Franco Harris Wife Dana Dokmanovich: A Look into Their Private Life

Franco Harris, the legendary NFL running back famed for his role in the “Immaculate Reception”, left an unparalleled legacy on the football field. A member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and a key player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Harris clinched four Super Bowl titles during his illustrious career.

While his athletic feats remained in the limelight, Harris kept his personal life away from the public eye.

Dana Dokmanovich, Harris’s wife, and their son, Dok, are now his living legacies. Despite the vast reach of social media, with Harris even having an Instagram following of over 38,000 fans, his posts predominantly featured professional moments.

Details concerning his family life, including his marriage to Dana, remained intensely private, much like many aspects of their personal history together.

Franco Harris Wife Dana Dokmanovich: A Look into Their Private Life

Key Takeaways

  • Franco Harris married Dana Dokmanovich in a private ceremony, away from the public spotlight.
  • Together, they had a son named Dok.
  • Harris, known for his remarkable NFL career, maintained a personal life that was largely kept out of the media.

The Marriage of Franco Harris and Dana Dokmanovich

Franco Harris, an esteemed NFL star known for his discretion surrounding his private life, shared a long-term relationship with Dana Dokmanovich.

Sources indicate that, before getting married, Harris and Dokmanovich were together during his extensive career in football, which spanned thirteen seasons. This implies a considerable period of companionship prior to their marriage.

The exact date they exchanged vows remains unreported, but they were widely recognized as a committed couple.

Harris, who passed away at the age of 72, is survived by his wife, reflecting a lasting partnership. The couple’s enduring relationship, from the early stages up until his passing, emphasizes their deep bond.

Family Life of Franco and Dana Harris

Family Life of Franco and Dana Harris

Franco and Dana Harris have a son, Franco Dokmanovich Harris Jr., also known as Dok. He is not only part of their immediate family but has also made a name for himself outside of his father’s storied legacy in the NFL.

Notably, Dok once pursued political office as a mayoral candidate for Pittsburgh in 2009, securing a notable second place with a quarter of the vote share.

Beyond his political aspirations, Dok has an impressive academic and professional background.

Educationally, he is an alumnus of the prestigious Sewickley Academy, followed by studies at Princeton University, and earned his jurisprudence degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

Professionally, Dok works as an attorney and contributes to educational initiatives in Pittsburgh, exemplified by his involvement with the Pittsburgh Promise, a scholarship program for students.