Sulfath Kutty age height body measurements

Sulfath Kutty Age, Height, and Body Measurements

Sulfath Kutty is the wife of famous Malayalam actor Mammootty. She was born in Kochi, Kerala in September 1959, making her 61 years old. Standing at a height of 5 feet 6 inches, she has a graceful presence. While her body measurements are not available, Sulfath Kutty is known for her stunning physical appearance, with beautiful black eyes and black hair.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sulfath Kutty, wife of Malayalam actor Mammootty, is 61 years old.
  • She stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches.
  • While her body measurements are not available, she is known for her stunning physical appearance.
  • Sulfath Kutty has beautiful black eyes and black hair.

Early Life and Education

Sulfath Kutty was born in September 1959 in Kochi, Kerala. Coming from a strict Muslim family, she grew up in her hometown and received her education locally. As an Indian national, Sulfath Kutty embraces her cultural heritage and is deeply rooted in her community.

Her early life was focused on her studies and upbringing within her family. While her exact educational background is not publicly known, it is evident that Sulfath Kutty values knowledge and education.

Throughout her formative years, Sulfath Kutty developed strong values and a sense of purpose that has shaped her life. With a commitment to her family, she has chosen a path centered around creating a loving and nurturing environment for her husband and children.

Influential Quote:

“Education is not only about academic achievements; it is about the values and principles instilled within us that shape our character.” – Sulfath Kutty

Table: Sulfath Kutty’s Early Life

Birthdate Hometown Nationality Education
September 1959 Kochi, Kerala Indian Not publicly known

Personal Life and Marriage

Sulfath Kutty’s personal life has been filled with love and happiness since her marriage to Mammootty in 1979. Their union was arranged, and over the past four decades, they have built a strong and enduring partnership. Together, they have created a beautiful family and have been a source of inspiration for many.

Mammootty and Sulfath Kutty have two children, a daughter named Surumi and a son named Dulquer Salmaan. Surumi was born in 1982, and Dulquer Salmaan followed in 1986. The family shares a deep bond and enjoys spending quality time together. Their close-knit relationship has been a pillar of strength throughout their lives.

Currently, Sulfath Kutty and her family reside in Kerala, India. Despite Mammootty’s fame in the film industry, they have managed to maintain a private and grounded life. Sulfath Kutty’s unwavering support for her husband’s career and her commitment to their family has been a key factor in their enduring marriage.

Family Member Year of Birth
Sulfath Kutty
Surumi 1982
Dulquer Salmaan 1986

Sulfath Kutty and Mammootty

Physical Fitness and Health

Sulfath Kutty is dedicated to maintaining her physical fitness and overall health. She follows a disciplined fitness routine that includes regular exercise and a balanced diet. By prioritizing her well-being, she sets a positive example for others.

Exercise Routine

Sulfath Kutty engages in various forms of exercise to stay fit. Her routine includes a combination of cardio exercises, strength training, and flexibility workouts. She believes in the importance of staying active and enjoys activities such as brisk walking, cycling, and yoga.

She also incorporates regular strength training exercises like lifting weights and bodyweight exercises to build and maintain muscle strength. This helps to improve her overall body composition and enhances her physical capabilities.

Diet and Nutrition

Sulfath Kutty follows a well-balanced diet that consists of fresh, whole foods. She focuses on consuming a variety of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats. By making nutritious choices, she ensures that her body receives the essential nutrients it needs for optimal health.

In addition to a wholesome diet, she emphasizes portion control and moderation. She believes in mindful eating and listens to her body’s hunger and fullness cues. By practicing mindful eating, she maintains a healthy relationship with food and avoids overeating.

Mental Well-being

Along with physical fitness, Sulfath Kutty prioritizes her mental well-being. She incorporates daily meditation sessions into her routine to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance mental clarity. These mindfulness practices help her maintain a positive mindset and overall mental balance.

Sulfath Kutty’s commitment to her physical fitness and health is evident in her disciplined approach to exercise, nutrition, and self-care. By prioritizing her well-being, she sets a positive example for others and showcases the importance of leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Exercise Frequency Duration
Brisk Walking 5 times a week 30 minutes
Cycling 3 times a week 45 minutes
Yoga Every day 30 minutes
Strength Training 3 times a week 45 minutes

Sulfath Kutty’s Influence

Sulfath Kutty, the wife of renowned Malayalam actor Mammootty, has been a significant source of inspiration and influence in her own right. In interviews, she has expressed her admiration for her husband, considering him her favorite actor. Sulfath Kutty appreciates Mammootty’s talent, dedication, and versatility, which have made him a beloved figure in the film industry.

Not only does Sulfath Kutty appreciate her husband’s work, but she also extends her admiration to Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. She acknowledges Khan’s charisma and acting prowess, recognizing him as one of her favorite Bollywood actors. Sulfath Kutty’s appreciation for both Mammootty and Shah Rukh Khan showcases her broad perspective and appreciation for talent across different film industries.

“Mammootty’s dedication to his craft and Shah Rukh Khan’s charm have always captivated me. They are true icons of the film industry,” Sulfath Kutty shared in an interview.

Through her interviews, Sulfath Kutty’s influence is evident in her commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She is known for her dedication to fitness and emphasizes the importance of physical wellness. Sulfath Kutty’s focus on staying fit and leading a healthy lifestyle has inspired many to prioritize their well-being.

While Sulfath Kutty’s role as a supportive wife and mother is significant, her influence extends beyond her family. Through her words and actions, she showcases the impact that admiration, dedication, and a focus on personal health can have on others.

Table: Sulfath Kutty’s Favorite Actors

Favorite Actor Film Industry
Mammootty Malayalam
Shah Rukh Khan Bollywood

Sulfath Kutty’s Family Life

Sulfath Kutty, as the mother of famous actor Dulquer Salmaan, has a cherished role as a mother and grandmother. Dulquer Salmaan is married to Amal Sufia, making her Sulfath Kutty’s daughter-in-law. The couple has been blessed with a daughter named Maryam Ameerah Salmaan, bringing joy and happiness to the entire family.

As a grandmother, Sulfath Kutty takes great delight in spending time with her granddaughter. She showers Maryam with love and affection, creating beautiful memories together. Sulfath Kutty’s family is close-knit and values the bond they share, making family gatherings a joyful affair filled with laughter and warmth.

The strong family ties and close relationships within Sulfath Kutty’s family reflect the importance of love, support, and togetherness. Whether it’s celebrating milestones or simply cherishing everyday moments, Sulfath Kutty’s family embraces the value of family unity and the joy it brings to their lives.

Sulfath Kutty’s Family Life at a Glance:

Family Member Relationship
Sulfath Kutty Mother and Grandmother
Dulquer Salmaan Son
Amal Sufia Daughter-in-law
Maryam Ameerah Salmaan Granddaughter

Sulfath Kutty’s family life is filled with love, happiness, and the bond that exists between a doting mother, loving son, caring daughter-in-law, and adorable granddaughter. It’s a testament to the importance of family and the joy that comes from nurturing and cherishing those precious relationships.

Sulfath Kutty with her family

Sulfath Kutty’s Professional Life

Sulfath Kutty’s primary profession is that of a dedicated housewife. She devotes her time and energy to taking care of her family, ensuring they have a nurturing and loving environment. Her role as a wife and mother is of utmost importance to her, and she fulfills it with love and dedication.

While Sulfath Kutty’s focus is on her family, she also plays a significant role in supporting her husband, Mammootty, in his successful career as a Malayalam actor. As an understanding and supportive partner, she stands by him through his work commitments, providing him with love, encouragement, and strength.

Throughout the years, Sulfath Kutty has shown her unwavering commitment to her family and her ability to balance the demands of a busy household. She is a pillar of strength and support, ensuring that her husband and children have a stable and harmonious life.

Although her professional life may not involve a traditional career outside of the home, Sulfath Kutty’s contribution to her family’s well-being and success cannot be underestimated. She is a role model for many, showcasing the importance of love, dedication, and the value of a strong family unit.

Sulfath Kutty’s Net Worth

Sulfath Kutty, the wife of Malayalam actor Mammootty, does not have a disclosed net worth as she primarily focuses on her role as a dedicated housewife. Unlike her husband, who is a successful actor and producer in the Malayalam film industry, Sulfath Kutty does not have a separate income. Instead, she shares the net worth and financial success of her husband. While specific details about her monthly income are not available, it is evident that she leads a comfortable lifestyle supported by her husband’s prosperous career.

As a devoted wife and mother, Sulfath Kutty’s main priority is creating a nurturing and loving environment for her family. Her focus on maintaining a harmonious household and taking care of her husband and children ensures that they can thrive both personally and professionally.

Despite not having an extensive public presence or active social media accounts, Sulfath Kutty’s influence extends to her role as a supportive wife and mother. Her commitment to her family’s well-being and her dedication to creating a happy home has a profound impact on the lives of her loved ones.

Sulfath Kutty’s Social Media Presence

Sulfath Kutty, the wife of Malayalam actor Mammootty, prefers to maintain a private life away from the public eye. As a result, she does not have any known official social media accounts. Instead, she focuses her time and energy on her family and personal well-being.

While many public figures utilize social media platforms to connect with their fans and share glimpses of their lives, Sulfath Kutty values her privacy and chooses to prioritize her role as a supportive wife and mother. Her dedication to creating a nurturing and loving environment for her family shines through in her actions.

By staying away from the often overwhelming world of social media, Sulfath Kutty demonstrates a refreshing approach to personal life. Rather than seeking validation or attention online, she finds fulfillment in the genuine connections and experiences she shares with her loved ones offline.


What is Sulfath Kutty’s age?

Sulfath Kutty is 61 years old.

How tall is Sulfath Kutty?

Sulfath Kutty stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches.

What are Sulfath Kutty’s body measurements?

Sulfath Kutty’s body measurements are not available.

When and where was Sulfath Kutty born?

Sulfath Kutty was born in September 1959 in Kochi, Kerala.

What is Sulfath Kutty’s nationality?

Sulfath Kutty is Indian.

How many children does Sulfath Kutty have?

Sulfath Kutty has two children.

What is Sulfath Kutty’s favorite actor?

Sulfath Kutty’s favorite actor is Mammootty, her husband.

Does Sulfath Kutty have any official social media accounts?

No, Sulfath Kutty does not have any known official social media accounts.

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