and fandom, and “Odd Taxi”, an intriguing mystery series that also features elements of romance.

New Shoujo Anime

No matter what your romance preferences are, there’s bound to be a new Shoujo anime series that suits your taste. Don’t be afraid to venture into the world of new releases and discover your next favorite anime.

Iconic Shoujo Anime: Must-Watch Series for Every Fan

If you’re a fan of Shoujo anime, you cannot miss the iconic series that have paved the way for the genre. These timeless classics have captured the hearts of viewers for decades and continue to inspire new stories today.

Sailor Moon is a true icon of Shoujo anime, featuring a team of magical girls fighting evil forces while navigating the challenges of adolescence. Its impact on the genre cannot be overstated, with its influence seen in countless series that followed.

Sailor Moon

Cardcaptor Sakura is another iconic series that has stood the test of time. It follows a young girl who must collect magical cards that have been scattered across the city, all while balancing her school life and budding romance.

For a more mature take on Shoujo romance, there’s Nana. This series follows two young women named Nana who share an apartment and navigate their turbulent love lives and careers in the music industry.

Another classic must-watch is Fruits Basket, a heartwarming story about a young girl named Tohru who finds herself living with a family cursed to turn into animals of the Chinese zodiac. It explores themes of family, friendship, and acceptance.

These iconic series are just a few examples of the must-watch Shoujo anime that have become staples of the genre. They continue to capture the hearts of viewers around the world and inspire new stories for future generations.

Emotional Shoujo Anime: Heartfelt Stories that Tug at Your Heartstrings

Shoujo anime series are known for their ability to capture the emotions of their audience, but some series stand out for their poignant and heart-wrenching stories. These emotional Shoujo anime series are not just tear-jerkers, but they also tackle important themes such as loss, love, and self-discovery.

One of the most popular emotional Shoujo anime series is Your Lie in April. This series tells the story of a young pianist named Kosei who loses the ability to hear the sound of his piano after traumatic events in his life. He meets a talented violinist named Kaori who helps him rediscover his love for music and teaches him to express himself through his piano. Your Lie in April explores themes of friendship, loss, and the power of music to heal and move people.

emotional shoujo anime

Another emotional Shoujo anime series that has touched the hearts of viewers is Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day. This series follows a group of childhood friends who drift apart after the death of their friend Menma. Years later, Menma’s ghost appears to her friends and asks for their help in fulfilling her wish. Anohana explores themes of grief, guilt, and the importance of letting go.

Clannad is also a deeply emotional Shoujo anime series that has left a lasting impact on viewers. The story follows a high school student named Tomoya who meets a quirky girl named Nagisa and becomes involved in her life and the lives of those around her. Clannad explores themes of family, friendship, and the power of human connections. The series is known for its beautiful animation and heartfelt storytelling.

Emotional Shoujo anime series like Your Lie in April, Anohana, and Clannad are not just tear-jerkers; they are stories that provide insight into the human condition and the complex emotions that come with it. These series have moved viewers to tears and helped them connect with their own feelings and experiences.

Top Shoujo Anime Recommendations: Must-Watch Picks for Romance Fans

There are countless Shoujo anime series out there, but some stand out among the rest. Here are our top must-watch picks for romance fans:

Fruits BasketA heartwarming story about a girl named Tohru who befriends the members of the Sohma family, who are cursed to turn into animals of the Chinese zodiac when hugged by someone of the opposite sex. As Tohru helps the Sohmas break their curse, she discovers the secrets of their family and finds love along the way.
Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to YouA touching story about a shy girl named Sawako who struggles to fit in with her classmates. When popular boy Kazehaya starts talking to her, Sawako begins to come out of her shell and finds love in the process.
Ouran High School Host ClubA hilarious and heartwarming story about Haruhi, a scholarship student at an elite school who accidentally breaks an expensive vase that belongs to the school’s host club. In order to pay off her debt, Haruhi is forced to join the club and pretend to be a boy. Along the way, she finds herself falling for one of the club members.
Special AA story about a group of classmates who are part of a special class for gifted students. Hikari, the main protagonist, is a competitive girl who has been rivalling Kei, her childhood friend, since they were young. As they navigate their academic and personal lives, Kei realizes his feelings for Hikari.
Cardcaptor SakuraA classic magical girl anime that tells the story of Sakura, a young girl who accidentally releases magical cards from a book and must collect them all to prevent catastrophe. Along the way, she discovers the power of friendship and love.

These anime series are timeless classics that offer heartwarming stories, memorable characters, and plenty of romance. They are perfect for romance lovers looking for a new series to fall in love with.

Top Shoujo Anime Recommendations

Popular Shoujo Anime: Series Loved by Fans Worldwide

Shoujo anime has a dedicated and passionate fan base around the world, and several series have gained immense popularity. These anime have captivated audiences with their heartfelt stories, strong characterization, and stunning animation.

Fruits BasketFruits Basket has a loyal following due to its memorable characters, emotional depth, and unique premise. The anime portrays the story of an orphan girl and the Sohma family who are cursed to turn into animals when hugged by the opposite sex.
Your Lie in AprilThis anime follows the story of a young pianist who after losing his mother, struggles with depression and loses his will to play music. However, his life changes after meeting a talented violinist.
Kimi ni TodokeKimi ni Todoke is a touching romance story about a shy high school girl named Sawako who is misunderstood by her classmates until she befriends the popular boy, Kazehaya.

Other popular Shoujo anime series include Ouran High School Host Club, K-On!, and Clannad. These anime have left an indelible mark on the genre and continue to be adored by fans worldwide.

popular shoujo anime

These anime series have not only gained a widespread following but have also become a gateway for many fans to explore the diverse world of Shoujo anime. Their popularity is a testament to the appeal of the genre and its impact on viewers, making them a must-watch for any romance lover.

Must-Watch Shoujo Anime: Gems You Cannot Miss

If you thought you’ve seen all the best Shoujo anime out there, think again! This section will highlight some hidden gems in the genre that you definitely need to add to your must-watch list. These underrated series offer unique storytelling, memorable characters, and emotional depth that will tug at your heartstrings.

The Case Study of Vanitas

The Case Study of Vanitas

The Case Study of Vanitas is a visually stunning series that takes place in a steampunk Paris. The story follows a human and a vampire as they embark on a mission to cure a vampiric disease. The series stands out for its beautiful animation, intricate world-building, and captivating romance.


Given is a music-themed romance anime that tells the story of four high school students who form a band. The series explores themes of love, grief, and healing, and features a diverse cast of well-developed characters. The music in the series is also a standout feature, with emotional performances that will give you goosebumps.

Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi ni Todoke is a classic romance anime that deserves more recognition. The series follows a shy high school girl who is often misunderstood by her classmates. However, her life changes when she befriends the most popular boy in school. The series is a heartwarming tale of friendship, love, and personal growth.

These hidden gems are just a few examples of the amazing Shoujo anime that are often overlooked. Don’t miss out on these must-watch series that offer unique and unforgettable experiences.


Shoujo anime is a genre that has captured the hearts of romance lovers around the world. With its engaging stories, memorable characters, and beautiful animation, it has become an important part of the anime industry.

Throughout this article, we have explored the top must-watch Shoujo anime series in different categories. From classic tales that have stood the test of time to emotional stories that tug at your heartstrings, there is something for everyone in the Shoujo anime genre.

So, what are you waiting for?

Whether you are a die-hard fan or new to the genre, we encourage you to explore the diverse range of Shoujo anime series available. We have provided a curated list of the top must-watch picks and hidden gems that you cannot miss.

Experience the power of love and romance through the captivating stories and beautiful animation of Shoujo anime. With so many incredible series to choose from, you are sure to find one that captures your heart.


Q: What is Shoujo anime?

A: Shoujo anime refers to a genre of Japanese animation that primarily targets young girls and women. It typically focuses on romantic relationships, emotions, and personal growth.

Q: What are some popular Shoujo anime series?

A: Some popular Shoujo anime series include “Fruits Basket,” “Sailor Moon,” “Ouran High School Host Club,” “Kimi ni Todoke,” and “Cardcaptor Sakura.”

Q: What makes a Shoujo anime classic?

A: Classic Shoujo anime series are considered timeless due to their enduring popularity, influence on the genre, and compelling storytelling. They often have memorable characters and explore themes of love and self-discovery.

Q: Are there any new Shoujo anime series worth watching?

A: Yes, there are always new Shoujo anime releases that cater to romance lovers. These series showcase the latest animation styles, themes, and trends in the genre, providing fresh experiences for viewers.

Q: Which Shoujo anime series are considered iconic?

A: Some iconic Shoujo anime series include “Revolutionary Girl Utena,” “Nana,” “Princess Tutu,” “Skip Beat!,” and “Kare Kano.” These series have had a significant impact on the genre and continue to be beloved by fans.

Q: What are some emotional Shoujo anime series?

A: Emotional Shoujo anime series often tug at the heartstrings with their heartfelt and moving stories. Examples include “Clannad,” “Your Lie in April,” “Orange,” “Violet Evergarden,” and “Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day.”

Q: Can you recommend some must-watch Shoujo anime series?

A: Certainly! Some must-watch Shoujo anime series for romance fans are “Fushigi Yuugi,” “Kamisama Kiss,” “Toradora!,” “Lovely Complex,” and “Wolf Girl and Black Prince.” Each of these series offers unique qualities and captivating storylines.

Q: Which Shoujo anime series have gained popularity worldwide?

A: Shoujo anime series like “Yona of the Dawn,” “Akatsuki no Yona,” “Kaguya-sama: Love is War,” “Kimi no Na wa” (Your Name), and “A Silent Voice” have garnered a large following and fan base across the globe.

Q: Are there any hidden gems in the Shoujo anime genre?

A: Absolutely! Some hidden gems in the Shoujo anime genre that often go unnoticed but deserve recognition include “Kobato,” “Kamisama Hajimemashita,” “ReLife,” “Chihayafuru,” and “Honey and Clover.”