Tony Robbins Net Worth, Life History and Personal Information

Who is Tony Robbins?

Antony Jay “Tony” Robbins is a famous American entrepreneur, author, life coach and philanthropist. He is best recognized by his short name Tony Robbins. Robbins was born on 29th February 1960. He has gained the fame for his seminars, infomercials and self-help books such as “Unlimited Power” and “Awaken the Giant Within”. Tony Robbins is the founder of many companies earning approximately 6 billion dollars annually. He was enlisted on the “Worth Magazine Power 100” list for consecutive 2 years in 2015 and 2016. As a philanthropist, Robbins is a partner with different organizations including Feeding America.

Tony Robbins Net Worth:

Tony Robbins is a famous and multi-talented celebrity. According to the authentic celebrity net worth reports, Tony Robbins won a total net worth of $480 million as of now.

Tony Robbins Life History:

Robbins was born in North Hollywood, California. He is the eldest among the three children of his parents. His parents got divorced at his age of 7. After that, his mother was married to many other men. Among them, Jim Robbins who was a former semi-professional baseball player adopted Tony at his age of 12. Tony Robbins was grown up in Azusa, California. There he attended Azusa High School. During his growing years, he worked as a handyman to make provision for his younger siblings. During his high school, Tony was affected by a pituitary tumor which made him grew up only 10 inches. In some interviews, Tony said that he had to suffer from abusive and chaotic childhood. At his age of 17, he left home and never came back. He never attended college and started working as a janitor.

Tony Robbins is known for:

In the early 80s, Tony Robbins started his career as a motivational speaker. During this time, he taught Erickson Hypnosis and NLP. In 1983 he learned to firewalk in incorporate it into the seminars. In 1988, he released his debut infomercial named “Personal Power” and it was produced by Guthy Renker. This release promoted him as a “peak performance coach”. He gained wide exposure by selling self-help audiotapes related to “Personal Power”.

In 1991, almost 100 million citizens of America had watched his infomercials. In 1997, Tony Robbins started the Leadership Academy seminar. He became a featured speaker at the 2007 Technology, Entertainment and Design conference (TED). Almost 4 million people have attended Robbin’s live seminar.

Along with Cloe Madanes, Tony Robbins founded “the Robbins-Madanes Center for Intervention. It is an agency to train life skills to help out several individuals and families to deal with addiction and other severe issues.

In 2014, Tony Robbins obtained rights to initiate a “Major League Soccer” franchise in Los Angeles, California along with a group of investors such as Magic Johnson, Peter Guber, Mia Hamm etc. At present, it is referred to as the Los Angeles Football Club. The soccer team is about to take part in the competitions in 2018.

Tony Robbins Political/Business Affiliation:

As of now, Tony Robbins has written 5 books. Among them, 4 are best-sellers which include “Ultimate Power”. In 2014, he released “Money: Master the Game” inspired by the economic crisis of America. The book reached top on the “New York Times best-seller” list in December.

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